• A digital factory should be built to reduce the order cycle by one third


    Introduction:Based on the open ability of low code platform, fidelity launched a set of digital factory. This digital factory helps them shorten the production cycle from 60 days to 40 days, directly improves the delivery capacity and performance ability of fidelity to international customers, and enhances the competitive strength of the enterprise. Zhejiang fudeli Wood […]

  • Note the problems encountered in using Autofac dependency injection in quartz


    background Recently, I was working on a requirement to catch exceptions in the job and then push them to the designated personnel by e-mail or message. I found an injection problem encountered in the process of requirement implementation very interesting, so I hereby record it. If you think there is a better way, please tell […]

  • Spring learning record


    1. Two cores: AOP aspect oriented programming: extension function is not implemented by modifying source code; IOC: control reversal; Firstly, the underlying implementation principle of IOC uses technologies: (1) XML configuration file (2) Dom4j parsing XML (3) engineering design pattern (4) reflection Secondly, there are three methods of bean instantiation, which mainly use calling the […]

  • Talk about Flink’s session window


    order This paper mainly studies the session window of Flink MergingWindowAssigner flink-streaming-java_2.11-1.7.0-sources.jar!/org/apache/flink/streaming/api/windowing/assigners/MergingWindowAssigner.java @PublicEvolving public abstract class MergingWindowAssigner<T, W extends Window> extends WindowAssigner<T, W> { private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L; /** * Determines which windows (if any) should be merged. * * @param windows The window candidates. * @param callback A callback that can […]

  • Eat through micro Services – sleuth of service tracking


    Hello, I’m a side dish. A hope can becomeTalking about architecture with ox xMy man! If you want to be the person I want to be, or pay attention and be a partner, so that the dishes are no longer lonely! This paper mainly introducesSpring cloud service gateway If necessary, refer to If it helps, […]

  • Angular2 actual combat of the front end: detailed explanation and application of dependency injection


    Dependency injection dependency-injection-in-angular-2 Dependency injection is the biggest feature and selling point of angular. It allows different components in an application to call each other without explicitly establishing an association. However, there are still some problems with dependency injection in angular 1, which is why angular 2 completely reconstructs a dependency injection system. The main […]

  • Design pattern — multi case pattern


    In the last article, we talked about the single case mode. Some children’s shoes will ask: there are single cases, are there multiple cases? Answer: Yes, in this article, let’s talk about multi instance mode. Multi instance mode means that a class has multiple instances, and the instances are the class itself. Such a class […]

  • Exploration of Redux Middleware


    Thinking from Redux thunk When using Redux thunk to write asynchronous actions, I often wonder how Redux works and makes asyncaction possible In order to explore, we must take a look at the source code of Redux thunk. Fortunately, the source code of Redux thunk is very few… As for why, let’s explain it immediately. […]

  • [design mode] simple factory


    Factory mode Factory mode: as the name suggests, this class is used to produce products like factories. We are the production class. Factory mode is the mode of creating production classes. It provides a method to create an object in the parent class, allowing the subclass to determine the type of instantiated object. Code binding […]

  • Great! Some people can integrate spring with mybatis. It’s so fresh and refined that it’s recommended to collect it.


    Basic introduction In fact, the so-called spring integration of mybatis means that the loading process of mybatis is fully entrusted to spring for hosting, and some operations such as loading configuration tools are no longer required. The specific Dao layer operation is still to use mybatis to operate the database. Mybatis steps: First, write a […]

  • [design pattern] Abstract Factory


    Abstract factory of design pattern In the previous article, we learned about simple factories. We know that simple factories are places where different classes are created. How are these factories created? With the increase of our business logic, we may need many such simple factories. We can’t take the initiative to create each one. Although […]

  • Factory mode of deep laravel kernel


    Heroes and actions, the birth of dependence First, define a hero. A hero has some behaviors: class Hero { protected $behavior = []; public function show() { var_dump($this->behavior); } } Then define an attack behavior: class Attack { protected $value = 0; public function __construct($value) { $this->value = $value; } } Transform the hero class […]