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  • Git + code cloud usage process (Windows)


    First, there is the code cloud account https://gitee.com/ Download GitLink:https://pan.baidu.com/s/1vZzK… Extraction code: pxza Tip: I’ve tried the latest version. It’s not as good as expected. I still use the stable version. After downloading, the right mouse button will have GIT First, create a warehouse in the code cloud Fill in according to your needs The […]

  • JavaScript method for detecting the type of file


    catalogue 1、 How to view binary data of a picture 2、 How to distinguish the types of pictures 3、 How to detect the type of picture 3.1 defining the readbuffer function 3.2 define check function 3.3 test PNG picture type We will think of limiting the uploaded file type through the accept attribute of the […]

  • Linux uses the find command to find files


    #Find the file in the directory according to the file name find /path -name keyword #Find the file in the directory according to the file name(忽略大小写) find /path -iname keyword #Fuzzy search for files in the directory according to the file name find /etc -name “*.conf” #Find the files in the directory according to the […]

  • Analysis of UNIX domain socket


    unix domain socket UNIX domain socket is developed on the socket architecture, which is used for inter process communication (IPC) of the same host. It does not need to go through the network protocol stack, package and unpack, calculate the check sum, maintain the serial number and reply, and just copies the application layer data […]

  • Vue project Ctrl + s vscode code auto format


    preface Many people develop Vue project, the code style is different Vscode saves the code and automatically formats the code settings according to the eslint specification (the latest version of vscode configuration) Vscode plug in First of all, vscode needs to install some vscode plug-ins ESLint、Vetur、Prettier-Code formatter、GitLens-Git supercharged Configure settings.json Open settings.json, paste the configuration, […]

  • How to use gzip and nginx to improve website opening speed and overall performance


    You know, the opening speed of the website depends on the size of the web file that the browser opens and downloads. If the number of transmitted page content files is reduced, the opening speed of your website will be accelerated. Especially for the mobile users, the speed of opening the website is limited by […]

  • How to get the file type from the response header?


    Today inFront end craftsmanIn the group of, I see a problem (download the file, but the token needs to be passed in the request header. How to download the file? How to set the file type?) Let’s solve this problem. Download File scheme (server) set download headerContent-disposition. Good compatibility.Content-disposition: attachmentContent-Disposition: attachment; filename=abc.txt (front end) feature […]

  • What has GCC A.C experienced?


    Look at a C language sample source code: // test.cc #include <stdio.h> int main() { Printf (“Hello program meow”); return 0; } Compile run $ gcc test.cc $ ./a.out Hello program As shown in Figure 1, We usually use GCC to compile programs. This simple command actually goes through a lot of complex processes Pretreatment […]

  • What is the file extension? What is the use? Easy to understand file extension explanation!


    Link to the original text:https://xiaoheidiannao.com/articles/Extension-Name.html catalog introduce effect Common extensions introduce fileThe file name extension is also known asfileThe suffix of isoperating systemUsed to markfile typeIn Windows system, the extension can also telloperating systemWhat is the defaultSoftwareopenfile. In general, an extension is followed by the main file name, separated by a period. An extension can […]

  • MIME type encyclopedia, you are worth collecting


    [please indicate the source for reprint]:https://blog.csdn.net/huahao1989/article/details/107746738 Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension (MIME) typesIs a standardized way to represent the nature and format of a document. It’s inIETF RFC 6838It is defined and standardized in. Internet number distribution organization(IANA)Is the official organization responsible for tracking all official MIME typesmedia typePage to find the latest complete list. Browsers […]

  • How to start and install Hyper-V in win10 Home Edition


    1、 Turn on Hyper-V This tutorial is based on the experience of helping students and themselves to install Hyper-V under the guidance of teachers. First of all, we should pressWin+Q, or directly open the search bar at the bottom left and enterHyperThe shortcut menu bar appears.Click to start or close the windows function, and then […]

  • Windows file type and open mode definition method


    Assoc: defines the file type based on the file extension. You can use this command to display or modify file extension associationsFor example:  .bat=batfile   .xls=Excel.Sheet.8 Ftype: define the opening method according to the file type. You can use this command to display or modify the file types used in file extension associationsFor example:  batfile=”%1″ %*   Excel.Sheet.8=”C:\Program Files\Microsoft […]