• Modification of SSH login port and simple firewall configuration


    After a remote login, add users and other processes Modify SSH login port The default port is 22. We can change it to a port above 1024. Enter SSH configuration filesudo vi /etc/ssh/sshd_configFind the line port 22 in the open file and change it to the new port number. Execute after savingsudo service ssh restart, […]

  • Installing mongodb in CentOS


    Mongodb is a document based general distributed database for modern application developers and cloud era. Mongodb is a product between relational database and non relational database, which has the most abundant functions and is most like relational database. Official website document installation tutorial:Install MongoDB Community Edition on Red Hat or CentOS。 Used hereyumThe installation is […]

  • Influxdb management tool


    preface: The author just contacted influxdb and found that the built-in web management interface couldn’t be opened. The query found that the official has cancelled the web interface since version 1.3, so the author found three ways to manage influx. 1. Bring your own web management Since the version I use is version 1.7, the […]

  • Keyboard man Linux tutorial (1) | suggestions for beginners


    Notes on learning Linux (1) Linux is strictly case sensitive Linux is strictly case sensitive, which is different from windows, so we should pay attention to the differences of case sensitivity in operation, including file name and directory name, command, command options, configuration file configuration options, etc Linux everything is files All contents in Linux […]

  • Linux project release process and command


    Process: deploy JDK — > Database — > firewall — > server — > nginx Deploy JDK 1. Download the JDK of Linux version and drag it to the / usr / local / SRC / directory through mobaxtrem (remote connection tool)2. Adoptiontar -xvfCommand decompression JDK3. Through the MV command, the longer directory after decompression […]

  • Some problems about the master-slave database unable to connect to the database in the mutual master-slave database setting


    Step 1: start the database and input the login user name and password of the database;1. Start the database: 1. Start command[ [email protected] src]# systemctl start mariadb 2. Restart command[ [email protected] src]# systemctl restart mariadb 3. Closing command[ [email protected] src]# systemctl stop mariadb 4. Set the starting time[ [email protected] src]# systemctl enable mariadb 5. Turn […]

  • Write a simple shell script to facilitate the management of firewall


    Write a simple shell script to facilitate the management of firewall Recently, I’ve been looking at shell scripts. I found that this can greatly reduce the complexity of operation. If your series of operations are continuously related, you can write a shell script to simplify the operationI want to release or close the firewall ports […]

  • SQL Server Express installation


    Install SQL Server Express Official website:https://www.microsoft.com/zh-cn/sql-server/sql-server-downloadsAfter downloading, run the installation file and select the custom type to install. After downloading the file, you will automatically enter the SQL server installation interface, and click the first “new SQL server independent installation or add function to existing installation”Then select “I accept” and “next” all the way to […]

  • A simple introduction to Linux system


    Environment virtual machine in this article: vmware-10.0.1 Linux version: CentOS 7 1. Some common simple commands in Linux Note: Linux is all file based. And the directory in Linux is tree structure 1.1 CD command set Ifconfig / IP addr check IP address (ifconfig command is valid in CentOS 6.5 and earlier) PWD checks the […]

  • Configuration of cloud server port and firewall port


    Port configuration of cloud server (Tencent cloud) It’s easy to set the port of the cloud server. Take Tencent cloud as an example, enter “cloud server” > “security group”, and click “add rule“. For example, I opened port 9501-9510 for learning. Remember to associate instances: If you don’t want to open all IP addresses, only […]

  • The basic command operation of Linux to database firewall nginx


    1. Operation of database Open database:systemctl start mariadbRestart the database:systemctl restart mariadbClose the database:systemctl stop mariadb Database initialization operation: MySQL_ secure_ installationRefresh database permissions:flush privileges 2. Operation of firewall View the status of your firewall:firewall-cmd –stateRestart the firewall:firewall-cmd –reloadManually close the firewall:systemctl stop firewalld.serviceManually open the firewall:systemctl start firewalld.service Set the firewall not to start […]