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  • Illustrate the principle of Vue asynchronous update


    In the last illustration of Vue responsive principle, we understand the rendering process of Vue through nine flow charts. I believe you have a certain understanding of the whole rendering process of Vue. In this article, we focus on the principle module of Vue asynchronous update. This paper mainly analyzes the process of Vue from […]

  • Make a dish of vscode plug-ins that improve the efficiency / creativity


    In front-end development,vscodeIs the most commonly used editor, andvscodeThere are a variety of practical plug-ins, some can help us improve efficiency, some can make our work process more happy. Today, let’s introduce these plug-ins~ Enhancement class plug-in Code artifact – power mode First of all, the first plug-in is introducedPower ModeIt can make your programming […]

  • Deploying log system elfk on k8s


    Log system elfk preface According to the company’s existing business flow and technology stack, we decided to choose the log system solution as follows: elasticsearch (ES) + logstash (LO) + filebeat (FI) + kibana (KI). Es chooses to use the ES provided by aliyun, Lo & fi chooses to deploy itself, and Ki is sent […]

  • Related problems of TCP proxy service


    TCP proxy server Develop a simple version of TCP proxy server. The following is the flow chart of TCP proxy server: advantage: Expansibility Error trapping Operation of breaking current and limiting current load balancing Disadvantages: No log operation Compatibility, lack of compatibility with redis, etcd and other services

  • I didn’t expect the springboot + flowable development workflow to be so simple


    This article is included in personal blog: www.chengxy-nds.top Technical data sharing and progress Programmer is a brick, where need where move The internal OA system of the company needs to be upgraded recently. I was seconded because of the shortage of manpower. However, I haven’t done this function yet. I’m still a little curious about […]

  • Using file streams in Vue


    The front end uses the binary stream returned from the background Reposetype: ‘blob’ should be added to the request method eg:this.axios.get(‘url’, { header: ”, resposeType: ‘blob’}) The returned res should be a blob object let blob = new Blob([res], { type: ”}) let imgUrl = window.URL.createObjectURL(blob) //After use, it should be destroyed window.URL.revokeObjectURL() Special attention!!! […]

  • Eureka source code reading (2) – Analysis of eurekaserver source code


    preface Eurekaserver is a combination of Eureka client, Eureka core and Eureka resources. It serves as a registry and a service discovery center, and provides a visual view of the service volume. content The flow chart of Eureka server source code is as follows:

  • JavaScript loop statement_ While and do… While (14)


    catalog: 1.while 2.do…while 3. What is the difference between while and do… While? 1、 While 1. While syntax format While (expression) {// if the expression is true, the code block is executed //Code block } 2. Execution flow chart 3. For example Var count = 1; // create a new variable count and assign it […]

  • Markdown grammar learning


    Markdown grammar learning Reading instructions This note is inMark flying elephantOn the basis of the introduction of, we have rearranged and improved the introduction of basic grammar. If it is helpful for you to watch, you can use mark Feixiang to support the original author. Organize in a hurry. If you find something missing and […]

  • Hexo — the second bullet


    catalog 1. Hexo supports flow chart and timing chart 2. Multiple lines of hexo code can be copied 3. Copyright is added when hexo copies Hexo supports flow chart and timing chart Do you need to use other editors to draw the flow chart and import it with pictures? Hexo’s handwritten flow chart is also […]

  • In a concurrent environment, do you operate the database first or the cache first?


    preface In a distributed system, when cache and database exist at the same time, if there are write operations, do you want to operate the database first or cache first? Think about the possible problems before you look down. I’ll explain it in several ways. Cache maintenance scheme I Suppose there is a write (thread […]

  • Use vscode to draw flow chart


    Use vscode to draw flow chart install Need to be installed firstgit In vscodectrl + shift + XOpen extension, search draw.io install use Create suffix as.drawioFile, drag to vscode to open Save to local after drawing flow chart take.drawioDrag and drop files to drawio web page https://app.diagrams.net ,file -> export as pngCan be saved as […]