• IP configuration of centos7 docker container accessing host


    Scene description staycentos7functiondockerWhen the container is applied, it is necessary to connect the host’smysqlOf3306Port. It is found that it cannot be connected,dockerThe container cannot access the host’smysqlDatabase. However, it is possible to access the external network within the containerpingIt’s all right. Cause analysis staycentos7Upper DepartmentdockerContainer, whose network mode isbridgepattern.start-updockerWhen,dockerThe process creates adocker0Virtual bridge for communication […]

  • Installing JDK, Tomcat and MySQL in Linux


    Wen Pingge date 20201010 Environment introduction This article is mainly to practice the Linux environment to install software records, focusing on the operation of Linux.Operating environment: MacOS 10.15.7 VMware fusion professional 11.5.6(Last year’s double 11 took advantage of the activity to buy a genuine, 500 + RMB, refreshing) Zentermlite version 4.1.0 (21) Software version: Linux:CentOS-8.2.2004-x86_ […]

  • Accessing Linux database through remote tools


    1 Principle Remote access to the database must go through the firewall, and must have access rights to the database, otherwise it will be denied access, so remote tools to access the database to consider two issues: how to enter the Linux system, whether the database is allowed to access. 2 test connection 2 steps […]

  • Master slave replication of MySQL based on log


    There are always people who ask me if I can separate reading from writing. Sometimes I really don’t know how to answer. Let’s say that technology itself is not difficult for you. The difficulty is whether we can meet such a large project. If there is such a big project, the separation of reading and […]

  • Linux system deployment private cloud disk


    ​​Owncloud is a file host service software, which is the cloud storage we usually use. However, this is to establish our own private cloud on the server of our own host. Owncloud uses AGPLv3 protocol to publish. This project is based on PHP and SQLite, mysql, Oracle or PostgreSQL database, so it can run on […]

  • centos7 firewall


    1. View firewall service status systemctl status firewalld 2. View the status of firewall firewall-cmd –state 3. OpenRestart, shut downfirewalld.service service open service firewalld start restart service firewalld restart close service firewalld stop 4. View firewall rules firewall-cmd –list-all 5. Query, open and close ports Query whether the port is open firewall-cmd –query-port=8080/tcp Open 80 […]

  • Detailed explanation of firewall’s rule setting and command (white list setting)


    1、 Set firewall rules Example 1: external exposure of 8080 port firewall-cmd –permanent –add-port=8080/tcp Example 2: only servers can access port 3306 of MySQL service #Add rule firewall-cmd –permanent –add-rich-rule=”rule family=”ipv4″ source address=”″ port protocol=”tcp” port=”3306″ accept” #To make effective by reload firewall-cmd –reload Example 3: port forwarding, forwarding the access to port 3306 […]

  • Unable to connect to MySQL database remotely


    Problem Description:In Alibaba cloud, I rent a server (Ubuntu environment) and configure the MySQL database, which can be added, deleted, modified and checked. Everything is in good condition. However, when I remotely connect to this MySQL with eclipse on my local computer, the following problems occur:The last packet sent successfully to the server was 0 […]

  • Mac can’t connect to win7 remotely under the same LAN. Error: unable to connect to remote PC


    Problem: MAC (using Microsoft Remote Desktop) can’t connect win7 remotely on the same LAN Before the need for two computer configuration, I will not elaborate, there are many online. report errors:   terms of settlement: win7 1. Operation – > gpedit.msc   2. Computer configuration > management template > Network > network connection > Windows […]

  • Installation and simple configuration of elasticsearch


    install Download address https://www.elastic.co/cn/dow… install After downloading the installation package, unzip the file: tar -zxvf elasticsearch-7.4.2-linux-x86_64.tar.gz File directory structure catalog configuration file describe bin Script files, including starting elastic search, installing plug-ins, etc config elasticsearch.yml Cluster configuration file, user, role based JDK Java running environment data path.data data file lib Java class library logs path.log […]

  • Unable to enter LAN remote desktop — windows firewall settings


      Remote connection allowed     Remote service started     Can ping pass   But it just can’t connect. What’s the reason? If you turn off the firewall, you’ll find it’s connected. In the firewall advanced settings inbound rule, there are two items as follows: Remote desktop (TCP in) public enabled (no) Remote desktop […]

  • Closing firewall in CentOS and solving the problem of not finding network card


    Turn off the firewall:After newly installing CentOS Linux, it is found that you cannot access it after configuring Apache. It is estimated that it is a firewall problem. Copy code The code is as follows: /etc/init.d/iptables status You get a bunch of information that says the firewall is on. Copy code The code is as […]