• Flask Project Based on Oracle (1) – Configuration Project


    The general impression is that flask project is suitable for some short and concise projects, especially with sqlite, MySQL and other databases. But in some big companies, especially some state-owned enterprises such as the financial industry, or Oracle is the majority, then, this small pepper (flask) is useless? No, No, No…The following will take the […]

  • Flask project based on Oracle (2) – user login


    Flask is relatively new to many state-owned Oracle databases, so many old designs are not necessarily suited to the newer flask standards, but as a latecomer, you have to be forward compatible, you have to adapt to the needs.The content of this chapter will explain what kind of pit the database left behind in the […]

  • Flask project based on Oracle (3) – report generation


    Once, because I was unfamiliar with Sqlalchemy and stubbornly abandoned it, I directly introduced the native cx_Oracle to generate reports, but after a lot of “context” errors, I regretted, but still returned to the embrace of sqlalchemy.If you study Sqlalchemy carefully, you will find unexpected surprises. This paper mainly explains how to generate reports with […]

  • PEP 380 — Grammar of Subgenerator


    Introduction:PEP (Python Enhancement Proposal) is almost the most important document in the Python community. It provides announcement information, guidance process, design and usage instructions for new functions. For learners, PEP is a very valuable first-hand material. Most of the difficulties encountered in learning can find answers or solutions in PEP. I translated several PEPs, the […]

  • Flask Project Based on Oracle (4) – Search and Query


    Search function is the strongest part of a project’s personalized needs. Users want different reports, which can be achieved by searching different fields. Project description Administrator users can search the relevant information of each month of all users in their department. Ordinary users can only search for their own relevant information in each month. Implementing […]

  • Flask project based on Oracle (5) – Report Download


    In state-owned enterprises, many leaders are promoted step by step. Their age and experience make them not yet master the basic knowledge of computers. Therefore, paper reports are the basis and necessary tool for them to master the overall situation. It is necessary to download the report and then modify it slightly. Project description The […]

  • Configuration Tutorial of SERVER_NAME Domain Name Item in Python’s Flask Framework


    SERVER_NAME in Flask does two main things: Assist Flask in generating absolute URLs (e.g. embedded website URLs in e-mail) outside of active requests Used for subdomain name support Many people mistakenly think that it can do anything other than these two things. First thing: Absolute URL We know that url_for generates relative URLs by default. […]

  • After a week of compiling Python materials, including all stages of the required websites, projects, the collection slowly.


    Many schools have already started school this week, so it’s time for all the students to move up and throw away the lazy habits at home. Somehow, many readers who have been following me recently have begun to believe that how can I learn Python well? Is a zero-base transfer appropriate and hopeful? It’s 30 […]

  • Use Python to change Miss and Sister’s Windows password?


    For learning Python, many people think it’s easy because you’ve never been in depth. Python is just a simple introduction, easy to understand the grammar, the implementation principle is also an art. Today I’m going to talk about socket, but I know that you don’t like to read grammar, and you still hate it. So […]

  • Architectural Practice of Getuo Micro Service Gateway


    Author: A Fei, Senior Research and Development Engineer of Push Application Platform Infrastructure In the micro-service architecture, different micro-services can have different network addresses. Each micro-service can complete user requests by calling each other. The client may complete a user request by calling N interfaces of micro-services. Therefore, adding an API gateway between client and […]

  • Flask update database error


    From Blog @ying 847782627 There are always errors in updating the database when modifying the model. Now, I will summarize the errors I have seen.1.The database relationship is incorrect. In the newly added model, if it is not very definite and there are many models added, it is suggested to write a simple model first, […]

  • SQLflow: Distributed machine learning platform based on python. It supports running spark, machine learning algorithm and crawler by writing SQL


    Project git: https://github.com/lqkweb/sql… SQLflow (python3+) Sqlflow based on python development, support to Spark, Flink, etc as the underlying distributed computing engine, through a set of unified configuration file to complete the batch, flow calculation, the Rest service development. 2019-01-22 update interface, will be standardized code in the near future, write some comments and add read-write […]