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  • K8s actual combat (14) | configmap object


    preface Configmap object can be used to manage common and unclassified configuration information, which is stored in clear text. The secret object is used to manage important, confidential and undisclosed information such as secret key and password. Configmap object can decouple program configuration and program itself, which makes the program more portable. Update history 20200705 […]

  • Shell script creates git repository and realizes automatic deployment


    A few days ago, I learned how to build git server and automatic deployment in Linux. I had nothing to do at the weekend to study how to use shell script to realize it, so it is convenient to use it in the future #!/bin/bash Please enter the project name: “name if [ “$name” = […]

  • The use of mdeditor in Django markdown plug-in


    function support Editor.md Most functions Support standard markdown text, commonmark and GFM (GitHub flavored markdown) text; Support real-time preview, image upload, format code, search and replace, skin, multi language, etc. Support TOC directory and expression; Support tex, flow chart, sequence diagram and other chart expansion. Customizable Editor.md Toolbar. Mdtextfield fields are provided to support the […]

  • Talk about Flink’s parametertool


    order This paper mainly studies the parameter tool of Flink example fromPropertiesFile String propertiesFilePath = “/home/sam/flink/myjob.properties”; ParameterTool parameter = ParameterTool.fromPropertiesFile(propertiesFilePath); File propertiesFile = new File(propertiesFilePath); ParameterTool parameter = ParameterTool.fromPropertiesFile(propertiesFile); InputStream propertiesFileInputStream = new FileInputStream(file); ParameterTool parameter = ParameterTool.fromPropertiesFile(propertiesFileInputStream); use ParameterTool.fromPropertiesFile Create parametertool from. Properties file fromArgs public static void main(String[] args) { ParameterTool parameter = […]

  • [golang system programming] the flags parameter used to open the file


    This is mainly about parameter notes. There is no dry product Open flags are mainly divided into the following types T1: file access mode flag, cannot be used at the same time, only one of them can be specified T2: file creation flag T3: status flag of opened file sign purpose Unified UNIX specification version […]

  • Getting access/creation/modification time of files on linux using golang


    To get meta-information of files on linux, we need to use system call LSTAT or stat. Stat has been encapsulated as a Stat function in golang‘s OS package, which is much more convenient than using syscall. This is the prototype of os. Stat: func Stat(name string) (FileInfo, error)     Stat returns a FileInfo describing the […]