• K8s and log — add a filter for fluent bit using Lua


    Preface Previously, we introduced the fluent bit log collection artifact. Recently, we have met the needs of wonderful people. We have to use Lua to write the filter of fluent bit to meet the needs. First of all, the following requirements are introduced:The non container log team uses filebeat, and its configuration file is as […]

  • Congratulations on Fluentd’s graduation from CNCF


    This year’s news continues, and most of the early CNCF projects have announced graduation. CNCF announced today that fluentd had officially graduated on April 11, 2019 in the United States. This is the sixth project graduated from CNCF. The previous graduates are Kubernetes, Prometheus, Envoy, CoreDNS and Containerd. Fluentd was founded in 2011 by Sadayuki […]

  • Use Fluentd to collect Docker container logs


    This paper introduces a method of collecting standalone container logs using Fluentd. Docker provides many logging drivers. By default, it uses json-file, which collects the logs of the container into stdout/stderr and stores them in JSON files.docker logsThe logs you see come from these JSON files. When you have multiple docker hosts, you want to […]