• Hyperf releases lightweight directed acyclic graph task choreography library, reverse Polish representation incubation component and v2.1.4 version


    Update content This week’s major newLightweight directed acyclic graph task scheduling LibraryandInverse Polish representationTwo incubation projects, and fixed bugs of some components, continue to improve the stability of hyperf, released on2.1.4Version. It is recommended that you update this version with the following command. composer update “hyperf/*” -o Direct access to the official websitehyperf.ioOr documenthyperf.wikiView updates […]

  • How to use air to overload code automatically


    Air can monitor the code of the project in real time, and automatically recompile and execute after the code changes Install air (Windows) (1) , inhttps://github.com/cosmtrek/air/releasesYou can download the air at, put it into the bin directory under the go installation directory, and rename it toair.exe (2) In the windows command window, you can also […]

  • PHP + spool + MySQL imitate webqq chat in time


    1、 Renderings 2、 Directory structure Images: store picturesJS: JS fileswoole |—-Action.php database operation class |—-Config.php database configuration file |—-Websocket.php spool create websocket protocol file Index.php: chat home pageLogin.html: login pageWebqq.sql: SQL database file 3、 Database structure 4、 Code section4.1, config.php database configuration file <?php $database = array( ‘host’=>’’, ‘user’=>’root’, ‘password’=>’4f54dd’, ‘port’=>3306, ‘database’=>’webqq’, ‘charset’=>’utf8’ ); 4.2. […]

  • Vue springboot file operation, upload, preview and delete


    Video presentation: https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1VK4y1s7b1/ The following steps need to be completed: Create projects and introduce dependency packages spring-boot-starter-web lombok Operate, upload, preview and delete files Add cross domain functionality < font color = Red > the front end uses Vue, and the front and back ends are separated < / font > < font color = […]

  • Write an app from 0 to 1 with weexplus (1) – environment building and home page writing


    explain The development of app based on wexplus is a new company. Before, I only used weex to experience and write demo. At that time, I was amazed by the development experience of using Vue technology stack to develop app. This development experience is much better than react native, which is not too good for […]

  • The principle of Mini Pack


    The article first appeared on my bloghttps://github.com/mcuking/bl… Please refer to the source codehttps://github.com/mcuking/bl… This paper mainly describes how to implement a front-end application packer similar to webpack step by step. The essence of webpack In essence, webpack is a static module bundler for modern JavaScript applications. When webpack processes an application, it recursively builds a […]

  • That is, sdk12 iteration: a number of quality callbacks are added, and interactive whiteboard and cloud recording SDK are updated synchronously


    This month, the liveroom / audioroom SDK added end-to-end delay quality callback and room session ID information to facilitate the evaluation of delay and call quality in audio and video call and live broadcast scenarios. At the same time, it also optimizes the hardware device permission change monitoring, media player and other functions. In addition […]

  • Share a small tool to implement I18N translation in react or Vue projects


    preface At present, many projects will involve internationalization to support multilingual environment.For example, in the two most popular frameworks of react and Vue, the two most commonly used UI libraries, ant design and element, have realized internationalization requirements. Moreover, there is no significant difference in the implementation methods, all of which cache the language environment […]

  • January dry goods summary: easydl online time series prediction model, document translation, new release


    As a leading AI platform company, baidu is committed to continuous improvement and output of leading AI technology capabilities to accelerate the upgrading of industrial intelligence. Easydl launched a new time series forecasting model this month, which can be customized with zero code, and can be widely used in sales forecasting, traffic flow forecasting and […]

  • A py file can also build Django applications


    Today, when we use Vue framework to develop the system, we need to use the back-end interface, but the interface has not been developed. I want to use the simplest way to build a minimalist API service. Because I prefer Django framework, I want to use Django framework to build a single file web service […]

  • Less nesting rule


    describeIt is a set of CSS properties that allow the properties of one class to be used for another class and contain the class name as its property. In less, you can use class or ID selectors to declare mixins in the same way as CSS styles. It can store multiple values and can be […]

  • The most complete basic course of mongodb


    MongoDB Create database -Format: Use Database_ NAME – use ruochen – db Creating a database requires inserting a piece of data to be displayed in the list -DB. Ruochen. Insert ({name ‘:’ruochen’}) – show dbs Delete database Format: db.dropdatabase () use ruochen db.dropDatabase() show dbs Create collection -Format: db.createcollection (name, options) -Name: the name of […]