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  • More sophisticated create react app development environment configuration craco


    background For projects created with CRA scaffolding, if you want to modify the compilation configuration, you may choosenpm run ejectPop up configuration after magic change. However, eject is an irreversible operation. After you pop up the configuration, you will not be able to follow the official steps to upgrade the react script version of the […]

  • Server NLog log cannot be written normally or only partially


    Recently, when NLog was deployed on the server to write logs, the local test was ok, and it can be written to any way. However, after being published to the server, it can only be written occasionally, or there may be some unexplained missing log writing. Although the request to write log is clearly executed. […]

  • Using cache to improve the speed of secondary construction in webpack


    1. Babel loader enables caching Description in official documents: https://webpack.docschina.org…Cachedirectory: the default value is false. When there are settings, the specified directory will be used to cache the execution results of the loader. After the webpack build, it will try to read the cache to avoid the Babel recompilation process which may cause high performance […]

  • Your app isn’t using Android X


    Today, in the process of learning the development of flutter, I wrote a basic demo. I want to make a formal installation package APK and install it on the mobile phone to experience the effect. After configuring the Android signature file, run the fluent build app command line to build a formal (release) package. During […]

  • Using SVN in MAC


    1. Open the terminal input xcode-select — install View version number svn — version 2. Download the code from the server to the client, which is still input by the terminal svn checkout svn:// –username=svnUserName –password=svnPasword /Users/huangenai/test svn:// Update the server code to the client, first CD test, enter the file directory where you want […]

  • Analysis of hybris server startup log


    Build file detection, using B2C_ ACC recipe start server / home / jerrywang / hybris / installer / recipes / B2C_ acc/ build.gradle The Task.leftShift(Closure) method has been deprecated and is scheduled to be removed in Gradle 5.0. Please use Task.doLast(Action) instead. at build_24qda9aair3teyrqc9izdrv89.run(/home/jerrywang/Hybris/installer/recipes/b2c_acc/build.gradle:79) :recipes/b2c_acc:startExecuting: createConfig…Buildfile: /home/jerrywang/Hybris/hybris/bin/platform/build.xml Simple startup environment detection, such as operating system, […]

  • Chapter 2 launch IntelliJ idea


    When you run it for the first time, IntelliJ starts the running wizard· if the IntelliJ idea 2016 version has been installed on your computer in the past, and the configuration file directory of IntelliJ idea has not been deleted during the process of uninstalling IntelliJ idea, there will be no Function Wizard running for […]

  • Configure alicloud OSS to upload attachments in halo blog


    Original address:https://www.wjcms.net/archives/halo Blog configuration alicloud OSS upload attachment origin In the past, we used to upload locally, but when the finished blog was copied to other platforms for publishing, there was a cross domain problem. If cloud OSS storage was used, this problem would not occur. Therefore, we still need to configure cloud OSS storage. […]

  • Nginx deployment notes windows (1)


    aboutFront and rear separationDue toIf the ports of the pages and services are inconsistent, cross domain problems will occurTherefore, reverse proxy must be used to solve cross domain problems. 1、 Get nginx You can get it from the official website. Select a version in the above figure and unzip it directly after downloading. takeUnzip the […]

  • Maven’s detailed tutorial


    summary: 1. Maven is essentially a project management tool, which abstracts the process of project development and management into a project object model (POM). 2. Maven is a build tool contributed by Apache open source organization. Summary: 1. Maven manages all the dependency packages in a unified and centralized way, so programmers don’t need to […]

  • Shell script creates git repository and realizes automatic deployment


    A few days ago, I learned how to build git server and automatic deployment in Linux. I had nothing to do at the weekend to study how to use shell script to realize it, so it is convenient to use it in the future #!/bin/bash Please enter the project name: “name if [ “$name” = […]

  • How to solve “could’t read native” when typora failed to export word


    problem Typora has pandoc installed, but exporting word (. Docx) failed.Here’s a hintcouldn’t read native。 reason After testing, it is found that if the MD file contains tables, it will fail to export word documents. solve Method 1: backup the table in MD file, delete the table, export the rest to word, and finally manually […]