• 100% restore shadow effect achieved by sketch in IOS


    The developer who can’t restore the designer‘s visual draft is not a qualified pager. Sketch is the artifact of APP design. Most designers choose it as the design tool of APP interface. Set a shadow in sketch. The rendering and parameters are as follows:         Development and Implementation The way to implement […]

  • Universal shadow layout with customizable shadow shadowlayout 2.0 shocks the line and surpasses cardview in effect


    Support customized shadow, support flirting UI sister!! Support changing shadow color values at will Support shadow offset of X, Y axis Shadow spread area can be changed at will Shadow fillet attribute supported Single side or multi side shadow not supported 2.0 update (recently found that some people directly take it as their own project, […]

  • (55) C × WinForm custom control – Pipeline (industry) – hzhcontrols


    Official website http://www.hzhcontrols.com premise It’s been 7 or 8 years since I started, I always want to make a set of beautiful custom controls, so I have this series of articles. GitHub:https://github.com/kwwwvagaa/NetWinformControl Code cloud: https://gitee.com/kwwwvagaa/net/winform/custom/control.git If you think it’s OK, please click star to support it Welcome to discuss: Penguins 568015492 Please click [recommend] below […]

  • SQL number to Chinese uppercase


    USE [SPECIAL_BLD]GO SET ANSI_NULLS ONGO SET QUOTED_IDENTIFIER ONGO CREATE FUNCTION [dbo].[get_upper] ( @num numeric(18,5))RETURNS VARCHAR(500)ASBEGIN DECLARE @n_data VARCHAR(20),@c_data VARCHAR(100),@n_str VARCHAR(10),@i int SET @n_data=RIGHT(SPACE(14)+CAST(CAST(ABS(@num*100) AS bigint) AS varchar(20)),14) SET @c_data=” SET @i=1 WHILE @i<=14 BEGIN SET @n_str=SUBSTRING(@n_data,@i,1) IF @n_str<>’ ‘ BEGIN IF not ((SUBSTRING(@n_data,@i,2)=’00’) or ((@n_str=’0′) and ((@i=4) or (@i=8) or (@i=12) or (@i=14))))Set @ c_data […]

  • Some discussion on the smooth scheme of list scrolling in IOS


    In recent years, app is more and more advocating experience first. It’s hard for users to buy if they scribble casually. Smooth list is one of the most important points. If a App page is rolled up, it is always carton carton, and it is used as a negative material to Tucao or make complaints […]

  • For novices A kind of 5 life saving A kind of CSS code (SCSS mixin)


    Encapsulation as mixin reuse In writing A kind of In CSS, many styles areIt’s very common, but it’s hard to write, although there are many mature UI frameworks, we can’t have one A kind ofSimple activity pageAlso introduce a big framework, right? I also saved a lot of common CSS in my work, and I […]

  • Summarize the common operations of CSS


    Common CSS style operations Single line text overflow hiding Syntax: white space: nowrap| pre | pre wrap | pre line | inherit Nowrap: single line text does not wrap, text display a line; Pre: leave blank(Keep spaces when the viewer displays); Pre Wrap: keep the blank sequence and wrap normally; Pre line: merge the blank […]

  • Android layout shadow implementation


    Recently, the project requires that the UI has a lot of design requirements about shadow. Some implementation methods have been found on the Internet, but they are not very ideal. Now that I’m free, I’m thinking about writing a shadow layout to play with for later use. Let’s start with a few shadow realizations I […]

  • Uiview in IOS realizes leading angles in different directions


    Preface In the development process, we are always plagued by some problems of guidance angle, especially when we want to give a uiview guidance angle of upper left and lower left… This kind of requirement is worth implementing in code. Today, I found a good article in appcode. So I have the following Common guide […]

  • How much do you know about border radius?


    Before the appearance of the CSS3 property border radius, we must draw a circle on the page with the help of pictures. After the border radius property, it is very easy for us to realize a circle on the page. Next, let’s study this border radius carefully to see what kind of black magic does […]

  • Flutter-Several Ways to Realize Picture Round Corner


    Focus on https://github.com/jiangkang/flutter-system to learn more about flutter Picture rounded corners are still very common in development. It is very simple to use Flutter to realize rounded corners. At present, we know about the following kinds of rounded corners: Through the shape attribute of Card Decoration through Container Direct use of ClipRRect Design sketch Through […]

  • Implementation of adding rounded border to div element


    As follows: CSS CodeCopy content to clipboard div    {    border:2px solid;    border-radius:25px;    }   Above is the whole content of the implementation method of adding rounded border to div element brought by Xiaobian. I hope it will be helpful to you and support developpaer more.~