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  • Nginx browsing directory configuration and beautification


    In the project, there is a function that needs to browse the directory of the server in the browser page. The server uses nginx, and nginx provides the correspondingngx_http_autoindex_moduleModule, which provides the functions we want. Nginx ngx_ http_ autoindex_ Module module The module has the following commands: Browse directory basic configuration According to the above […]

  • Identify tablespace (non extended) usage and automatically generate scripts to add data files


    ruleYou can adjust the script to suit your use according to the following rules. Identify that the utilization rate of table space (non extended) is > = 90%, and the remaining available space is < = 100000m;Identify the part before \ or / in the data file name as the data file path (distinguish between […]

  • SP storage, internal storage and external storage of Android data storage


    SP storage, internal storage and external storage of Android data storage Android provides a variety of data storage technologies to permanently save application data, so that developers can choose the appropriate data storage scheme according to their own needs, mainly includingSharedPreferences,Internal storage(Internal Storage),External storage(External Storage),SQLite database,Network storage, etc 1: SharedPreferences Step 1: get the SharedPreferences […]

  • Detailed explanation of curl command and @& special character processing


    catalogue Examples of common usage Processing of special characters 1、 Examples of 10 common uses of curl preface In Linux, curl is a file transfer tool that uses URL rules to work on the command line. It can be said that curl is a very powerful HTTP command line tool. It supports file upload and […]

  • PHP beginners FAQ


    1. The difference between absolute positioning and fixed positioning Absolute: positioning relative to the parent boxFixed: positioning relative to the screen 2. Common attributes 1. Define the background picture repetition attribute: background repeat2. Define the position attribute of background picture: background position: X% Y% 3. Solution to the problem that Apache cannot start in PHP […]

  • Git + code cloud usage process (Windows)


    First, there is the code cloud account https://gitee.com/ Download GitLink:https://pan.baidu.com/s/1vZzK… Extraction code: pxza Tip: I’ve tried the latest version. It’s not as good as expected. I still use the stable version. After downloading, the right mouse button will have GIT First, create a warehouse in the code cloud Fill in according to your needs The […]

  • Full process diagram of batch modification of file name using Automator under mac


    Mac users can use many methods to modify file names in batches, one of which is to use Automator to modify file names in batches. How to use Automator to modify file names in batches? Today, Xiaobian will tell you the specific operation method of batch modifying file names using Automator. Specific operation method: Start […]

  • Web pack independent packaging and caching


    We will package files through webpack and separate corresponding configuration files according to different environments. However, we can’t be satisfied with packaging files. We should also think about how to package better files. For example, we all know that the browser has strong cache and negotiation cache. If the unchanged files can be effectively cached […]

  • Go language obtains the name, prefix and suffix of the file


    Example code: package main import ( “fmt” “path” ) func main() { filename := “device/sdk/CMakeLists.txt” filenameall := path.Base(filename) filesuffix := path.Ext(filename) fileprefix := filenameall[0:len(filenameall) – len(filesuffix)] //fileprefix, err := strings.TrimSuffix(filenameall, filesuffix) fmt.Println(“file name:”, filenameall) fmt.Println(“file prefix:”, fileprefix) fmt.Println(“file suffix:”, filesuffix) } Execution results: file name: CMakeLists.txt file prefix: CMakeLists file suffix: .txt path.Base(filename) Gets the […]

  • Make a simple operating system II [cherryos]


    Make a simple operating system II [cherryos] My last blog  Make a simple operating system [environment construction], the preparatory work required for the production is introduced in detail   1、 A little explanation   This operating system is only the first step. It just starts up and displays a hello cherryos. It’s not enough that everything […]

  • Note that MySQL in docker exports databases and tables to local


    Sometimes the MySQL data in docker may be inconvenient and intuitive to use. I want to copy down the database and use it on my computer. Now record the process. 1、 Export data in docker 1. Export the entire database Mysqldump – U user name – P database name > exported file name mysqldump -u […]

  • Chrome cannot play CV2 and take out MP4 video files


    Use OpenCV to intercept the MP4 source file and output it as MP4 def clip_video(source_video, target_video, start_time, end_time): cap = cv2.VideoCapture(source_video) if not cap.isOpened(): print(‘video is not opened’) else: success, frame = cap.read() f_shape = frame.shape f_ height = f_ Shape [0] # the height of the original video picture f_width = f_shape[1] FPS = […]