• Ali was cut off suddenly! The most thrilling scene of double 11 has just come to light


    On the evening of November 11, 2020, another year’s tmall double 11 carnival is coming to an end. New trading records, new traffic peak, everything is perfect. At this time, Alibaba CTO Cheng Li (Lu Su) just made a real video public—— ​ In the early morning of November 5, Ali technology finished the last […]

  • Fault characteristics of flash memory


    Flash memory is a kind of nonvolatile semiconductor memory based on floating gate technology, which generally has several types, such as nor, NAND, dinor and. As a kind of nonvolatile memory, flash memory has its own unique advantages: it can be electrically erasable and reprogrammed without special external high voltage, low cost and high density, […]

  • How to avoid it Node.js The log of the module contaminates the program log


    Author: Corey cleary Crazy technology house Original text: https://www.coreycleary.me/us… No reprint without permission Have you ever added logging to a custom node module and thought you would benefit from the extra information, but found that when you added the module as a dependency and ran itnpm installandnpm startWill your program log look like the following? […]

  • High availability practice of chaosblade x skywalking microservice


    Source|Alibaba cloud official account preface In the distributed system architecture, there are many service components and complex dependencies between services. It is difficult to evaluate the impact of a single failure on the whole system, and the request link is long. If the basic services such as monitoring alarm and logging are not perfect, it […]

  • Sentinel, a highly available component of redis service


    Previously, we learned about the common data types of redis, and the use and description of related commands. For review, please refer tohttps://www.cnblogs.com/qiuhom-1874/p/13419690.htmlToday, let’s talk about sentinel, a highly available component of redis. First of all, let’s review the master-slave synchronization of redis. The main function of master-slave synchronization is to make the master’s data […]

  • Redis backup, disaster recovery and high availability


    Redis has been widely used in a variety of Internet architecture scenarios. Its excellent performance, good operability, and a large number of scenario application cases have attracted much attention. In this paper, the author introduces a disaster recovery solution of redis in non large cluster distributed application scenario. Let’s read it together~ 1、 Brief introduction […]

  • QQ 100 million daily active business background core technology revealed


    This article is shared by Fu Hongcheng, the producer of the technology opening day special show held by Tencent SNG and msup, and edited by 100 cases. The original text is published in100 cases。 introduction As the producer of this technology opening day platform architecture special show, I’d like to bring you “building a highly […]

  • [12C] DataGuard physical backup role switch


    In the data guard environment, there are two kinds of role switching of database, namely switchover and failover. According to the name, the former is a normal role switching between the primary and standby databases, which will not lose data; the latter is a failure switching, which means that the primary database cannot continue to […]

  • MSHA x chaos disaster recovery high availability practice


    Author Yuan Zhi, Han LANSource|Alibaba cloud official account preface Due to the complexity of the external environment and the unreliability of hardware, the high availability of Internet services is facing great challenges, and there are many cases of service unavailability of major Internet companies caused by network outage, power failure and other accidents. Beneficial to […]

  • Database maintenance


    affair The object of database concurrency control Transaction is the logical work unit of database The operations in the sequence are either all done or none done   characteristic; Atomicity All operations in a transaction are indivisible, either executed or not executed. This is the atomicity of a transaction. uniformity A successful transaction must be […]

  • Microservices help batj avoid large-scale service collapse


    catalog Graceful service degradation Change management Self healing Failover caching Retry logic Rate limiters and load shedders Fail fast and independently Bulkheads Circuit breakers * Microservice architecture can effectively isolate faults through a good service boundary division. But like other distributed systems, the probability of problems at the network, hardware or application level is higher. […]

  • Istio in kubernetes (1)


    background What is microservice There is a lightweight communication mechanism between services, usually rest API Decentralized management mechanism Each service can be implemented in different programming languages, using different data storage technologies Applications are divided into services according to business, and a large application system can be composed of multiple independent services Each service can […]