• How to understand AOP aspect oriented programming


    start Today I’d like to talk about AOP: the idea of aspect oriented programming. Before we start talking, let’s start with the development of programming ideas. The development of programming thought: 1. Pop programming First of all, we should all know what is pop programming, which is process oriented programming. There is no introduction to […]

  • [reading notes] calculation advertising (Part 1)


    By logm This article was originally published at https://segmentfault.com/u/logm/articles and is not allowed to be reproduced~ This article isComputing advertising (Second Edition)Reading notes. This part introduces some basic knowledge. Chapter 1 overview of online advertising 1.1 free mode and Internet core assets Free mode: tomarginal costCan sellLarge scale and personalized dissemination of informationCommodities. The marginal […]

  • NVIDIA’s latest image generator stylegan2, GitHub’s number one trend list, makes images vivid and perfect


    Since INVISTA launched stylegan in December 2018, synthetic face has been hard to distinguish. Especially at the beginning of this year, NVIDIA opened the stylegan code, and a large number of real and fake faces were “created” by developers. This machine learning technology is to generate new images that simulate real images. With stylegan, unlike […]

  • “Christmas special” pure front end to realize face recognition and automatically wear Christmas hat


    Online experience address: hksite.cn/prjs/christmashat Source address: https://github.com/hk029/christmas-hat Write at the beginning Jingle, jingle, danger, annual Christmas comes, I can’t help but recall the fear that the ticket circle was dominated by Christmas hat in the first two years. Opening the ticket circle is full of all kinds of @ official hat seekers: The head of […]

  • Ali Baichuan and geek bang technology have reached strategic cooperation, weex announced open source


    On April 21, the qcon global software conference hosted by InfoQ was held in Beijing. More than 150 domestic and foreign technical experts will bring you a technological feast. At the opening ceremony of the conference, Huo Taiwen, founder of geek state technology and InfoQ China, and Zhuang zhuoran, senior director of Alibaba, head of […]

  • Datasets in Python’s sklearn Library


    1、 Sklearn introduction Scikit learn is a machine learning library developed by Python language, which is generally referred to as sklearn. At present, it is a well implemented Library in the general machine learning algorithm library. Its perfection lies not only in the number of algorithms, but also in a large number of detailed documents […]

  • Ream – (objc) write transaction reduction scheme


    Ream – (objc) write transaction reduction scheme Address: Realm– There are two ways to write transactions officially provided by realm: A[realm beginWriteTransaction]; // … [realm commitWriteTransaction]; B [realm transactionWithBlock:^{ //… }]; Because realm forces thread safety, realm objects are not suitable to hold. Therefore, the write transaction of realm is oriented to realm programming, not […]

  • The way for programmers to advance


    Original link: https://dsx2016.com/? P = 719 WeChat public number: big brother 2016 No instrument, no technique, no way, just talk about some directions Grading Many things can be divided by progress and stage, such as programmer’s white, junior, intermediate and senior But there are also internal and external differences The middle and senior positions that […]

  • Using Python to add a Christmas cap or Santa’s badge


    With the coming of Christmas, I want to add a Christmas hat to my head. If it’s not a picture, add a Santa Claus. Add a Christmas hat to the avatar in Python. I’ve read the articles from the great God in 2017: https://xuanlan.zhihu.com/p/32283641 Main processMaterial preparationFace detection and face key point detectionResize, add hat […]

  • Philosophy of software design: Chapter 11 two designs


    Catalog Designing software is difficult, so your initial idea of how to build a module or system is unlikely to produce the best design. If you consider multiple options for each major design decision, you get a better result:Two designs。 Suppose you are designing a class for GUI text editor to manage file text. The […]

  • How does startdt AI Lab data enhancement technology realize scenario landing and business value-added?


    It is said that “deep learning” is equal to “deep convolution neural network algorithm model + large-scale data + cloud distributed computing power”. Some people also say that “Ai, who can be a leading player in the industry, has” experienced hundreds of battles “and experienced countless times of training and trial and error.”. All of […]

  • The strategic pattern of design pattern


    Strategy mode The algorithm family is defined and encapsulated separately so that they can replace each other. This mode makes the algorithm change independent of the user, so that the system is not worried about any change, that is, the dynamic setting function. 1. Problem scenario Customers or users need something else or want new […]