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  • Compression and decompression of cab files by CMD


    Makecab: 1. Single file compression makecab ip2.txt ip2.txt.cab   2. Multi-file compression makecab /f c:\list.txt /d expresstype=mszip /d expressmemory=21 /d maxdisksize=1024000000 /d diskdirectorytemplate=C:\cab\ /d cabinetnametemplate=test.cab Among them: / F specifies c; list.txt (path customization) is the list of files you want to compress, which cannot contain folders. Files with the same file name cannot be […]

  • How to Search by File Name in Visual Studio Code?


    Visual Studio Code wants to search for files by file name. How do you use the shortcut key of this function? Next, let’s look at how to modify the shortcut keys of search files and what we need to pay attention to. Please see the details below. Software Name: Visual Studio Code (Code Editor) 1.18.0 […]

  • Get the code for all file names in the directory


    First: Get the file of the specified folder Copy codeThe code is as follows: Procedure search file (path: string); // Note that there should be”after the path;var SearchRec:TSearchRec; found:integer; begin found:=FindFirst(path+’*.*’,faAnyFile,SearchRec); while found=0 do begin if (SearchRec.Name<>’.’) and (SearchRec.Name<>’..’) and (SearchRec.Attr<>faDirectory) then ListBox1.Add(SearchRec.Name); found:=FindNext(SearchRec); end; FindClose(SearchRec); end; 2: Get the files in the subdirectory of […]

  • The CMD command line writes all file names of the current disk to a text file


    Is there a way to get all the file names on a disk at once? In addition to batch file name acquisition, of course, Windows itself is also achievable! Now let’s teach you how to use the CMD command line to write all file names to text on disk. Dir f:/> d:/1.txt//Write the directory under […]

  • Open, preview, save, save and print Excel based on DevExpress’s SpreadSheet Control (with source code download)


    scene Winform Control – DevExpress18 Download, Install, Register and Use in VS: https://blog.csdn.net/BADAO_LIUMANG_QIZHI/article/details/100061243 Refer to the above to install DevExpress and introduce it into the toolbox. The DevExpress installed in VS2013 is version 14. DevExpress14 and Register Download https://download.csdn.net/download/badao_liumang_qizhi/11608734 Effect   Realization Environment building Create a new Winform program, drag and drop a Spreadsheet Control […]

  • Discuz! ML remote code execution (CVE-2019-13956)


    Discuz! ML remote code execution (CVE-2019-13956) I. Vulnerability Description The vulnerability exists in discuz ml (Multilingual Version), where lanage in cookies is controllable and not strictly filtered, resulting in remote code execution. Vulnerability Impact Version Discuz! ML V3.2 Discuz! ML V3.3 Discuz! ML V3.4 3. Construction of Vulnerability Environment 1. Download Discuz on the official […]

  • Java Learning 2 – Basic Grammar


    Java Basic Grammar I. Basic concepts: classClass is a template that describes the behavior and state of a class of objects. For example, animals objectObjects are instances of classes, stateful and behavioral. For example, a dog is an object, its state is: color, name, breed; behavior is: wagging tail, barking, eating, etc. Instance variablesEach object […]

  • Linux method of obtaining file name and generating list TXT


    As follows: > The create_filelist.sh file written by myself is as follows train_file=test.txt path=train/test find $path -name *.jpg > $train_file #’s/pattern/your_word/g’ file_path/filename sed -i ‘s/$/ 6/g’ $train_file 1. Find command: Find is followed by an address for the file you want to find, followed by the – name parameter, which represents the file name *. […]

  • Linux Shell Method for Getting File Names under Folders


    Sometimes we need to get all the file names under a folder, which can be realized by program. But it is too difficult to open IDE when we open IDE. In Linux server, IDE can not be opened normally. At this time, we can use a few simple shell commands to realize it. The result […]

  • Method of shell recursive output file name and directory name


    Recently encountered a problem of exporting all subdirectories and all file names in the specified directory Simply write a shell script implementation function echo_name(){ for file in `ls $1` do echo $1″/”$file if [ -d $1″/”$file ] then echo_name $1″/”$file fi done } echo_name $1 Run sh test.sh script Operation results The above shell recursive […]

  • Processing Method of Spacing in File Name under Linux Command Line


    Q: I use Mplayer to play a single piece of music in the raspberry pie command line mode, because the file name contains a space, prompting that there is no file, how to solve it? [[email protected]~]$sudo mplayer Me like yuh.mp3 MPlayer2 2.0-728-g2c378c7-4+b1 (C) 2000-2017 MPlayer Team Cannot open file ‘/root/.mplayer/input.conf’: No such file or directory […]

  • How to replace file names in batches? One move to replace file names in batches


    Now the use of computers, smart phones, is nothing more than to help us complete a variety of “tasks” and speed up efficiency. Take file batch renaming as an example, “right mouse button + hand knock” is the most basic, “hand knock + Tab” is advanced, ACDSee accessory function can solve the picture class, mop […]