• Unity shader for 2D flow effect


    The combination of vertex transformation and texture animation is used to simulate water flow; In vertex transformation, sine function is used to simulate the general shape of river, such as wavelength, amplitude, etc. In texture animation, the texture coordinates are continuously rolled in a certain direction to form a flowing effect. The script is as […]

  • DLI from deployment and operation and maintenance (1)


    DLI is a server less big data computing service that supports multi-mode engine, which well implements the characteristics of serverless 1. Weakening the connection between storage and computing; 2. Code execution does not require manual resource allocation; 3. Charge by usage. So how can we better realize the server less service and avoid becoming a […]

  • natapp


    Invitation code: b24b8cceusage method: Users can get a 10% discount by entering your invitation code in the preferential code input box of the tunnel purchase. Only for the first time users purchase the tunnel, excluding the secondary domain name and traffic package

  • Implementation of FISCO bcos flow control


    Source: FISCO BCOS open source community official accountAuthor: Chen Yujie / FISCO bcos core developer 1. Introduction As a distributed system, the blockchain system is faced with a large amount of data burst request scenarios, the skyrocketing requests are easy to cause the blockchain service or interface unavailable, and in serious cases, the whole blockchain […]

  • Connect mysql through HTTP tunnel


    background (1) In order to reduce the work efficiency, MySQL must be connected through a specific agent (2) The mode of production line is understandable, but if you do this in test environment, I will cry (3) You can connect with WiFi in the company, but you can’t directly connect to MySQL at home. You […]

  • Alibaba open source distributed current limiting framework sentinel go 0.3.0 was released to support fuse degradation capability


    Author: Su He, senior development engineer of Alibaba Sentinel is a flow control component of Alibaba open source and oriented to distributed service architecture. It mainly takes traffic as the breakthrough point, and helps developers to ensure the stability of microservices from multiple dimensions such as current limiting, traffic shaping, fusing degradation, and system adaptive […]

  • Explanation of external traffic policy


    Environmental description The production environment realizes the automatic publishing business through gitlab running. Now it is necessary to collect the real IP of the client. It is necessary to change the external traffic policy to lacal mode (originally cluster mode). The development of the day before yesterday showed that the business could not be published […]

  • The automation script of swote process optimization


    background I came to work as CTO of jam culture in new company. Seeing that the code performance was poor and the equipment cost was very high, I started to transform it. There was a script and a long-term script. The old practice was to create a PHP process for each user. A total of […]

  • This is all you want to know about container migration, operation and maintenance, error checking and monitoring


    The author is Qiu Gechuan, senior technical expert of alicloud Intelligent Cloud native application platform department According to the cloud habitat special session speech, the official account of Alibaba cloud is restored.transfer”Get this ppt This morning, Dr. Wang Jian said something that I have a feeling. When you do the system, you must think about […]

  • How to occupy a place in fast service


    There is a saying in the art of War: know yourself and know your enemy, and you will never be defeated in a hundred battles. If we want to use fast service to improve exposure and traffic, we must first understand what fast service is, the distribution mechanism of fast service, and how to better […]

  • Discussion on the relationship between service mesh and API gateway


    preface As for the relationship between service mesh and API gateway, this question has been frequently asked in the past two years, and many articles and materials in the community have also given answers. Among them, there are many Internet celebrities such as Christian Posta who have given in-depth introduction. I am here to do […]

  • Knave serverless: how to realize application hosting with 0 O & M and low cost?


    Author Niu Qiulin (Dongdao), technical expert of Alibaba cloud container platform Focus on Alibaba cloud primary official account, reply keywords“1205”You can watch the knight demo demo video. Reading guide: serverless is undoubtedly the hottest cloud native topic at present, so as business developers or operation and maintenance personnel, what should we think of it? What […]