• Sentinel go 0.4.0 is released to support hotspot traffic protection


    Sentinel is Alibaba’s open source, distributed service architecture oriented traffic control component. It mainly takes traffic as the starting point, and helps developers to ensure the stability of micro services from multiple dimensions such as current limiting, traffic shaping, fuse degradation, system adaptive protection, etc. Sentinel has undertaken the core scenarios of Alibaba’s “double 11” […]

  • Traffic optimization of IOS client based on webp image format (Part one)


    First of all, this is a component optimization scheme based on specific business. I try my best to separate the business logic from the code. Some local codes may be deleted. Now this scheme is used for a news application with multiple pictures. It is roughly estimated that users will consume 100 meters of traffic […]

  • Springclub09 rabbitmq pinduo mall integration


    Pinduo mall integrates rabbitmq When a user places an order, our business system directly communicates with the database and saves the order to the database. When the system traffic suddenly surges, a lot of order pressure will slow down the business system and the database systemWe need to deal with the peak traffic and make […]

  • Tars is about to set up a foundation. Is this micro service framework suitable for you?


    Since the mid-1990s, distributed architecture has become popular, and service-oriented architecture (SOA) has become more and more dominant. At the beginning of the 21st century, microservices began to appear, and a series of frameworks based on microservice architecture emerged. Recently, in order to build an open source ecosystem of microservices, tars project will also set […]

  • Network configuration of KVM high interaction honeypot NAT network mode


    1、 Overview Honeypot technology has been applied and practiced in various security manufacturers recently. By building honeypot, users can lure attacks in the public network or intranet, and collect and analyze the attack data in the honeypot, so as to understand the attacker’s intention and collect Threat Intelligence. More advanced, the honeypot can backtrack and […]

  • Scramjet! Alipay technology double 11 documentary “one heart and one battle” global exclusive debut


    As in the past 10 years, tmall double 11 in 2019 has set a new record. Behind this figure, leave no stone unturned for several generations of Alipay engineers. Before the double 11 of this year, the editor invited 11 technical students who had experienced double 11 to give oral records, and specially prepared the […]

  • Istio in kubernetes (1)


    background What is microservice There is a lightweight communication mechanism between services, usually rest API Decentralized management mechanism Each service can be implemented in different programming languages, using different data storage technologies Applications are divided into services according to business, and a large application system can be composed of multiple independent services Each service can […]

  • Istio’s serviceentry


    Use the service entry resource to add entries to the service registry maintained internally by istio. After adding a service entry, the envoy agent can send traffic to the service as if the service entry were a service in the grid. By configuring service entries, you can manage traffic for services running outside the grid. […]

  • Alicloud DNS adds intelligent resolution function of lines on cloud


    Introduction:When deploying cellular architecture or internal service links on the cloud, enterprises need to consider making the data (unit) closer to the user, avoiding cross cell access to data, so as to meet their own demand for low latency. Alicloud DNS adds the scheduling function based on the link on the cloud, further optimizes the […]

  • Simple use of Python tensor flow


    This paper describes the simple use of Python tensor flow. For your reference, the details are as follows: 1. Basic concepts Tensor stands for tensor, which is a data structure of multidimensional array. Flow stands for flow, which refers to the process of conversion between tensors through calculation. Tensorflow represents the programming process in the […]

  • National network security publicity week to build cloud security fortress


    “Network security for the people, network security depends on the people”, the annual national network security publicity week opened. The importance of network security is self-evident, especially this year. Under the influence of the epidemic situation, more and more enterprises have accelerated the service migration to the public cloud. At the same time of technology […]

  • Nginx is another Niu x function! Traffic copy


    1. Demand Copying the traffic from the production environment to the pre online environment or test environment has many advantages, such as: It can verify whether the function is normal and the performance of the service; The real and effective traffic request is used to verify without creating data, which does not affect the normal […]