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  • Hengyuan cloud_ Byte beating mrasp pre training model is really fragrant


    Article source|A shared computing platform focusing on AI industry: Hengyuan cloud Original address|Mrasp pre training model Original author Jiao Hui It is estimated that the bosses are either taking exams or on holiday recently, so they don’t post in the communityI have no choice but to dig deep in the vast posts. Hey, it’s a […]

  • How to fine tune Bert model for text classification


    What is Bert? Bert (bidirectional encoder representations from transformers) provides cutting-edge results in various natural language processing tasks, causing a sensation in the deep learning community. Devlin et al. In 2018, Bert was developed in Google using English Wikipedia and bookcorpus. Since then, a similar architecture has been modified and used in various NLP applications. […]

  • [interpretation of the paper] a sharp tool for text classification: Bert trim


    Thesis title: how to fine tune Bert for text classification?English Title: how to fine tune Bert for text classification?Author: Fudan UniversityQiu XipengTeacher research groupExperiment code:https://github.com/xuyige/BERT4doc-Classification preface Now, we are very fond of the pre training model in the competition, which is basically the first choice for the NLP competition baseline (there are also pre training […]

  • Image classification for deep learning


    Deep learning image classification resnet50 This time, transfer learning is adopted and fine tuned. The general recommendations are: Feature extraction using pre trained models: when using small data sets, the common practice is to use the features learned from the models trained on larger data sets in the same domain. This is done by instantiating […]

  • Springboot quick start – Chapter 4 custom configuration


    1: Overview Spring boot supports user-defined configuration according to the actual needs of the application. Spring boot can obtain attributes from a variety of attribute sources, including the following: 2: Adjustable attributes For the bean automatically configured by spring boot, there are thousands of properties for fine tuning.For details, please refer to the official documents:https://docs.spring.io/spring-boot/docs/2.0.0.M4/reference/htmlsingle/#common-application-properties […]

  • About the incompatibility between IOS and Android line height


    Line height compatibility The font used by IOS and Android is inconsistent, and its top and bottom alignment is inconsistent, resulting in the corresponding line height does not achieve the corresponding effect. Font family: sans serif; / / unified fontLine height: XXX; / / fine tuning the row height can achieve acceptable compatibility If this […]

  • Model tuning


    Model tuning Transfer learning Definition: will be fromSource data setKnowledge learned is transferred toTarget data setReason: the model trained in the source dataset can extract common features (edge, shape, texture, etc.) Migration common technology – fine tuning Training a neural network model on the source data set Target model replicationExcept output layerAll model design and […]

  • AI: the doctrine of taking — pre training network (two)


    In the last article, we talked about using a method in the pre training network, feature extraction. Today we discuss another method, fine-tuning model, which is also a method of migration learning. Fine tune the model Why do I need to fine tune the model? We speculate that with the previous experiments, we have such […]

  • ECCV 2018 target detection | IOU net: bring the role of IOU to the extreme


    Common target detection algorithms lack the learning of location effect. IOU net puts forward IOU predictor, IOU guided NMS and optimization based bounding box refinement, and integrates IOU as a new branch into the learning and reasoning of models, bringing new performance optimization methods, which are worth learning and reference Thesis: acquisition of localization contract […]