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  • Promise introduction


    First meet promise At the end of last year, our studio received one at schoolprojectAt that timebuddyWith the upsurge of learning nodejs, we chose to use nodejs to build the back end of our project. At that time, various modules were introduced into the project, which dazzled me (I thought so at that time). One […]

  • The development of asp.net core


    Summarize and share the problems encountered in the development, which is not only a summary of yourself, but also for the convenience of searching. Original address:https://www.cnblogs.com/i3yuan/p/14364481.html C# basic series reflex generic paradigm entrust event Swagger series Using swagger to make API documents (Part I) Using swagger to make API documents (Part 2) Exporting documents using […]

  • Python object oriented


    Python object oriented > > > Object oriented: preliminary understanding Class space problems and the relationship between classes inherit Encapsulation, polymorphism Members of class Reflection, double down method

  • Linux’s initial understanding of libevent Network Library


    Meet libevent Libevent is a high concurrency network IO library written in C. libevent can be used whenever there is a file descriptor. Libevent uses a callback function. With libevent, I have network programming 1. Inter process communication of FIFO. Read end of interprocess communication using FIFO: #include #include #include #include #include #define MYFIFO “myfifo” […]

  • Net winfom


    As for the meaning of the two words “getting to know” in WinForm, I have been in touch with the knowledge and development of B / s before. Although I am not proficient, most of my time is spent on B / s, such as MVC. Now I have to go from B / s […]