• Understand the key in flutter


    Understand the role of key in flutter‘s rendering mechanism through the actual case, so as to use the reasonable key at a reasonable time and place overview stayFlutterYou probably know how to update the interface view: by modifyingStateDe triggerWidgetThe operations to rebuild, trigger and update areFlutterFramework. But sometimes even if it’s modifiedState,FlutterThe frame doesn’t seem […]

  • A language sparrow app based on flutter


    Build app based on wordfinch API, developed by flutter:Access to personal warehouseSee team warehousePerfect parsing of markdown syntaxSpeed renderingWelcome to use! Download address: http://levy.ren About us: https://femessage.github.io/b

  • [open source] wexbox 2 released


    WeexBox2 A simple and efficient solution for app hybrid development Write at the beginning Wexbox official QQ group No.: 943913583 It’s more than half a year since weexbox 1 was released. We have been trying to add exciting features in this half a year. Now it’s time to introduce weexbox 2. Features of weexbox 2 […]

  • In 2019, who will dominate the ups and downs of flutter and react native?


    Is flutter confused with react native? This article is to help you understand the difference between the two application development frameworks. As we know, it was developed and maintained a few years agoiOSandAndroidOur application was once a difficult task (independent code base, independent development team, high development cost). A pile of shit. The mobile industry […]

  • Some tips in the development of flutter


    I’ve been learning about flutter for a while. It’s OK to be idle. I used a cool app design drawing of the company to practice. Of course, the interface can’t be used, so it’s all dead data, and the implementation effect can be said to be perfect (approved by the design…). Of course, I also […]

  • Super simple practice of chart plug-in


    First map Introducing plug-ins The introduction of the charts · fluent plug-in in pubspec.yaml Version 0.6.0 when using, plug-in address: https://github.com/google/charts Use plug-ins import ‘package:flutter/material.dart’; Introducing plug-ins import ‘package:charts_flutter/flutter.dart’ as charts; class Test extends StatefulWidget{ _TestState createState() => _TestState(); } class _TestState extends State<Test> { String _year; int _sales; //Functions triggered by clicking the histogram […]

  • Secret! How to design a high accuracy embedded point frame of flutter


    background User behavior buried point is used to record a series of user behaviors during operation, and it is also the core data basis for business judgment. If it is missing or inaccurate, it will bring irrecoverable loss to the business. In the process of migrating business code from native to flutter, idle fish found […]

  • Showdatepicker & showtimepicker internationalization in fluent (set Chinese)


    Showdatepicker & showtimepicker internationalization We can’t avoid using date and time selectors in flutter. Here we use officialshowDatePickerAndshowTimePicker。 The prerequisite for making these two components Chinese is to internationalize the project(flutter_localizations)。 Add internationalization stay/pubspec.yamlChina: … dependencies: flutter: sdk: flutter Flitter localization: add SDK: Shuttle … /lib/main.dartChina: Import ‘package: flutter_localizations / flutter_localizations. Dart’; // add //Join […]

  • Developing custom plugin with flutter


    When you are developing the flutter application, sometimes you need to call the native API, and often you encounter that the flutter does not have a corresponding package. At this time, the flutter plugin begins to play a role. This article will explain the steps and methods of developing a simple flutter plugin. OK, let’s […]

  • A simple example of network request DIO, request and interceptor in flitter Utility Series (5)


    The hot network request plug-in DIO of fluentCode directly, write it as a class, and you can use it directlyPackage containing request, package of interceptor import ‘package:dio/dio.dart’; import ‘dart:async’; import ‘dart:io’; import ‘./apidomain.dart’; import ‘./httpHeaders.dart’; import ‘package:shared_preferences/shared_preferences.dart’; class DioUtil{ static Dio dio = new Dio(); //Request section static Future request(url,{formData})async{ try{ Response response; dio.options.headers = […]

  • Develop AOP for fluent — aspectd


    https://github.com/alibaba-flutter/aspectd Background of problem With the rapid development of flutter framework, more and more businesses begin to use flutter to reconstruct or create new products. But in our practice, we found that on the one hand, flutter has high development efficiency, excellent performance and good cross platform performance, on the other hand, flutter also faces […]

  • The first screen of the flutter Utility Series (6) starts, and the first screen displays the skip button


    First on the renderingsIf the first screen of startup is not set According to the original setting of flitter to display white, that is to say, there will be a white screen display from the moment when the app is opened to the stage when the main function is executed, which will inevitably be a […]