• My little sister’s way to become a farmer


    My little sister’s life track after 20 years old is Bao Yan Zhibo, drop out of school, Ma Nong Baoyan drop out It’s not because I’m a Xueba that I can guarantee my research. It’s because no one studied this major during the university period. Since I was poor at home, I became used to […]

  • Finally is bound to execute (instance code)


    As follows: class Exc{ int a; int b; } public class Except { @SuppressWarnings(“finally”) static int compute (){ Exc e = new Exc(); e.a = 10; e.b = 10; int res = 0 ; try{ res = e.a / e.b; System.out.println(“try ……”); return res + 1; }catch(NullPointerException e1){ System.out.println(“NullPointerException occured”); }catch(ArithmeticException e1){ System.out.println(“ArithmeticException occured”); }catch(Exception […]