• Pure CSS and fluent realize the effect of breathing lamp respectively (example code)


    Last time, a very studious fan asked if it was possible to make the moon a breathing lamp effect, because there was no picture of the size of the moon, so he used stars insteadToday, this blogger usesPure CSS and fluent animationRealize it separately and remember to collect and learn effect: Want to test, the […]

  • Example code of flutter imitation nail attendance calendar


    This paper mainly introduces the example code of flutter imitation nail attendance calendar, which is shared with you as follows: effect prototype development 1. Use //Attendance calendar DatePickerDialog( initialDate: DateTime.now(), firstDate: DateTime(2020), lastDate: DateTime(2030), onDateChanged: onDateChanged, //0: no status, 1: normal attendance, 2: abnormal examination, late, early leave, //If it is less than one month, […]

  • Several ways of transmitting values on the fluent page


    Today, let’s talk about several ways of transmitting values on the fluent page: InheritWidget Notification Eventbus (current fluent version: 2.0.4) InheritWidget If you have seen the source code of the provider, you know that the principle of cross component value transfer of the provider is implemented according to the inheritwidget provided by the system. Let’s […]

  • Usage of fluent database


    explain Flutter native does not support database operations. It uses sqllit plug-ins to enable applications to use databases. In fact, flutter communicates with the native system through plug-ins to operate the database. Platform support Fluent’s SQLite plug-in supports IOS, Android, and MacOS platforms If you want to support Linux / Windows / dartvm, use sqflite_ […]

  • Detailed explanation of the reuse mechanism of flutter waterfall stream imitating the original


    catalogue Nonsense opening: Look at the reuse effect first Reuse status printing Question 1. What is the realization idea? Problem 2: UI layout code analysis. summary Nonsense opening: IOS and Android have a reuse mechanism when implementing the list interface. The purpose is to reduce memory overhead and trade time for space. I feel that […]

  • Flutter achieve tiktok effect


    catalogue The renderings are as follows: Analysis effect thinking realization 1. Public parameters 2. Declare the required object 3. Gesture processing 4. Layout of animated hearts 5. Small red heart dynamic effect Use effect Source code The renderings are as follows: Analysis effect 1. The whole control can be clicked, the control can be spread […]

  • Summary of flutter common plug-ins


    catalogue Dio network request framework url_ Launcher system application jump flutter_ Drop-down refresh on easyrefresh flutter_ Swiper carousel component Catcher exception capture cached_ network_ Image network picture load cache shared_ Preferences local offline key value pair cache image_ Picker and multi_ image_ Pikcer picture selector Marquee scrolling text component Sqflite local database access Dio network […]

  • Steps to create a private public plug-in for fluent


    catalogue Create package Create demo code (optional) Plugins project configuration Local introduction Write example Publish to pub (public resource) Create package Create a package from the following command line flutter create –template=package plugins Create demo code (optional) In the test file, unit test the dart library, but when it comes to functions such as pages, […]

  • How does the shutter display the snackBar correctly


    catalogue brief introduction Official example Error example Solution 1: the subcomponents of scaffold are built through builder Solution 2: use globalkey to store the scaffold state Flutter learns GitHub code warehouse brief introduction The of method description of scaffold in the official API document states that the scaffold.of method is called in the build method […]

  • How to publish Android apps using fluent


    catalogue Set the name of the application, package name, application icon and startup Replace app Icon Replace startup page Set access rights Configure version publishing parameters Generate application signature Modify profile pack matters needing attention Set the name of the application, package name, application icon and startup The application resource configuration of Android is set […]

  • How to display the shutter information in Android studio?


    Flutter messages are not displayed in Android studio. How can they be displayed? Let’s take a look at the detailed tutorial. Software name: Android studio 3.2 Canary version official latest version (Android integrated development environment) Software size: 921MB Update time: 2018-05-09Download now 1. Open Android studio and enter the main interface. 2. After entering the […]

  • Fluent builds a common page frame


    catalogue Icon preparation Introduction to bottomnavigationbar Build project page structure Simplified entrance code reuse The final result is shown in the figure above. The top share a navigation bar, and there are four icons at the bottom. Click the corresponding icon to jump to the corresponding page. Icon preparation This routine needs 4 icons and […]