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  • Linux daily test command record


    Linux daily test command record (1) List all processes under the current server user:  ps -xf (2) View the command for the process. PS – EF | grep process name (3) Command to view ports: Netstat – ntlp // view all current TCP ports Netstat – ntulp | grep 80 // view the usage of […]

  • Trust learning — reading files (using lib files for the first time)


    Step 1: create a miigrep initialization project for cargo new minigrep Step 2: Edit lib.rs File: use std::fs; use std::error::Error; #[derive(Debug)] pub struct Config<‘a> { pub query: &’a str, pub filename: &’a str, } impl Config<‘_>{ pub fn parse_config1(args: &[String]) -> Result<Config, &’static str> { if args.len() < 3 { Panic! (“path error”); } let […]

  • CentOS learning notes 14 – Java program startup script


    If the server is shut down and there are many applications, it needs to be restarted to start all the programs.I found some scripts on the Internet and changed a new one.After starting, you can write fewer commands. Start command Suppose the name of the project is file server, which is used for uploading and […]

  • Generating / run / initramfs caused by power failure of CentOS 7/ rdsosreport.txt problem


    Generating / run / initramfs caused by power failure of CentOS 7/ rdsosreport.txt problem Physical power failure sometimes occurs generating “/run/initramfs/rdsosreport.txt” entering emergencymode. exit the shell to continue type “journalctl” to view system logs. you might want to save “/run/initramfs/rdsosreport.txt” to a usb stick or /boot after mounting them and attach it to a bug […]

  • C #: using Ajax asynchronous request to achieve file upload and download function. —Project framework API + MVC


    1. First, use VS to create web API project (here is a help class. Copy this help class into the project. If you are interested, you can learn to write it.) //File upload and download, import and export auxiliary class public class APIFileHelp {   //This is a restricted file format   public string[] ExtentsfileName = new […]

  • 24 shell script interview questions


    If you want to become an advanced PHPer, you need to master shell script, which can help you automatically complete many tasks in the working environment. The following are some common interview questions and answers in shell script during the interview process: Q: What is shell script and is it required? A: a shell script […]

  • Filtering file name symbols using golang


    Filtering file name symbols using golang Recently, the customer service department has encountered a problem: it’s connected with a third party to mail files. Every time you send a file, you need to upload it. It happens that the name of the uploaded file doesn’t support special symbols such as “% &”. It’s too troublesome […]

  • C + + learning notes – environment settings


    course: https://www.runoob.com/cplusplus/cpp-environment-setup.html Compiling with Visual Studio (graphical interface) 1. Download and install visual studio community 2015. 2. Open visual studio community 3. Click File > New > project   4. Select templates, Visual C + +, and Win32 console application from the list on the left, and set the project name as myfirstprogram. 5. Click […]

  • PHP preload


    PHP preload php.ini #Only after setting to 0, restart PHP to clear the preload file opcache.enable = 1 #Configure the PHP script for preload. When PHP FPM starts, it will preload according to this file opcache.preload=/home/www/test/preload.php #For preload users, root is not recommended opcache.preload_user = www Using opcache_ compile_ File for file cache, once the […]

  • Basic DOS command


    1、 Open CMD mode Click start, find the windows system, expand and select the command prompt Win key + R key, enter CMD in the open pop-up box, and click OK Select the folder, hold down the shift key, right-click and select here to open the shell window Enter CMD in the address bar of […]

  • How Vue export background data with Excel


      let params = { //Request parameter to download excel ID     ’id’:this.excelId   };     //Imported interface name   api_excel_exportExcel().then(res => {     console.log(res);     var blob = new Blob([res], {type: ‘application/vnd.openxmlformats- officedocument.spreadsheetml.sheet;charset=utf-8’});     var downloadElement = document.createElement(‘a’);     var href = window.URL.createObjectURL(blob); //Create a link to download     downloadElement.href = href;     downloadElement.download = ‘result.xlsx’;//File name after download     document.body.appendChild(downloadElement);     downloadElement.click(); //Click download     document.body.removeChild(downloadElement);//Download complete […]

  • How to execute shell script


    1、 Execute directly as a file name The file name should have a path. If it is not in the directory specified by path, otherwise the system cannot find the file. Without path, it must be in a directory specified by path. To use absolute path + SHELL file, the file must have RX permission, […]