• Flutter Weekly Issue 66


    Journalism Flutter quarterly survey results sharing course Thinking and design of integrated task arrangement of fluent + FAAS Explain how to generate code through annotation in dart Is GitHub right? Flutter team shares how to manage large open source projects plug-in unit flutter-bubble-tab-indicator A Flutter library to add bubble tab indicator to TabBar spreadsheet-decoder Spreadsheet […]

  • JS advanced — function as return value to use, expand, sort


    Function is used as return value to expand and sort   Sorting, each file has a name, size, time, can be sorted according to the value of an attribute Function as the return value Function as parameter   //Sorting, each file has a name, size, time, can be sorted according to the value of an […]

  • Open source | build personalized recommendation system with paddlepadle & Milvus


    Background Under the background of the continuous development of network technology and the expansion of e-commerce scale, the number and types of goods are growing rapidly, and users need to spend a lot of time to find the goods they want to buyInformation overload Questions. In order to solve this problem, recommender system came into […]

  • Is it worth reading sea king with a cat’s eye score of 9.5?


      dominant sea power preface On December 7, 2018, the last blockbuster of the year, sea king, was released on schedule. At present, the cat’s eye score has reached 9.5 points. Relying on the production cost of US $150 million, the box office is close to 900 million. This article crawls through the 3W + […]

  • Avfoundation fragmented knowledge


    1 alassetslibrary (IOS 4.0-ios 9.0, Apple’s abandoned framework)1.1 an instance of alassetslibrary provides access to the videos and photos that are under the control of the photos application;Ask for authorization before using> //Create an entity to access the album ALAssetsLibrary* library = [[ALAssetsLibrary alloc]init]; Alassetsgrouptype: enumeration value ALAssetsGroupLibrary // The Library group that includes all […]

  • Design and implementation of movie theater booking system based on Android Technology


    To see more ready-made works, please click to see more!!Website: www.bishebang.net If you want this project, or have the demand of design development, please click the jump website for consultation, welcome~ The purpose and significance of this topic are as followsObjective: with the development and popularization of computer, the computer has penetrated into all aspects […]

  • What do you know about the current situation of the copyright industry? How much of it you don’t know?


    When Xiao Mo first knew about copyright, it was probably in high school when he was a student. At that time, the Chinese teacher asked every student to have a Chinese dictionary. When he first heard of this great work of vocabulary, Xiao Mo couldn’t understand the difference between this dictionary and Xinhua Dictionary, which […]

  • Crawler training project: get the movie with the highest score of Douban and download it


    Pre review In the last blog, we learned four libraries of Python Crawlersurllib ,requests ,BeautifulSoupas well asseleniumIntroduction to reptile common library LearningurllibAndrequestCommon usage of Learned to useBeautifulSoupTo parse web pages and useseleniumTo drive the browser #We imported the web driver module from selenium import webdriver #And then we created a chrome driver driver = webdriver.Chrome() […]

  • Video teaching: three easy steps to build a Milvus image search system


    [wearing mask special edition] Milvus teaches you how to build a picture search systemPlease click the above link to watch the teaching video In response to the enthusiasm of many friends for image search technology, we launched the first live online broadcast of Milvus on Wednesday. It’s really easy to search with Milvus. Let’s not […]

  • JS advanced — function as return value use expansion, sorting


    Function as return value   Sorting: each file has a name, size, and time, which can be sorted according to the value of a certain attribute Function as return value Function as argument   //Sorting: each file has a name, size, and time, which can be sorted according to the value of a certain attribute […]

  • React native build basic page 2 – carousel + Jiugong grid


    Configure the rotation chart of the home page Official website of broadcasting map functionnpm i react-native-swiper –saveInstall the carousel components Import carousel componentsimport Swiper from ‘react-native-swiper’; Among them, on swiper,showsPagination={false}It is used to control the page number;showsButtons={false}It is used to control the display and hiding of left and right arrows;height={160}It is used to control the […]

  • React native build basic page 4 — render movie list


    Movie list import React, { Component } from ‘react’ import { View, Image, Text, ActivityIndicator, FlatList, StyleSheet, TouchableHighlight } from ‘react-native’ const styles = StyleSheet.create({ movieTitle: { fontWeight: ‘bold’ } }) //Components of the import route import { Actions } from ‘react-native-router-flux’ export default class MovieList extends Component { constructor(props) { super(props) this.state = { […]