• Configure the vscode environment from scratch, install common plug-ins, themes and modify the configuration


    Every time a new development environment is replaced, the plug-in of vscode must be re installed, and the previously changed configuration items should also be reconfigured. Here, the commonly used vscode plug-ins and configuration are recorded for future review. Device synchronization Settings Sync: you can synchronize your installed plug-ins and configurations to GitHub. You can […]

  • Linux skills: introduce the method of setting the periodic execution task


    In Linux, you can usecrontabThe command specifies a scheduled task to be executed periodically, that is, a task is executed periodically at a specified point in time, instead of being executed once. thiscrontabThe command is used to set the specific operation to be carried out at the specified time point, which is specified by the […]

  • How to write webpack loader and plugin


    1. webpack loader The official explanation of loader is file preprocessor. Generally speaking, webpack needs to use loader to load various files when processing static files, such as HTML loader for HTML files, CSS loader and style loader for CSS files. Principle of loader compilation Single principle: each loader only does one thing; Chain call: […]

  • Error: the bean ‘jpaauditinghandler’, defined in null


    error message *************************** APPLICATION FAILED TO START *************************** Description: The bean ‘jpaAuditingHandler’, defined in null, could not be registered. A bean with that name has already been defined in null and overriding is disabled. Action: Consider renaming one of the beans or enabling overriding by setting spring.main.allow-bean-definition-overriding=true Key documents JpaAuditorAware.java package com.nasa.framework.config; import org.springframework.context.annotation.Configuration; import […]

  • Build Vue + node (express) + mongodb small demo


    1. Build Vue project first npm install -g @vue/cli 2. Create a new folder http_ Serve, my directory structure 1) index.js file const express = require(‘express’) const app = express() Const apirouter = require (‘/ router’) // processing of interface data requests app.use(apiRouter) require(‘./db’) // app.get(‘*’, function(req, res) { // res.send(‘aaa’) // }) // app.use((req, […]

  • It’s up to these 25 pictures to understand “file system” in one breath


    preface No more BBS. Serve “hard dishes” directly. text Basic composition of file system The file system is the subsystem in the operating system that is responsible for managing persistent data. To put it simply, it is responsible for saving the user’s files to the disk hardware. Even if the computer is powered off, the […]

  • Summary of necessary vscode plug-ins in front end


    Essential plug-ins Auto close tag: HTML tags can be closed automatically Auto rename tag: when modifying HTML tags, the matching tags can be modified automatically Beautify: Javascript, JSON, CSS, sass, HTML formatting Chinese (Simplified) language pack: Simplified Chinese version Codelf: variable naming artifact, no longer have to worry about how to name variables Color Info: […]

  • Using blueprint to output Hello in flag_ world


    Flag writes the first “hello”_ world” from flask import Flask app = Flask(__name__) @app.route(‘/’) def hello_world(): return ‘Hello World!’ @app.route(‘/hi’) def hi(): return ‘hi!!!!!’ if __name__ == ‘__main__’: app.run() Start the flag projectvisit :5000/ Use blueprint to register presentation data New py file The result shows that the URL path is not set, so […]

  • My blog development (003)


    My blog development (003) In order to design the navigation bar as above, our code is modified as follows: base.html <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang=”en”> <head>     <meta charset=”UTF-8″>     <title>{% block title %}{% endblock %}</title>     {ා because some of the titles are different, you need to start from the blog_ detail.html The block tag ා} is used […]

  • Git version management tool (basic content, to be improved and updated gradually)


    preface: <1> Git version management tool: backup project files, record history, restore backup, multi terminal sharing <2> Download client: https://desktop.github.com/ Download gitbash: https://gitforwindows.org/ 1、 Two methods of uploading local project to remote warehouse <1> Using the clone method: ·Create a new repository on GitHub ·Use gitbash to enter the specified local warehouse directory ·git clone […]

  • Using git fetch and git merge to manually resolve a pull request conflict


    Questions raised Once on GitHubpull requestThere it isconflicts, merge conflicts need to be resolved: The main content of the conflict is the code of the new function and the modified comment Problem thinking Since the branch has not been updated before and the code in the branch has been submitted, GIT cannot modify the remote […]

  • [technical summary] from hash index to LSM tree


    Abstract:This paper will start from the implementation of the simplest key value database, and then for some bottlenecks encountered in the implementation process, using the above index technology to optimize the database, in order to achieve a more profound understanding of the database index technology. preface databaseIt is one of the most commonly used components […]