• About microservice gateway


    API gateway is becoming more and more important. It hijacks almost all traffic, completes user security control and audit between inside and outside, meets the specific needs of enterprises through custom plug-ins, and the most common free identity authentication. With the increasing number and complexity of services, more and more enterprises adopt the way of […]

  • Kubecon 2021 | using ebpf instead of iptables to optimize the performance of service grid data plane


    author Liu Xu, a senior engineer of Tencent cloud, focuses on the native field of container cloud. He has many years of experience in large-scale kubernetes cluster management and micro service governance. He is now responsible for the architecture design and R & D of TCM data plane products of Tencent cloud service grid. introduction […]

  • Implementing token bucket algorithm using redis


    In the current limiting algorithm, there is a token bucket algorithm, which can deal with short burst traffic, which is particularly useful for the situation of uneven traffic in the real environment. It will not trigger current limiting frequently and is friendly to the caller. For example, the current limit is 10qps, which will not […]

  • Ideal vehicle HTAP read flow optimization guide


    “No database is a silver bullet. The adaptation of business scenarios, cost reduction and efficiency enhancement are always the most important.” Database performance optimization can help enterprises make maximum use of system resources and improve business support ability and user experience. This article is the first part of the tidb performance tuning topic. In this […]

  • How to use “cluster flow control” to ensure the stability of micro services?


    Introduction: application high availability service (AHAs) is a cloud product precipitated by Alibaba’s high availability system for many years. It takes traffic and fault tolerance as the starting point to help ensure the stability of the service from multiple dimensions such as traffic control, unstable call isolation, fuse degradation, hot spot traffic protection, system adaptive […]

  • With Flink and pulsar, bigo creates a real-time message processing system


    This article is compiled from the topic “building a real-time message processing system with Flink and pulsar, bigo” shared by bigo staff engineer Chen Hang in Flink forward Asia 2020. The main contents include: About bigo Why did bigo choose Apache pulsar Role of Apache pulsar in bigo Bigo constructs its own real-time message flow […]

  • Beijing guangtui technology recruits front-end development engineer 35-50k


    Who we are and what we do Guangtui technology is a technology driven advertising company focusing on Internet integrated marketing services. The company was jointly founded by senior experts in the field of Internet and advertising. It has industry-leading technology and marketing promotion experience. Its business covers PC terminal, mobile terminal and overseas Internet advertising […]

  • Remember the invalid binding type problem of PHP once


    First, explain the environmental problems, the migration of old and new servers. There is no problem running the code on the old server. The environment is php7 3. As a result, the following problems are reported after the traffic on the new server is imported: FastCGI sent in stderr: “PHP message: PHP Fatal error: Invalid […]

  • Dubbo admin officially supports 3.0 service governance


    Introduction: Dubbo is no stranger to you. It is a microservice development framework, which provides two key capabilities: RPC communication and microservice governance. In daily development, we use more RPC communication capabilities provided by Dubbo, but less service governance capabilities. This paper will focus on service governance. Dubbo framework provides extremely rich service governance functions, […]

  • Talk about the implementation of micro service governance | geek said the second phase


    Reading guide: there are many discussions about service governance in the industry, but there is no unified explanation. From a practical point of view, many practitioners will bind service governance and service mesh. The microservice governance of Baidu search engine and recommendation engine has its own characteristics and definitions. Geek said that in the second […]

  • How to build an ab test system with redis


    How to build an ab test system with redis https://github.com/lloydzhou/redisab overall design Data persistence to redis Extensive use of redis Lua scripts (almost every interface is implemented by using redis Lua scripts. While improving performance, the atomicity of redis Lua scripts can be used to achieve the effect of similar transactions) Design a test environment […]

  • Practice of traffic recording and playback technology


    Article guide This paper mainly introduces the application of flow recording and playback technology in pressure measurement scene. By reading this article, you will learn how the open source recording tool integrates with the internal system, how to carry out secondary development to support Dubbo traffic recording, how to solve the jar package version conflict […]