• Explain in detail how flutter calls Android native


    The method of flutter calling Android native is realized through methodchannel: On Android: Create a class to implement the flutterplugin and methodcallhandler interfaces Rewrite onattachedtoengine(), ondetachedfromengine(), onmethodcall() Onattachedtoengine(), according to the customized channel_ Name create methodchannel, ondetachedfromengine, release methodchannel Onmethodcall, through the customized method_ Name, in response to the invokemethod’s communication with native in fluent, […]

  • Explain in detail how to integrate Huawei authentication services in flutter


    Recently, I found that Huawei AGC authentication service supports the flutter framework. I have been looking forward to the support of this platform for a long time, so I can’t wait to access it and associated my own email and other accounts. Integration steps Installing the flutter environment a) Download the shuttle SDK package at: […]

  • Development of Windows desktop application in fluent tutorial


    Development of Windows desktop application in fluent tutorial 1、 Foreword 2、 Environmental installation 3、 Create project 4、 Add other platform support to existing projects 1、 Foreword Fluent is Google’s open source UI toolkit, which helps developers efficiently build multi platform and exquisite applications through a set of code base, and supports mobile, web, desktop and […]

  • Use FFI to call golang project full record in fluent project


    Article catalogue preface 0x01 go code writing 0x02 compile go code 0x03 import so file 0x03 FFI binding preface At present, there is a project involving HTML parsing, JS execution, etc Since DART’s library is not perfect, we intend to use golang to implement this part of the function. However, we encountered many pits in […]

  • Three ways of parsing JSON by fluent


    Dart entity class format class CategoryMo { String name; int count; CategoryMo({this.name, this.count}); //Convert map to Mo CategoryMo.fromJson(Map<String, dynamic> json) { name = json[‘name’]; count = json[‘count’]; } //Convert Mo to map by default Map<String, dynamic> toJson() { final Map<String, dynamic> data = new Map<String, dynamic>(); data[‘name’] = this.name; data[‘count’] = this.count; return data; } […]

  • 2021 front end high quality technology article summary


    narration In 2021, I developed a good habit. I read some technical articles when I crowded the subway in the morning. This year, I read hundreds of technical articles. Some articles are really watery. After reading some articles, I feel like I can get through Ren Du’s pulse. Some articles can’t put it down. I’ve […]

  • Explain the solution of flutter mixed drainage waterfall flow in detail


    background Streaming layout, which is a popular page layout in both front-end and native. Especially for feeds like commodities, whether Taobao, jd.com, meituan or Xianyu. They are basically presented in multi column waterfall flow, the number of container columns is fixed, and then each card has different heights, forming an uneven multi column layout. For […]

  • The image filter effect can be realized by using fluent


    catalogue Colorfilter introduction Select Picture layout In line with the attitude of learning, I studied the colorfilter in fluent, which literally translates the color filter. Learning is to draw inferences from one instance, expand thinking, and make this function a simple image filter effect. (PS: the picture is a little out of control and a […]

  • Flutter boost hybrid development framework


    catalogue 1、 Introduction to fluent boost 2、 Fluent boost integration 2.1 Android integration 2.2 IOS integration 3、 Fluent boost architecture 4、 Flutterboost 3 0 update 4.1 no intrusion engine 4.2 do not distinguish between androidx and support branches 4.3 unified dual terminal design and interface 4.4 support the scenario of [open the shutter page and […]

  • Explain flutter’s route navigation in detail


    catalogue Route navigation of flutter Default route Page Jump and pass parameters summary Route navigation of flutter Route management or navigation management: to smoothly transition from one page to another, we need a unified mechanism to manage the jump between pages. In the native Android development, the page Jump is completed through startactivity or startactivityforresult. […]

  • Explain the data transmission in fluent in detail


    catalogue Data transfer in fluent InheritedWidget EventBus summary Data transfer in fluent In development, it is very common to transfer data from one page to another. In Android development, it is usually transferred by putting data into intent. How is data transferred in fluent? Everything in fluent is a widget, so the transmission of data […]

  • Basic use of flutter network request library Dio


    catalogue 1. Import DIO package 2. Import and create an instance 3. Basic configuration 4. Use examples 1. Import DIO package At present, the latest version of the DIO library is 3.0.1. Like other third-party libraries, the DIO Library in fluent also needs to be configured with pubspec Yaml file. dependencies: flutter: sdk: flutter dio: […]