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  • My first “game”


    Output a bunch of punctuation marks   Before playing tribal conflict, I met a group of children. When chatting in QQ group, I like to brush the screen with punctuation.When you want to do a lot of punctuation output program to show them, and then write the code. This is also my first game,Although it’s […]

  • How to generate JVM memory dump from JRE


    Original author: jarek przyg ó dzki( http://twitter.com/jarekprzyg… ( http://github.com/jarek-przyg… Generating JVM heap memory dumps with JDK is very simple, because almost every java developer knows that thejmapandjcmdTools. But what about JRE? Some people think you need the JDK or at least part of it, but that’s not the case. The answer lies in jattach, which […]

  • Python disk commemorative coin series 1: Introduction


    I wonder if you have been recently cleaned up by Taishan coins, anyway, my friends circle and official account are everywhere. After a brief understanding of the operation process, I found that the most important thing in the whole process is that we should be able to make an appointment. An appointment requires a mobile […]