• Database summary


    Introduction of database service concept Database: mainly used for effective analysis and processing of a large number of data informationDatabase server: MySQL maridbDatabase: storing data, classifying user information — user information base, commodity information — commodity transaction information — payment businessDatasheet: Datasheet informationData field: store specific content information, store information specificationData line: real every legal […]

  • Ruffian scale embedded: some suggestions on working attitude of doing Technology


    Hello, everyone. I’m a ruffian. I’m a real technical ruffian. Today, ruffian Heng doesn’t talk about technology. He talks with everyone casually. As the old saying goes, “attitude determines everything”, attitude is the topic that ruffian Heng wants to talk about today. In our embedded industry, we have just started to work. In fact, there […]

  • How to use PHP JWT in Web


    Explain JWT JWT is a string, which is encrypted and verified by three parts. Token based authentication can replace the traditional cookie + session authentication method. The three parts are as follows: header.payload.signature Header part The header format is: { “typ”:”JWT”, “alg”:”HS256″ } This is a JSON string. Both fields are required,algField specifies the buildsignatureThe […]

  • Thinkphpp6 usage problem record


    This article documents some of the problems with using tp6 Business issues that confuse my eyes Today, when I use transactions, I need to write multiple tables. One of the tables can’t write the UUID, but the other tables are successfully written, which makes me doubt my life for a time. I suspected that there […]

  • Beidou satellite SMS platform


    User module SMS module     Positioning module Chart information communication protocol =====================================================================Location Protocol=====================================================================Command $gpsp: 24 47 50 53 50 00 0f 00 00 00 01 00 00 3E (GPS positioning setting)Response $gpsx: 24 47 50 53 58 00 26 1F FA 66 0d 06 0f 04 01 07 45 75 0e 1D 00 4E […]

  • Explain the status values of SQL Server: runnable, running, suspended, sleeping


    During the management, monitoring and performance tuning of SQL server, we may execute the following SQL instructions to observe the status of SQL Server: SELECT * FROM sys.sysprocesses; EXEC sp_who2; SELECT sqltext.TEXT, req.session_id, req.status, req.command, req.cpu_time, req.blocking_session_id, req.total_elapsed_time FROM sys.dm_exec_requests req (NOLOCK) CROSS APPLY sys.dm_exec_sql_text(sql_handle) AS sqltext As shown in Figure 1, there is a […]

  • Record a real production environment accident, 200000 records were lost, and the MySQL delete command stepped on the pit, not intentionally deleting the database


    –The main table before this launch, MD_ poc_ I didn’t put in other fields of survey, which has nothing to do with the bug I’m going to talk about this time. DROP TABLE IF EXISTS md_poc_survey; CREATE TABLE `md_poc_survey` ( `member_ survey_ id` int(10) NOT NULL AUTO_ Add comment ‘member questionnaire self increment ID’ PRIMARY […]

  • Form solution for complex scenes


    Source: https://unsplash.com/ Author: Dong Jianhua 1. Background There are many b-end business scenarios of cloud music. Compared with C-end business, b-end business has a longer product life cycle and pays more attention to the carding of scenarios. Most of the time, the development of B-side business is to copy the previous code, which increases a […]

  • Discount maintenance of hybris order price


    Create a new order in backoffice, maintain a line item, and add a product: In the subtotal interface of line item, maintain base price, and in the discount values field, enter discount information: Discount: 10.00%: Go back to the order interface, click the recalculate price button, and you will see the message that 1 * […]

  • I’ve been working on Android for nearly 3 years, and I feel my career is getting cold


    background First of all, I’m a vegetable chicken with a low salary. When I just graduated, I worked in a state-owned enterprise to do app development. After nearly two years of work, I changed jobs to a fake factory to do safety. Put in a lot of resumes, no reply, only this add fake factory […]

  • Fault analysis | why is MySQL 5.7 slow while the same SQL is normal in MariaDB?


    Author: Wang ShunI am a member of the DBA team of aikesheng, who is responsible for the project of the company, dealing with database problems. I like to learn technology and delve into technical problems.Source: original contribution*The original content is not allowed to be used without authorization. Please contact the editor and indicate the source. […]

  • Mongo database learning


    Chapter 2. Basic knowledge of mongodb 1 documentation A document is equivalent to a row in a relational database. The key value pairs in the document are ordered. 2 set A set is equivalent to a table. 2.1 dynamic mode Suppose a field named “type” in the collection is used to indicate whether the document […]