• Advanced – discovery of storage high availability switching problem and analysis and optimization through performance test


    This article is transferred from @ TWT community, [author] Yang Jianxu. [Abstract] this paper introduces the storage high availability handoff test under business pressure, the problems affecting the handoff time found from it, and the analysis of the problems. In general, our stress test focuses on the throughput of the trading system, the response time […]

  • How to use second level monitoring for mongodb troubleshooting


    In our daily database use, the monitoring system, as an important auxiliary system for troubleshooting and alarm faults, plays an important role in problem diagnosis, troubleshooting and analysis for DBA, operation and maintenance and business development students. And the quality of a monitoring system also greatly affects whether the fault can be accurately located and […]

  • Redis sentry


    catalogue 1、 Basic concepts and architecture 1.1 basic concepts 1.2 architecture 2、 Deployment demo 2.1 deploy master-slave nodes 2.2 deploy sentry nodes 2.3 failover demonstration 3、 Client connection (configuration provider) 3.1 code 3.2 principle 4、 Implementation principle 4.1 three scheduled tasks 4.2 subjective offline and objective offline 4.3 leader sentinel node election 4.4 failover 1、 […]

  • Analysis of common problems in redis


    1. How to ensure high availability and high concurrency of redis Redis master-slave architecture, with one master and multiple slaves, can meet high availability and high concurrency. When an instance goes down, it automatically switches between active and standby, configures read-write separation, and relieves the read-write pressure on the master. 2. How to implement redis […]

  • 6-rocketmq send message


    public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception { // Instantiate with a producer group name. DefaultMQProducer producer = new DefaultMQProducer(“GroupNameDemo”); // Specify name server addresses. producer.setNamesrvAddr(“localhost:9876”); //Launch the instance. producer.start(); for (int i = 0; i < 100; i++) { //Create a message instance, specifying topic, tag and message body. Message msg = new Message(“TopicDemo” […]

  • Kubenode: Alibaba cloud native container infrastructure operation and maintenance practice


    Introduction: at present, kubenode has covered all ASI clusters of Alibaba group. Next, with the project of “unified resource pool” of Alibaba group, kubenode will cover a wider range and more scenarios, so as to make the cloud native container infrastructure operation and maintenance architecture play a greater value. Challenges of Alibaba’s node operation and […]

  • Common microservice failures


    background Microservice architecture refers to the vertical division of large complex systems into smaller subsystems according to functional or business requirements. These subsystems exist as independent deployed subprocesses, and they communicate with each other through lightweight, cross language synchronous (such as rest, grpc) or asynchronous (message) network calls. phenomenon        stayMicroserviceAt the top of the […]

  • Yang Sizheng’s Kafka analysis course: 1. Basic concepts of Kafka


    <br/>Apache Kafka is a distributed message system written in Scala language. Basic concepts of kafak message Message is the most basic data unit in Kafka. It is composed of key and value. KV is a byte array. Kafka will route messages to the specified partition according to the key value according to certain policies, so […]

  • Take you to understand two aspects of Flink fault tolerance mechanism: job execution and daemons


    Abstract:Flink fault tolerance mechanism mainly includes job execution fault tolerance and daemon fault tolerance. The former includes execution graph and execution fault tolerance of Flink runtime, while the latter includes job manager and task manager fault tolerance. This article is shared from Huawei cloud community《Flink fault tolerance mechanism》Author: Yang Xiao_ mrs 。 Flink fault tolerance […]

  • Redis6 installation (Part 2) – cluster and fail over


    Preparation for building redis cluster Before building a cluster, it is necessary to pay attention to election, because in today’s many distributed middleware, the cluster will have the concept of election. It must reach more than half of the nodes in order to initiate a fair vote. Otherwise, there will be brain cracks, such as […]

  • Redis notes master slave copy (Windows 10)


    preface In order to avoid single point of failure, we need to deploy multiple copies of data replication on multiple different servers. Even if one server fails, other servers can continue to provide services effect: Data backup Extended read performance(Read write separation) Copy mode: Full replication Partial replication   Implementation mode   1One master and […]

  • Embedded development notes — debug component segger_ HardFaultHandle


    Author:zzssdd2 E-mail:[email protected] 1、 Preface in useCortex-MWhen the MCU of kernel is developing, sometimes the program will be abnormal because of the wrong access to the memory and other reasons, so it will enter the systemHardFaultHandlerError interrupt. If the program structure is complex, especially when running RTOS, it may not be easy to locate the cause […]