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  • Linux note sharing 8: setting file permissions


    1、 Setting of document authority -rw-r–r– first-Is the file type(-Representative documents,dRepresentative directory,|Represents a soft link file) About the last nine rw- r– r– U owner Group G O others R is the read permission, W is the write permission, and X is the execute permission 1、chmod Permission to modify files Chmod [options] mode file name […]

  • Mybatis [2.1] – what happened from reading stream to creating sqlsession?


    [TOC] We usesqlSessionBefore, you need to get the configuration file, get theInputStreamInput stream, viaSqlSessionFactoryBuilderobtainsqlSessionFactoryObject to get thesqlSession。 InputStream is = Resources.getResourceAsStream(“mybatis.xml”); SqlSessionFactory sqlSessionFactory = new SqlSessionFactoryBuilder().build(is); SqlSession sqlSession = sqlSessionFactory.openSession(); 1. What does resources. Getresourceasstream (“mybatis. XML”) do? First of all, let’s seeInputStream is = Resources.getResourceAsStream(“mybatis.xml”);What does this sentence do for us? We can see […]

  • Using Django crontab to set up timing task


    1. Install Django crontab pip install django-crontab 2. Register in the Django project settings.py INSTALLED_APPS = [ …… ‘django_crontab’, ‘app_name’ ] [note] Django_ Crontab must be registered before the name of the application. Here is an underline, not a dash. 3. Configure timing tasks in settings.py #Timed task CRONJOBS = [ (‘*/5 * * * […]

  • Webpack – plug in plugin development


    developmentwebpackPlug ins need to know several necessary conditions: Get compilercompilerObject, through which you can obtain information including config configuration, resource file, compilation information, hook function, etc Compile phase of the life cycle function, find the appropriate hook function to deal with the corresponding logic The returned results support synchronous and asynchronous methods obtaincompilerexample The first […]

  • The vscode plug-in control is called ardown plug-in control


    Markdown pipe/ p> 1. markdown preview enhanced Vscode search?Markdown Preview Enhanced cake А Use: preview in markdown file < br / >cake А Special rules? It includes the following contents: input the specified salt to the arkdown preview of scode < br / > Equipment CSS:Milk pouring<br/>Item: replace the CSS format in the default github-light.css […]

  • Idea operation SVN merge branch – > trunk invalid?


    clickSubversion->integrate DirectoryAnd get rid of ittry mergeCheck box, but the following list appears. There are no conflicts, no submit options, and no merge to view the main code. What’s the problem with this operation? Writing answers You are answering the question × If you want to ask for details or propose amendments, please use the […]

  • Django processes the files uploaded from the front end


    file = request.FILES.get (‘img ‘) gets the file object filefile.name You can get the file name file = request.FILES.get(‘img’) with open(‘static/img/’ + file.name, ‘wb’) as fp: for chunk in file.chunks(): fp.write(chunk)

  • DOS export file directory


    This article introduces: using Windows DOS command to export directory and file tips, you can set the specified export format, such as export as tree structure. 1、 Monolayer generation Command format 1 Dir directory / b > export file name Test example: Command format 2 (added) Dir directory / b > > export file name […]

  • Python generates nine grid pictures of your circle of friends


    You can click to view the following articles about wechat before: How to export your wechat voice Is Disk C full again? Wechat cleaning artifact helps you release space Wechat withdrawal message can also be seen! How to backup official account articles and web pages that may be deleted How to login multiple wechat on […]

  • HTML to word


    Based on their own HTML docx JS package function more complete transfer word library New function points The header and footers of word can be configured by labels The directory can be generated automatically You can add a tab to word (the first page is different) You can end the current page at any time […]

  • Springboot is packaged in Linux and jar package runs in the background


    preface After writing Java application and putting it into Linux, we need to package it as jar application and let it run in the background realization First, package it as a jar application and enter the root directory of the project mvn clean package At this point, the jar package has been packaged and put […]

  • JDK installation Maven installation


    JDK Download:https://www.oracle.com/java/t…Choose the default path at the end of the installationConfigure environment variables: newly build: JAVA_HOME C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_152 Path new addition: C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_152\bin Is the test successfulCMD manager input: JavaCMD manager input: javacCMD manager input: Java – version Compile java file as. Class file: javac file name. Java Run the. Class file Maven configuration Maven […]