• Detailed process of Python flask building yolov3 target detection system


    [artificial intelligence project] Python flask builds yolov3 target detection system:   Back end code from flask import Flask, request, jsonify from PIL import Image import numpy as np import base64 import io import os from backend.tf_inference import load_model, inference os.environ[‘CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES’] = ‘0’ sess, detection_graph = load_model() app = Flask(__name__) @app.route(‘/api/’, methods=[“POST”]) def main_interface(): response = […]

  • Use Python + flask to develop blog projects and achieve intranet penetration


    preface Flask is a lightweight web framework written in Python. Compared with other frameworks of the same type, this framework is more flexible and lightweight. And it has strong customization, users can add functions according to their own needs, and has a powerful plug-in library, which is why this framework has been hot in the […]

  • [flash] flash project SQLite database operation (code implementation)


    Summary of practical experience of flaskIf you have any questions, please feel free to contact me and study and communicate with me❤ Order three company if you like ❤ ️ SQLite related operations include: 1. Convert the tuple obtained by the cursor into dict according to the database list 2. Get (connect) database 3. Execute […]

  • Flash file upload and delete template


    File upload template @app.route(“/upload/<name>/<person>”, methods=[‘GET’, ‘POST’]) def upload(name, person): #Upload file if request.method == ‘POST’: files = request.files[‘files’] if files: filename = random_filename(files.filename) mime_type = files.content_type #If it’s not a file allowed to upload if not allowed_file(files.filename): result = uploadfile( name=filename, type=mime_type, size=0, not_allowed_msg=”File type not allowed”) else: #The talent photo upload module is stored […]

  • Detailed design and technical implementation of emotion analysis based on user comments


    Detailed design and technical implementation of emotion analysis based on user comments Article catalogue Detailed design and technical implementation of emotion analysis based on user comments preface 1、 Technical architecture 2、 Analysis server construction 1.1 create flash project 1.2 write database connection script to obtain user comment data; 1.2.1 import and storage 1.2.2 connect to […]

  • Use of Python virtual environment


    1、 Introduction to Python virtual environment Virtual environment, which is a virtualized environment developed independently from computers。Generally speaking, virtual environment is to separate part of the content with the help of virtual machine. We call this part of the independent thing “container”. In this container, we can only install the dependent packages we need, and […]

  • How do I connect Python and go applications using grpc and mutual TLS?


    Creation is not easy, and read and cherish. Remember to like, follow and forward~ This tutorial introduces you to the process of service connection written in Python and go by using the grpc framework of mutual TLS authentication. Since most developers are familiar with Python / Django and go development, this article will omit most […]

  • Deploy flash using nginx + uwsgi + supervisor + pyenv


    This is the Ubuntu environment 1. Installation – nginx 1. Installation: sudo apt get install nginx 2. Check whether nginx is successfully installed: sudo nginx – V 3. Start: sudo nginx 4. Nginx configuration file address: Ubuntu is usually in the ` / etc / nginx / ‘directory (configuration files will be added in this […]

  • Python framework flash knowledge summary


    1、 Flash blueprint directory The flash projects we wrote before are all self-organized directory structures. In fact, the official flash has its recommended directory structure. The following is an example of a project structure directory that meets the official recommendation for flash small applications, as follows:    As shown in the figure, this is a […]

  • Gobang games based on flash


    This example shares the specific code of Gobang game based on flash for your reference. The specific contents are as follows preface First of all, my direction is the Java back-end. Just because the teacher assigned an assignment and wanted to use flash to make a Gobang, I couldn’t be forced into Liangshan. The program […]

  • Specific use of flash response response


    catalogue introduction Response response Tuple form response make_ Response function Return JSON format data Other special responses Redirect Abort() interrupt source code introduction The client sends an HTTP request to the flash program. After flash calls the view function, it will take its return value as the content of the response. In most cases, the […]