• R data Science Chapter 1 (ggplot2)


    Part I exploration Chapter 1 uses ggplot2 for data visualization 1.1 INTRODUCTION First install and load the R package (ggplot2) if(!require(‘ggplot2’))install.packages(‘ggplot2’) library(‘ggplot2′) Let’s use ggplot2 to explore a question: do large engine cars consume more fuel than small engine cars? 1.2 first step 1.2.1 mpg data frame The data frame is a built-in data set […]

  • R drawing (6): saving Beginners – publication level drawing all-round package ggpubr


    Today, I spent a lot of time sorting out the drawing functions of this package. I have to say that this package based on ggplot2 is really friendly and suitable for beginners. For those familiar with ggplot2, the existence of ggpubr may be redundant, but this does not prevent it from becoming an excellent R […]

  • [open source project] new advanced functions of laravel shop E-commerce


    function Function list: High performance infinite level classification; Crowdfunding commodity management; Crowdfunding product order logic; Crowdfunding commodity end logic; Payment of orders by instalments; Calculate the installment overdue fee; Refund of installment orders; Adding attributes to commodities; Use elasticsearch to reconstruct the commodity search module; Faceted search; Similar goods inquiry; Index migration of elasticsearch; Second […]

  • The best solution of data visualization: ggplot2 tutorial and example


    preface ggplotIt is a drawing system with complete grammar and easy to usePythonandRCan be introduced and used in the field of data analysis visualization has a very wide range of applications. FromRHow to useggplot2First of all, give me some reasons that I think are most worthy of recommendation: Using the design method of “layer” overlay, […]