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  • Making USB installation disk of CentOS 8 system on MacOS


    Download CentOS Linux ISO file Address: https://www.centos.org/download/ Here I choose to download from Alibaba cloud image. View disk mount partition Use command diskutil listTo view the partition of the U disk: $ diskutil list The mount point of the U disk here is/dev/disk2。 Unload the mount of the USB stick Use commanddiskutil unmountDiskTo unmount a […]

  • Windows bulk modify file suffix


    Using Ren file name to replace command for loop to batch @echo off for %%m in (*) do ( if not “%%m”==”temp.bat”( ren %%m %%~nm.bat ) ) Save temp.bat to the file you want to rename in batch The first line represents the following commands, which are only executed but not displayed The second line […]

  • 8 Linux terminal command tips


    Using a Linux terminal is more than just typing commands. Learn these basic skills and you will gradually master bash shell, the terminal tool used by default on most Linux distributions. This article is for inexperienced novices, and I believe most advanced users already know all of these techniques. But you can still see and […]

  • Analysis of several common errors in xargs


    Xargs is commonly used in batch processing. For example, you canmp3File changed topcmSuffixes, the following methods from the error step by step improvement and analysis ls *.mp3|xargs -n1 -I{} mv {} $(basename {} .mp3).pcm [email protected] ~/test $ :>lmy.mp3 [email protected] ~/test $ ls lmy.mp3|xargs -n1 -I{} mv {} $(basename {}.mp3).pcm [email protected] ~/test $ ll total 0 […]

  • File upload parsing vulnerability


    Upload vulnerability Mirror Wang Yuyang October 28, 2019 Web sites usually have file uploads (such as pictures, documents, zip compressed files ^). As long as there is upload function, there may be a crisis of upload vulnerability. Compared with SQL injection vulnerability, upload vulnerability is more dangerous because it can directly upload a webshell to […]

  • Web pack multi page Application Architecture Series (16): make good use of browser cache, go when you need to go, stay when you need to stay


    This article starts fromArray_HuangTechnology blog——Practical supremacy, please do not reprint without the permission of the author.Original address:https://segmentfault.com/a/1190000010317802If you are interested in this series of articles, please follow and subscribe here:https://segmentfault.com/blog/array_huang Preface A mature project is naturally inseparable from iterative update; then in the front-end deployment, we have to always take into account the browser cache. […]

  • -Bash: / bin / RM: solution to argument list too long


    When there are too many files in the directory, an error will be reported when deleting files with RM: -bash: /bin/rm: Argument list too longToo many prompt files. The solution is to use the following command: ls | xargs -n 10 rm -fr ls Output all file names (separated by spaces) xargs is the output […]

  • Spring boot implementation upload and download (2)


    This article is for download. 1. Implementation ideasIn the database design in the previous article, we have a field that never uses filename, which is used to store the filename for the layer object, so as to complete the correspondence between the file and the object, Preview: 2.Code View level:First, we get the filename when […]

  • Write a shell Completion Script with me (bash)


    In the last article, we decided to givepandocPlan to write a Completion Script: Support for general options Support for sub options (reader options / general writer options) Parameter value sources are supported for options. Like knocking.pandoc -fAfter that, we can make it upFORMATContent. Support main options First, list the procedures to achieve the objectives of […]

  • Python implementation of FTP file timing automatic download


    I have always been inspired by the technical problems I encountered before. Thank you for your selfless sharing. However, I seldom publish, which is limited, but also limits the accumulation and summary of knowledge. In the future, I would like to share more summaries and give back to my blog, and I hope you can […]

  • How to deal with some dialog problems in C ා


    1. For open file dialog box processing #Region open file dialog box string StrPath; OpenFileDialog Flag = new OpenFileDialog();Flag.multiselect = true; / / set multiselectFlag.title = “open file”; / / get or set the file dialog box titleFlag.filterindex = 2; / / set the default display file type to CSV file (*. CSV) | *. […]

  • [series] gin framework – custom error handling


    Catalog Summary error handling Custom error handling Panic and recover Recommended reading Summary Many readers ask me for the demo source code of the gin framework Practice Series in the background. Let me explain again here. I updated the source code to GitHub at https://github.com/xinliangnote/go Starting today’s article, why do you want to customize error […]