• Java work for two years, even mybatis plug-in mechanism are not understand, then you work dangerous!


    Configuration and use of plug in Configure the plugin node in mybatis-config.xml configuration file, such as a custom log plug-in loginterceptor and an open source paging plug-in pageinterceptor <plugins> <plugin interceptor=”com.crx.plugindemo.LogInterceptor”></plugin> <plugin interceptor=”com.github.pagehelper.PageInterceptor”> <property name=”helperDialect” value=”oracle” /> </plugin> </plugins> How plug-ins work With the help of the responsibility chain mode, a series of filters are […]

  • The application of angularjs: ng expression


    understand The angularjs expression is written in double braces: {{expression}}, and the data will be “output” at the position where the expression is written. It is the same as ng bind instruction, but differs in that:Double braces flash by when the page is refreshed, but ng bind doesn’t Similarities with JavaScript expressions It can contain […]

  • CSS3 filter through the PNG picture to change the color of the sample code


    This method is through CSS3 filterfilterIndrop-shadowThe non transparent part of the PNG image is projected with any color, and then the original image is hidden, so as to change the color of the imageLook at the renderings first Next is the code <p>< strong > Original Icon < / strong ></p> <i class=”icon icon-del”></i> <p>< […]

  • Actionfilter of asp.net core MVC filter (2)


    This class will explain the use of built-in filter in asp.net core MVC, which is divided into the following chapters   Exceptionfilter of asp.net core MVC filter (1) Actionfilter of asp.net core MVC filter (2) Resultfilter of asp.net core MVC filter (3) Resourcefilter of asp.net core MVC filter (4) Authorization filter of asp.net core MVC filter […]

  • The latest Chinese version of Wondershare filmora for Windows / Mac


    Wondershare filmora is easy to use, powerful and has many special effects. Video editing, video editing, video splicing, video clipping, video recording, video subtitles… All the functions you want can be realized. Software name: meow shadow factory v3.3 cracked version, pirated clean version, Chinese version Software language: Simplified Chinese See the end of the article […]

  • Building JWT based login authentication with spring security


    Recently, JWT is used in the login verification part of the project. And since spring boot framework, authentication and permission management are adopted, spring security is naturally used. Here is a record of the specific implementation. Before the project adopts JWT scheme, it is necessary to understand its characteristics and applicable scenarios. After all, there […]

  • CSS creative ideas – Part 2 / 2


    background this paperContinuedTo continue our creative conception of CSS. Because there are some cases without code, in line with the attitude of learning, I need to make up one by one, which is also convenient for you to see. When updating, it may be updated step by step according to the section. There’s not much […]

  • Deep learning in C (4): using keras.net to recognize coins


    In this paper, we will study a convolutional neural network to solve the coin recognition problem, and we will implement a convolutional neural network in keras.net. Here, we will introduce convolutional neural network (CNN) and propose a CNN architecture, which we will train to recognize coins. What is CNN? As we mentioned in the previous […]

  • JWT + Shiro certification


    JWT JWT debugging toolhttps://jwt.io/#debugger Full name: Jason web token What is JWT? It is an open standard based on JSON (RFC 7519) which is implemented to transfer statements between network application environments. The token is designedCompact and safe, especially forDistributed siteOfSingle sign on (SSO)common JWT is usually passed between the client and the server as […]

  • Examples of using actionfilter with special behavior in Yii


    newly buildapp\filters\LoggingFilterinherityii\base\ActionFilter Loggingfilter function: record a log before and after the action of the specified request <?php namespace app\filters; use yii\base\ActionFilter; class LoggingFilter extends ActionFilter { public function beforeAction($action) { parent::beforeAction($action); // To do something printf(‘This is a logging for %s\beforeAction.%s’, $this->getActionId($action), PHP_EOL); return true; } public function afterAction($action, $result) { parent::afterAction($action, $result); // To […]

  • From cache penetration to bloom filter


    Cache is now widely used in the web field, I believe most developers will use it, but have you ever met cache penetration? What is cache penetration? Cache penetration refers to querying a data that does not exist at all. Both the cache layer and the storage layer will not hit. However, for the sake […]

  • Seam carving algorithm: a seemingly impossible method of image size adjustment


    By samarendra Chandan Bindu dashCompile FlinSource: analyticsvidhya introduce In this article, we’ll delve into an interesting algorithm called seam carving. It seems impossible to adjust the size of an image without clipping or distorting its content. We will build step by step and implement the seam carving algorithm from scratch, while looking at some interesting […]