• The example code of dropdown refresh and pull-up loading implemented by fluent


    This paper introduces the example code of dropdown refresh and pull-up loading implemented by fluent, which is shared with you as follows: design sketch   usage method Add dependency dependencies: pull_to_refresh: ^1.5.7 Import package import ‘package:pull_to_refresh/pull_to_refresh.dart’; Sample page code class _MyHomePageState extends State<MyHomePage> { List<String> items = [“1”, “2”, “3”, “4”, “5”, “6”, “7”, “8”]; […]

  • The realization of route and navigation in the development of flutter


    If the basic unit that makes up the view element is the component, then the basic unit that makes up the application is the page. For applications with multiple pages, how to smoothly transition from one page to another is a problem that needs to be considered in the technical framework. In front-end development, routing […]

  • Implementation of custom websocket routing in fluent


    After the server pushes data to the client in the fluent websocket, many people’s processing is if / switch. I feel that this writing method is not good! One way of thinking: Create a new socket directory in the Lib directory and create two files in it main.dart and router.dart ;main.dart : it mainly controls […]

  • Write a very beautiful project of flutter todo list


    Start It took more than a month to complete the todo list project written by flutter! Now, it’s finally going to be open source. Before the introduction, let’s have a brief look at the operation effect of the real machine introduce “One day list” is a small, simple and beautiful app, which can help you […]

  • The realization of the second encapsulation of flutter Dio


    Catalog: Diomanager: DIO auxiliary class nwmethod: request method, get, post, etc Nwapi: as you all know Entityfactory: JSON conversion auxiliary factory, convert JSON to t Baseentity < T >: data base class. The returned parameters are {“code”: 0, “message”: “”, “data”: {}}} Baselistentity < T >: data base class 2, the returned parameter is {“code”: […]

  • Introduction to the fluto routing framework


    In the process of application development of flutter, in addition to the routes officially provided by flutter, some third-party routing frameworks can be used to realize page management and navigation, such as fluro, froter, etc. As an excellent enterprise level routing framework, fluro is more complex than the official routing framework, but it is very […]

  • Flitter IOS add start page


    Use launchimage in assets.xcasets to set the IOS startup page, and a black screen will appear after the startup page. After a long time, I haven’t solved the problem. Try using launchscreen.storyboard to set the startup page. 1. Add pictures to the project 2. Edit the picture information of launchscreen.storyboard, 3. Add the constraint of […]

  • Detailed explanation of flutter hybrid development


    Introduction to hybrid development It’s easy to develop app from scratch with flutter, but for some mature products, it’s unrealistic to completely abandon the historical precipitation of the original app and turn to flutter. Therefore, we use flutter to unify Android and IOS technology stacks, take it as the expansion ability of existing native app, […]

  • Some XXX you need to know before entering the pit


    It’s the third year of flutter‘s career. In the past two years, I have written several applications such as calculator, flashlight and compass that are too small to be smaller. I have a little humble opinion about them. This article is just a bravado after the completion of the cool. It does not involve too […]

  • Environment construction of flutter (2)


    In the next period, I will update some column flutter text tutorials Update progress:At least two articles per week; Update location:The first time is in the official account, and the second day is updated in nuggets and places of thought. More communication:You can add my wechat 372623326 and follow my micro blog: Code why I […]

  • Flitter: SharedPreferences desktop plug-in


    Flutter can build multi-terminal applications across platforms. If the developed applications need desktop version, try the legendary seamless migration However, at the very beginning, there was a big problem: shared preferences, which is widely used in mobile terminals, is only implemented in Mac OS on the desktop! Although the introduction ofshared_preferences: ^0.5.3+4No problem at compile […]

  • 7. Draw flying snowflakes with canvas 2


    Attached link: draw flying snowflake 1 with canvasDrawing flying snowflakes with canvas 3 Next:Effect link: https://codepen.io/andy-js/pen/qwwavjjRight click to open it. This time, we installed the JS method in the previous article, and basically added an initial angle setting.Called as a method at any time. Direct code: <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang=”en”> <head> <meta charset=”UTF-8″> <meta name=”viewport” […]