• Can wgcloud manage extranet devices


    sure If the external network device cannot be connected to the server host of the internal network, but the server host can be connected to the external network deviceThen you can use the [data communication monitoring] module to monitor the external network equipment. Data communication monitoring is the server to actively scan the external network […]

  • How to NPM install and install node sass in front-end project Intranet


    Recently, projects have to switch to intranet development. The most troublesome thing is code migration and project restart. All front-end projects depend on NPM install installation. It’s needless to say that the external network. Here are several methods for restarting internal network projects: 1. The whole project is compressed and copied into the intranet, which […]

  • Linux modification time


    #Modify time zone cp /usr/share/zoneinfo/Asia/Shanghai /etc/localtime #Modification time < machines that can access the Internet > yum -y install ntpdate ntpdate cn.pool.ntp.org #Modification time < machines that cannot access the Internet > date -s “2019-10-15 17:18:56” #System time synchronization hardware time hwclock –systohc #Hardware time synchronization system time hwclock –hctosys linux bash shell This work […]

  • Docker (IV): docker visualization panel portal


    Life is boundless, learning is boundless introduce Portal is a visual graphical management tool for container image. It can easily build, manage and maintain docker environment. And completely free, container based installation, convenient and efficient deployment. Official website address:https://www.portainer.io/ install Official installation instructions:https://www.portainer.io/installation/ #Command docker run -d -p 8088:9000 \ –restart=always -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock –privileged=true portainer/portainer […]

  • How to use GitHub as a drawing bed


    ~~Hello, big brothers, Little Devil boy Nezha began to regularly output high-quality technical content from today, including learning methods, learning paths, learning tools and skills. Languages include C / C + +, go. Welcome to leave a message in the comment area. Thank you for your valuable suggestions or comments. Your feedback will be the […]

  • Build your own personal domain name website from zero to one


    This article is just a simple front-end project deployment, not involving the background.Take GitHub action as an example (CI / CD)At present, the tentative project is demo (adjustable) environment Node installation (note if it is MAC M1). Version fixed installation (14.17.0) Create project locally npx create-react-app demo GitHub create repository Create a demo named Configure […]

  • Application of HTTP response – 302304 code


    Basic structure     Description of status code     302     Results of packet capture   If the cache is not clear, visit a.php for the second time, and the result is as follows     302 status code can also jump to the Internet   304 tells the browser that the resource […]

  • Swoole learning: how to create a server with swoole


    How to create a server using spool Create TCP server $serv = new swoole_server(“”, 9501); Create UDP server $serv = new swoole_server(“”, 9502, SWOOLE_PROCESS, SWOOLE_SOCK_UDP); Creating web server $http = new swoole_http_server(“”, 9501); Create websocket server $ws = new swoole_websocket_server(“”, 9502); be careful 1、swoole_ http_ Server inherits from spool_ server 2、swoole_ websocket_ Server inherits from […]

  • Intranet penetration permanent free simple implementation of external access to intranet springboot


    Hello world of springboot project has been created locally. It can be accessed in the intranet, but there is no public IP. How to access the Internet is a headache. Today we will use a simple method to solve this problem Use tool: Net cloud wear Application scenario: external access intranet springboot 1. We first […]

  • The address of nginx non 80 / 443 port mapping appears source port_ in_ redirect off


    Nginx does not use port 80443. It has mapped port 80443 of nginx to port 80443 of external IP By specifying port_ in_ redirect off; Tell nginx not to bring port when redirecting. If it is not configured, the default value is true If the end of the URL is / will not be a […]

  • Port mapping on Linux or windows


    Usually, the server has many network cards, so it may be connected to different networks. In the isolated network, some services may need to communicate. At this time, the server can be configured to forward packets. 1、 Port mapping in Windows 1. Query the port mapping netsh interface portproxy show v4tov4 2. Query all port mappings of an IP […]

  • A simple access to the machine outside the network IP service


    Occasionally, I want to build a server at home, and then use the dynamic domain name service DDNS to bind the domain name for access.One of the prerequisites of using DDNS is to obtain your own Internet IP. There are some free services to obtain Internet IP, such as http://members.3322.org/dyndns/getip As the saying goes, free […]