• Use Alibaba series as cloud gateway 4


    What is a gateway In the microservice architecture, the granularity of services is further subdivided, and each business service can be designed, developed, tested, deployed and managed independently. At this time, each independent deployment unit can be maintained by different development and testing teams and designed with different programming languages and technical platforms, which requires […]

  • DOM based vulnerabilities for Web Security


    DOM-based vulnerabilities In this section, we will describe what isDOM, explain yesDOMHow does the unsafe handling of data introduce vulnerabilities, and suggestions on how to preventDOMLoopholes. What is DOM Document Object Model(DOM)Document object model is the hierarchical representation of elements on a page by web browser. Websites can be manipulated using JavaScriptDOMNodes and objects, and […]

  • Django template layer


    Django template layer The folder corresponding to the template layer is templates, which is used to store HTML files. The back end sends the data to the front end through code, and the front end displays the data to the HTML page through template syntax.   1、 The back end transmits data to the front […]

  • What are the magical uses of CSS filter


    background Basic concepts CSS filter  Attribute applies graphic effects such as blur or color offset to elements to form filters, which are usually used to adjust the rendering of images, backgrounds and borders. Its value can befilterfunction<filter-function>Or useurlAdded SVG filter. filter: <filter-function> [<filter-function>]* | none filter: url(file.svg#filter-element-id)  <filter-function>  Can be used forfilter  and  backdrop-filter  Properties. […]

  • What’s the magic use of CSS filter


    background Basic concepts CSS filterAttribute applies blur or color shift to elements to form a filter, which is usually used to adjust the rendering of images, backgrounds, and borders. Its value can befilterfunction<filter-function>Or useurlAdded SVG filter. filter: <filter-function> [<filter-function>]* | none filter: url(file.svg#filter-element-id) <filter-function>Can be used forfilterandbackdrop-filterProperty. Its data type is specified by one of […]

  • On asp.net core MVC filter


    This chapter will share with you the filters in asp.net core MVC. Now we will share with specific examplesVarious AOP extensions throughout the requested lifecycle。 First, let’s look at what is a filter?   Filter in. Net is an implementation of AOP (aspect oriented programming)By using the filter, we can realize short-circuit request, cache request result, […]

  • Fancy spring boot! There are n registration methods for filters! Brother song teaches you hand in hand


    There are three ways to register filters in spring boot. What can you think of? Today, I’d like to talk about three ways to register filters in spring boot! In fact, I wanted to talk about the spring security filter chain with you. As a result, looking at the source code, I got off the […]

  • Solution of [cache penetration, cache breakdown, cache avalanche] in redis cache


    1. Preface When we design a redis cache service, we have to consider three issues: cache penetration, cache breakdown and cache avalanche. At the same time, the interviewer will often ask these three questions. In this chapter, we will analyze these three problems. 2. Cache penetration 2.1 what is cache penetration? Under normal circumstances, query […]

  • Can not miss the video editing software, white easy to start editing!


    Nowadays, many people like to take videos. Facing a large number of video files stored in the computer or mobile phone, it’s really troublesome to share video content with friends or relatives without editing. Therefore, most people have joined the video editing team, but many of them have no foundation and want to start editing […]

  • Extend envoy through wasm and rust


    If you already know what istio, envoy, wasm and rust have in common and just want to start building your filters, you can skip to part 2 – building filters. Part 1: evolution of grid As I have mentioned many times in the past few years, service grid is the next stage of cloud native […]

  • I implemented a more comprehensive version of golang’s cuckoo filter


    Original address “Judging whether a value is in a huge set” (hereinafter referred to as set membership test) is a common data processing problem. In the past experience, if a certain false positive rate is allowed, then the bloom filter is the first choice, but now we have a better choice: the cuckoo filter.Recently, the […]

  • CSS3 in the filter (filter) properties used in detail


    Recently, when I was modifying the intranet portal, I happened to meet the need to use the filter; Two pictures were used at the beginning; Mouse over the background into a gradient; Icon switching; However, after the background icon is configured; Causes the mouse to slide over the icon not to be able to switch […]