• Use Vue filter at another angle


    Use Vue filter at another angle In Vue, filters are mainly used for text formatting, such as lowercase to size, date formatting and other operations. The official introduction of this function is also very simple, but it is really simple, just a function. But recently, I met some special needs when I made two apps. […]

  • Filter of table component of iView


    How to use the filter provided by the table component of the iView framework: <script> export default { data () { return { columns: [ { title: ‘Name’, key: ‘name’ }, // filter //You can filter by setting filters for the items of columns data. Filters receive an array, and you must specify a filter […]

  • Detailed description of filter selection filter in JSP


    Examples are as follows: public class LoginCheckFilter implements Filter { private FilterConfig config=null; private String webroot=null; public void destroy() { // TODO Auto-generated method stub } @Override public void doFilter(ServletRequest req, ServletResponse resp, FilterChain chain) throws IOException, ServletException { // TODO Auto-generated method stub HttpServletRequest request=(HttpServletRequest)req; HttpServletResponse response=(HttpServletResponse)resp; Httpsession session = request. Getsession (false); // […]

  • JSP filter filter configuration filter type all summary


    I. configuration method 1 map filter all resources in the application <filter> <filter-name>loggerfilter</filter-name> <filter-class>myfilter.LoggerFilter</filter-class> </filter> <filter-mapping> <filter-name>loggerfilter</filter-name> < URL pattern > / * < / url pattern > // access the current host. All files under the root of the current application include all files under the multi-level subdirectory. Note that there is “/” in […]

  • Do something interesting with getimagedata of canvas


    Explain The powerful point of canvas element tag is that it can operate directly on HTML and has great application value. Canvas can operate on image pixels, which is about the getimagedata () method. explain CanvasRenderingContext2D.getImageData()Returns an imagedata object to describe the hidden pixel data in the canvas area, which is represented by a rectangle, […]

  • Spring Boot Security Learning (10) Web Log-in to remember my function


    scene Many logins have the function of remembering me. After the user logs in once, the system will remember the user for a period of time. During this period, the user can use our system without repeated logins. Remember the basic principles of user functions as shown below: When the user logs in, the request […]

  • Performance optimization of EMR Spark Runtime Filter


    background Join is a very resource-consuming and time-consuming operation, especially in the case of large amounts of data. Generally, the process involves the scanning/shuffle/Join of the underlying table. If we can reduce the data involved in the calculation as close as possible to the source, we can improve the query performance on the one hand, […]

  • Has to Collection – IE CSS-filter Filter Small Knowledge Daquan


    Preface Some time ago, I used it when I was doing a project.opacityOpacity attribute, because the design drawing is translucent background, white text So I used the filter attribute in IE. I heard that this attribute has different effects. It is not only opaque, so I took time to charge it. Sometimes we are used […]

  • Implementation of JSP Filter to Prevent Xss Vulnerabilities (Sharing)


    When developing web business with java, a large number of parameter names and values are characters that do not trigger Xss vulnerabilities, except for a small number of step-by-step predictable content. In order to avoid Xss vulnerabilities, developers add various encode methods to avoid Xss problems, such as page output and database entry. However, due […]

  • Eclipse, Tomcat, Filter, Servlet, Listener Notes


    Filter The filter can be configured in two ways: The following illustration is based on the premise of putting the filter project into Tomcat’s lib after exporting the. jar package. Put it in Tomcat directoryconf/web.xmlInside. In this method, <servlet-name> is used to specify the servlet that needs to be affected, and <url-pattern> is used to […]

  • Spring Boot Custom Shiro Filter Can’t Use @Autowire Problem and Solution


    Shiro is integrated in Spring Book and JWT is used for interface authentication. In order to unify Token filtering, a JwtToken Filter filter is customized. During the period, the following problems were encountered. Here we record them one by one for future reference. Question 1: JwtTokenFilter cannot use @Autowired Because a JWT Token tool class […]

  • Start learning PixiJS


    Introduction to PixiJS PixiJS is an ultra-fast 2D rendering engine. It automatically detects the use of WebGL or Canvas. Developers don’t need to specialize in WebGL to feel the power of hardware acceleration. PixiJS will help you use JavaScript or other HTML5 technologies to display media, create animations or manage interactive images to create a […]