• Get to know go


    Get to know go Go format 1. The package declaration at the beginning of the file indicates the package to which the go code belongs 2. Import the package name required for import 3. It indicates the entry of the program. It is a fixed writing method. There must be a space between func and […]

  • Summarize the creation and mutual transformation of dataframe, series, array and tensor


    Recently, in the introduction of image recognition, we naturally use the deep learning framework and come into contact with a new data structure – tensor. In addition, there are some commonly used data structures, such as dataframe, series, array, etc. This article mainly summarizes the creation and mutual transformation of these data structures. Create method […]

  • Data types of PHP


    PHP has four and eight data types 1、 Scalar type Integer Floating point (floor) String Boolean (bloon) 2、 Complex type Array Object 3、 Special types NULL Resources 1  

  • Basic data types of Objective-C


    1 basic data type example //Integer int integerType = 5; //Floating point float floatType = 3.1415; //Double floating point double doubleType = 2.2033; //Short integer short int shortType = 200; //Long integer long int longlongType = 7758123456767L; //C language string char * cstring = “this is a string!”; 2 basic data type length //4 bytes […]

  • Nsstring of Objective-C


    Create string NSString *aStr = @”I am a String”; NSString *cStr = @”I am a String”; Creating strings with standard C Char * CString = I am a string; NSString *astring = [[NSString alloc] initWithUTF8String:Cstring]; NSLog(@”astring:%@”,astring); The memory address of the string NSLog(@”astr point adress: 0x%.8x”,aStr); NSLog(@”astr point adress: 0x%.8x”,bStr); bStr = @”I am a […]

  • Notes on C / C + + Programming: three data types of C + (primitive, derived and abstract)


    During declaration, all variables use data types to restrict the data to be stored. Therefore, it can be said that a data type is used to tell a variable the type of data it can store. As long as a variable is defined in C + +, the compiler will allocate some memory for the […]

  • Beginners of C language 2


    data type Char character data type Short short integer Int integer Long long integer Long long – longer integers Float single precision floating point           Floating point number = decimal Double double floating point 1. Space occupied by each data type #include int main() { printf(“%d\n”,sizeof(char)); // Size of… In bytes […]

  • Basic data type input / output stream of Java IO stream


    Basic data type input / output stream summary: Basic data types can be read and written Data input stream: datainputstream Datainputstream (InputStream in) passes in the InputStream type as a parameter Data output stream: dataoutputstream Dataoutputstream (OutputStream out) passes in the OutputStream type as a parameter characteristic: 1. The stream is a byte stream, which […]

  • Practice analysis of rust built-in trait: partialeq and EQ


    Abstract:Rust uses traits in many places, from simple operator overloading to subtle features like send and sync. This article is shared from Huawei cloud community《Analysis of rust built-in trait: partialeq and EQ》Author: debugzhang Rust uses traits in many places, from simple operator overloading to subtle features like send and sync. Some traits can be automatically […]

  • Built in objects Math.random () three examples of random number method


    1. Get a random number between two numbers function getRandom(min,max){ return Math.random () * (max min) + min; / / returns a floating-point random value that is not an integer and less than between two arguments. } getRandom(3,10);   2. Get a random integer between two numbers function getRandom(min,max){ return Math.floor ( Math.random () * […]

  • Java basic data type and integer cache mechanism


    1、 8 basic data types (4 integer, 2 float, 1 character, 1 cloth) Integer: byte (the smallest data type), short (short integer), int (integer), long (long integer); Floating point type: float, double; Character type: char (character type); Boolean: Boolean. 2、 Value range Data type name Occupied bytes Default value Min max Corresponding packaging Integer type […]

  • Golang string formatting


    golang format In go language, fmt.Sprintf (), fmt.Printf (), fmt.Fprintf (), Log.Printf (), log.Panicf () and other functions often use string to format parameters. This article will familiarize you with all parameters. Parameter introduction Verbs Function %v Output according to the original value of the value %+v Expand the structure field name and value based […]