• File descriptors and redirection


    Introduction to file descriptors:The file descriptor is a non negative integer in form. Each file descriptor corresponds to an open fileFile descriptors are used to access files. The most well-known file descriptors are stdin (standard input), stdout (standard output), stderr (standard error). The system reserves three file descriptors 0, 1, 2 for them respectively in […]

  • Error book: constraintlayout cannot be displayed normally


    Ideal: Actual effect: Reason: because the constraint property of a control in the file is wrong This property isapp:layout_constraintLeft_toLeftOf=”@id/oa_setting_group_tv_add”Write yourself on your left. How to find: check one by one First, put the first control in another layout that is already in use, and display it normally; After using Tools > XML action > validate […]

  • IOS —— iPhone exports all SMS messages of mobile phone


    Step 1: connect your phone to iTunes, select backup of this computer, and do not encrypt it when backupThen back up now Step 2: go to the folder, find the iTunes backup path ~ / library / Application Support / mobilesync / backup, and search in this directory3d0dThis is the database file of iPhone SMS. […]

  • Front end development HTML5 – Basic tag


    What is HTML? Html is a shorthand for hypertext markup language. It’s not a programming language, but a markup language that tells browsers how to build your page. “Hypertext” means that the page can contain pictures, links, even music, programs and other non text elements. Html is also a kind of specification, a kind of […]

  • Linux command – JDK and MySQL installation operation


    1. VMwarevirtual machine VMWareVirtual machine software is a“fictitiousPC”Software that allows you to run two or more machines at the same timeWindows、DOS、LINUXSystem. 1.1.  vmware15Installation configuration Workstation 15 Pro The following support has been added in: support for new client operating systems Windows 10 1803 Ubuntu 18.04 Fedora 28 RHEL 7.5 CentOS 7.5 Debian 9.5 OpenSuse Leap 15.0 FreeBSD […]

  • What about many options in the right-click menu if you choose multiple files? Xiaobian will find them with you


    Today, my neighbor’s hard knitting lost 2 pictures, which made Xiaobian play the game of finding fault thoroughly. Well, I’m sure you can’t let Xiaobian alone in such a trouble. Let’s see the difference between the two pictures below! You must have seen it at a glance, right? If you select more than one file […]

  • Sorting out interview questions of Er gou


    If you have nothing to do, sort out some of the interview questions that you have met recently. 1. Finally and return related problems Let’s take a look at the code using System; namespace TestReturn { public class Program { public static void Main(string[] args) { Console.WriteLine(“Hello World!”); TestReturn(); Console.ReadLine(); TestReturn2(); Console.ReadLine(); } private static […]

  • Python crawler – fangtianxia – login


    Fangtianxia – login The website of this crawling is:https://passport.fang.com I. analysis request Enter the user name and password, and click the login button The requested parameters are: uid: 123456789 pwd: 64ccd4212d87e6cc149d0545ad1d46263ef70eb7cd66543419dc639ff4842c4a8cd1f84a519933040ba2c2aa9045934d4c33c72c006fe98ef51a3bd643aa40cb28a2fce9c5b40c49881db90c0bf372188a98747308071a995d19caf3ef63ab402ff81865159717b495b2f393b079fda964c8872297b7360f5c58e951e59f42d1 Service: soufun-passport-web AutoLogin: 1 uidIs the user name entered,pwdIs the encrypted data. We just need to find out the encryption method of the password […]

  • Steps to install and configure PHP for IIS in Windows 2016 & windows 10


    The windows 2016 and windows 10 kernels are the same. We need to install Internet information services (IIS) first. Of course, the steps of win2016 and win10 to install IIS are slightly different. Previously, there was an article on this site: how to install IIS for windows 2016 and how to install IIS for windows […]

  • Laravel documentation tool


    laravel-doc ⛵laravel-docIs a project used to generate documents, write documents through markdown, and provide web access to documents Installation requirements PHP >= 7.0.0 Laravel >= 5 install composer require foryoufeng/laravel-doc       If you are running laravel under 5.5, you need toconfig/app.phpAdd: Foryoufeng\Doc\DocServiceProvider::class       Run the following command to publish the resource […]

  • Blog Garden beautify small rocket


    Blog Garden beautify small rocket I. code. /*Back to top*/ #rocket-to-top div { left: 0; margin: 0; overflow: hidden; padding: 0; position: absolute; top: 0; width: 149px; } #rocket-to-top .level-2 { background: url(“https://images.cnblogs.com/cnblogs_com/pythonywy/1455951/o_redhuojian2.png”) no-repeat scroll -149px 0 transparent; display: none; height: 250px; opacity: 0; z-index: 1; } #rocket-to-top .level-3 { background: none repeat scroll 0 […]

  • Publish a single EXE file in. Net core 3.0


    Suppose I have a simple “Hello world” console application that I want to send to a friend to run. My friend doesn’t have. Net core installed, so I know I need to build a stand-alone application for him. Simply run the following command in the project directory: dotnet publish -r win-x64 -c Release –self-contained How […]