• Recommend 5 Best Intranet Penetration Tools


    During the development process of the official account, the online code is frequently modified, and the development process is relatively cumbersome. At the same time, any mistakes will affect other normal online businesses. Therefore, building a local environment for WeChat official account development can achieve the goal of not affecting online business Debug code. Here […]

  • supervisor process management


    supervisor process management

  • Specify the port when Flask runs


    Specify the port when Flask runs

  • Talking about flask and ctf


    I ran a training recently and wrote some flask session forgery, but I couldn’t use it. I just sorted out the previous information and took out the three tested points of flask to write an article. debug pin Start a local service with debug mode enabled: When the machine starts, it will print out the […]

  • Dedicated to you who are learning python, 10 most popular Python open source frameworks


    If you are learning python, don’t miss these 10 open source frameworks, including event I/O, OLAP, Web development, high-performance network communication, testing, crawlers, etc. Although it is not all there is, it is enough to satisfy you. 1. Django: Python web application development framework As we all know, there are many different web frameworks under […]

  • Use Gunicorn + Gevent to deploy Flask project-ubuntu environment (docker packaging)


    Deployment environment Ubuntu Use tools Gunicorn + Gevent + Flask + docker + Pycharm All operations are performed under ubuntu (Gunicorn + Gevent does not support win environment!) First, there is a Flask project (python) Use blueprints for encapsulation/under display {} Open the run.py file Use Gunicorn + Gevent to start the flask project pip […]

  • Inventory of Python articles in 2020, I selected my personal TOP10


    Hello everyone, I am Brother Cat. 2020 flies so fast! I always feel that I haven’t accomplished much this year, and it’s time to write the annual summary again in the blink of an eye… On January 1 last year, I wrote “My Top 2019 Python Articles List》, a brief list of 11 articles that […]

  • 5 minutes to teach you to learn Django system error monitoring


    1. Monitor all request requests How to implement system monitoring and automatically send error log mail? Just configure the configuration settings file. 1. Set the sending mail configuration information The mail will be sent to the mailing list set by ADMINS. SERVER_EMAIL ='[email protected]’ DEFAULT_FROM_EMAIL ='[email protected]’ ADMINS = ((‘receiver’,'[email protected]’),) EMAIL_HOST =’smtp.exmail.qq.com’ EMAIL_HOST_USER ='[email protected]’ EMAIL_HOST_PASSWORD =’123456′ EMAIL_BACKEND […]

  • None analysis of Flask paging iter_pages


    Database information: Code program: if __name__ == “__main__”: user=User.query.paginate(1,2) for i in user.iter_pages(): print(i,end=” “) Output information: 1 2 3 4 5 None 8 9 Today I took a look at the source code myself to analyze it def iter_pages(self, left_edge=2, left_current=2, right_current=5, right_edge=2): last = 0 for num in xrange(1, self.pages + 1): if […]

  • Flask-APScheduler detailed configuration and use (with API calls)


    Anyone who doesn’t notify me in advance will just copy my article and publish it, and the whole family will have a baby without an asshole. Original link:https://segmentfault.com/a/11… By: SyntaxError 1. Configuration from App.tasks.DatabaseTask import send_ding_test # My task function from flask_apscheduler.auth import HTTPBasicAuth from apscheduler.jobstores.sqlalchemy import SQLAlchemyJobStore class Config(object): JOBS = [ # interval […]

  • One inch of downtime and one inch of blood, 100,000 containers and 100,000 soldiers | Build Gunicorn+Flask high-availability web cluster based on k8s under Win10/Mac system


    The original text is reproduced from “Liu Yue’s Technology Blog”https://v3u.cn/a_id_185 In 2021, if you don’t talk about container technology, you must call it Docker. There is no doubt that it is one of the most popular container technologies today, but when we are faced with a large number of images and containers, how to quickly […]

  • [Free sharing] The most complete Python learning spree in history


    I had nothing to do at work today and sorted out the data collected over the past 5 years of Python development. I found that I couldn’t stop, and it took me an afternoon to finish it. The content is as follows: Ø The interview resume of a Python tycoon with a monthly salary of […]