• Detailed explanation of firewall basic command of centos7


    1、 The foundation of Linux Firewall Linux firewall system mainly works in the network layer. Aiming at the real-time filtering and restriction of TCP / IP packets, Linux belongs to the typical packet filtering firewall (or network layer firewall). The firewall system of Linux system is based on kernel coexistence: firewalld, iptables, ebtables. Firewalld is […]

  • Centos7 firewall settings


    The firewall used in CentOS 7 is firewall, which has been upgraded in iptables firewall in CentOS 6.5. Used to implement persistent network traffic rules. You can dynamically modify a single rule, dynamically manage rule sets, and update rules without destroying existing sessions and connections Using zones and services It is rejected by default and […]

  • Firewalld of CentOS 8 has been unbound with iptables


    Article reprinted from: firewalld of CentOS 8 has been unbound with iptables Today, someone came to me and said that the one click installation script I used before is not working well. I hope I can help to see what happened. According to his description, it is preliminarily determined that the system is caused by […]

  • Linux Basic Firewall Setup and Open Port Command


    Close the firewall CentOS 7、RedHat 7Previous Linux distribution firewalls were opened and closed(iptables ): Effective immediately, restartInvalid Open and open service iptables start Close down service iptables stop restartTake effect Open and open chkconfig iptables on Close down chkconfig iptables off CentOS 7、RedHat 7Later Linux distribution firewalls were opened and closed(firewall ): systemctl stop firewalld.service […]

  • A Nginx HTTPS configuration debugging process


    Link to the original text: He Xiaodong Blog Testing environment: Aliyun CentOS 7.4, nginx 1.14.3, other versions of the system or nginx, if there are differences, the official website prevails. Start configuring Start with this article from Aliyunqi Community, configure the Aliyun Control Panel, and then modify it accordingly.nginx.confDocumentation, implementationnginx -s reloadHeavy load makes it […]