• Composer 2 can really reduce or avoid the fatal error of insufficient memory


    Today, I plan to update a project to laravel 8. After adjusting the dependent version, when runningcomposer updateAt the same time, the damn fatal error about insufficient memory appeared again: PHP Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 1610612736 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 4096 bytes) Feeling can never satisfy it. Conditional reflection first find a […]

  • Build a comfortable and efficient windows + shell working environment


    Conemu command line: beautiful is not like the powerful I’ve seen it in this articleSince the installation of windows artifact, you don’t have to envy MAC any more, introduced several command-line artifacts. I’ve used several command lines in it, but what I like most is thatConEmuLet’s talk about its characteristics first. Smooth window resizing Labels […]

  • Simple encapsulation of iqueryable


    Simple encapsulation of iqueryable preface I saw a problem in the garden two days ago Half a year ago, I thought about these problems, but I didn’t try to solve them Later, the company used itabp vnextAnd then there’s a part of the code that can be written like this protected override IQueryable CreateFilteredQuery(GetResourceDto input) […]

  • Share my experience of job hunting in May and June (PHP)


    Summary In the last month or two, I have participated in the online / telephone interviews of Rio Tinto feiyuan, rightmost app, easy chip, Dasu car, 360, lischen, WeiMiao business school, Didi, Baidu, byte beat and ideal car, respectively. I have rejected the on-site interviews of Xiaoxiong Meijia, Xiaoye theone, homework help and Shiji Jiayuan. […]

  • Promise all asynchronous usage


    The difference between synchronous and asynchronous: Synchronization: The idea of synchronization is: all operations are completed before returning to the user. In this way, users wait too long online, giving users a feeling of being stuck (that is, in the process of system migration, after clicking migration, the interface will not move, but the program […]

  • Golang hot compile Rizla plug-in


    Today, when writing the gin interface, every time you add or modify an interface, you need to restart the project to test, which is very troublesome. Because beego has bee tools, fsnotify, the start-up project of bee run, will monitor file changes. It is found that a plug-in in in iris project supports hot restart. […]

  • Why did I abandon Ubuntu?


    This paper is from the original text https://www.howtogeek.com/430… In case of infringement, please let me delete it. Ubuntu is one of the Linux distributions of choice for many developers, but after ten years of using it, the author of this article finally “abandoned” it and moved to “others.”. Why? The translation is as follows: I’ve […]

  • Shell script for monitoring Kafka lag value


    I handwritten a shell script to monitor the Kafka lag value. It was written in Python before, which is more troublesome. Here is a shell version, which you can use directly. cd /usr/share/kafka/kafka_2.11-2.4.1/ || exit 1 lag=$(./bin/kafka-consumer-groups.sh –bootstrap-server localhost:9092 –describe –group my_group 2>/dev/null|grep -v GROUP|awk ‘NR>1{num+=$6}END{print num}’) echo “$lag” if [ “$lag” -gt 10 ];then […]

  • Align HTML images and text up and down


    //HTML <div class=”l4″> <img alt /> <span>{{item.see}}</span> </div> //CSS .l4 { position: absolute; left: 0; bottom: 0; span { vertical-align: middle; } img { vertical-align: middle; } } Original effect: Set vertical align: middle; at the same time for the picture and span tag to solve the problem, and set a total feeling separately After […]

  • ##Initial experience of segmentfault blog


    Initial experience of segmentfault blog Copy and paste the local markdown. Preview feels good, comparable to GitHub. However, the only drawback is that the code view is not very good, and other feelings have not been tried. So after experiencing it in the future, continue to comment, and then write an article here in the […]

  • Sublime text 2 close remember last open file


    I feel that sublime’s function of remembering to open files last time is very annoying. Turn it off In “user”/ Preferences.sublime -Settings “add an entry in the configuration file: “hot_exit”: false, “remember_open_files”: false It’s much cleaner to open it again.

  • Promise and Reduce


    Promise organization code Promise Ajax version promise, to solve the problem of asynchronous. ajax1().then(ajax2).then(ajax3).then(()=>{}) Comments: it always makes people feel that promise exists for Ajax Some people cleverly encapsulate promise on the pop-up components. //Callback mode Alert (‘are you sure you want to delete this data ‘, () = >{ console.log (‘deleted successfully’) },()=>{ console.log […]