• AI tools predict movie ratings, and there may be no regret that the lens will be deleted in the future!


    When the classic film Titanic was released, many scenes were cut off for various reasons, which has become a pity in the hearts of many fans. Whether a film can be released or not needs to be reviewed. Whether there are pictures such as violence and nudity in the film also determines the rating of […]

  • Film recommendation and classification prediction based on K-nearest neighbor


    Author | guessCompile VKSource | analytics vidhya introduce In today’s busy world, recommendation system is becoming more and more important. People are always looking for the best product / service for them. Therefore, recommendation systems are very important because they can help users make correct choices without consuming cognitive resources. In this blog, we will […]

  • Teach you to climb Youku movie information-2


    In the previous chapter, we implemented the crawling of Youku single page. A brief review is made. Using the htmlagilitypack library, the crawling of crawlers is divided into three steps Reptile steps Load page Parse data Save data Following the advanced crawler after the first document, this article is mainly an advanced introduction to the […]

  • Design pattern — simple factory pattern and factory method pattern


    Factory mode is one of the commonly used modes (that is very important ~), which belongs to the creation type. It can be seen from the literal meaning of “factory” that the factory is responsible for producing products. Customers only need to pay attention to the products, not the production process of products. The advantage […]

  • Automatically upload docker image to GitHub docker registry


    Original text transferred from:Upload docker image to GitHub docker registry automatically with drone』 I’m glad to receive itGitHubGet started with your beta invitationGitHub Package RegistryRelated functions. You can know from the description file that registry currently supports several packages, such asnpm, gem, docker, mvnandnuget, this article mainly introduces how to use drone to quickly connect […]

  • Design pattern abstract factory pattern


    In the last article, we introduced the simple factory pattern and the factory method pattern. Today we will introduce the abstract factory pattern. We also use the above example. As mentioned above, after the new design mode was adopted in the factory, the productivity burst. However, it did not last long. Suddenly one day, a […]

  • Mongodb (4) advanced_ Find modifier


    Find query operation is the most commonly used in our usual redevelopment, and it is also the most important. Find basic operator //Batch insert data var workmate1={ name:’JSPang’, age:33, sex:1, Job: ‘front end’, skill:{ skillOne:’HTML+CSS’, skillTwo:’JavaScript’, skillThree:’PHP’ }, regeditTime:new Date(), interest:[] } var workmate2={ name:’ShengLei’, age:31, sex:1, Job: ‘Java back end’, skill:{ skillOne:’HTML+CSS’, skillTwo:’J2EE’, skillThree:’PPT’ […]

  • Hand in hand teaching you to crawl Youku movie information – 2


    In the last chapter, we implemented the crawling of Youku single page. We will review it briefly. Using htmlagility pack library, crawling of crawler is divided into three steps Crawler steps Load page Parsing data Save data After the first document, this article is mainly about the last one. The main functions are as follows1. […]

  • Practice of react technology stack (a movie collection application from front to back)


    Previously, I made a good small application for movie collection. The front end uses react, and the back end uses express + mongodb. Recently, I changed the state management between components to Redux, and added Redux saga to manage asynchronous operations, recording some summaries Online addressMobile mode Source code major function Crawl Douban movie information […]

  • Nonvolatile MRAM and its unit structure


    Because of its excellent performance, MRAM can quickly replace DRAM memory and EEPROM flash memory, which are widely used at present, as a new generation of computer memory. At present, MRAM is the best candidate for the new generation of computer memory, but it is not the only one. At the same time, fram (ferroelectric […]

  • Data acquisition, processing and preparation on spark machine learning 03


    Data acquisition and processing on chap 03 spark Data acquisition, processing and preparation on spark Moviestream, which includes movie data provided by website, user’s service information data and behavior data. These data involve movies and related content (such as titles, categories, pictures, actors and directors), user information (such as user attributes, locations and other information), […]

  • Content based movie recommendation project (1)


    From today on, I will make a movie recommendation project, write a blog here, record the results of every day. In fact, since I published “C # crawling cat’s eye movie data” this blog, I have already started to make the movie recommendation project. Today I write this blog because the project schedule has been […]