• An article takes you to understand the function expression, recursion, closure, variable, this object and module scope in JavaScript


    Author | jeskson Source: dada front end Tavern How to define functions: The first is function declaration; The second is function expression. Syntax: function functionName(arg0, arg1, arg2) { //Function body } Effective in Firefox, Safari, chrome and Opera: The name specified by this function can be accessed through this property. console.log(functionName.name); // ‘functionName’ Function declaration: […]

  • Three definition methods of JS function


    How functions are defined Function declaration: it must have a name. It will promote the function. It has been created in the pre parsing stage. It can be called before and after the declaration //Function declaration //Define function name function fn(){ console.log(123); } Function expression: a variable assignment function expression can have no name (anonymous […]

  • Spring framework learning


    Advantages of spring Spring is an open source and free framework Spring is a lightweight, non intrusive framework Inversion of control (IOC), aspect oriented programming (AOP) Support transaction processing and framework integration Spring is a lightweight inversion of control (IOC), aspect oriented programming (AOP) framework IOC essence Inversion of control (IOC) is a design idea. […]

  • New syntax in ES6 (7) — async… Await


    What is async Async means “asynchronous”. As the name suggests, async is a keyword related to asynchronous operations. Async is unique to ES7 and is closely related to promise and generator. Use syntax: async function name(param){ Param / / parameter name passed to the function Statements / / function body } name().then(function(res){ RES / / […]

  • Four permission control methods in spring security


    Spring security has provided a lot of permission control by default. However, an excellent framework must have good extensibility. It happens that the extensibility of spring security is very good. We can not only use the methods provided by spring security for authorization, but also customize the authorization logic. In a word, you can play […]

  • Basic grammar of kotlin language


    Kotlin is a static programming language for modern multi platform applications, which was developed by   JetBrains development, which is a new language running on the JVM; Kotlin language is the optimization and encapsulation of Java language. There are many similarities in syntax, and they can call each other; Kotlin language can be used in […]

  • How does wechat control the expression comments of the circle of friends without updating


    Because the author is born in IM, and is interested in instant messaging technology, and friends who make instant messaging make complaints about it. For the stable wechat architecture, adding some of these function points to the front end is so easy, but is Zhang Xiaolong willing to do it What I have to admire […]

  • [Java from pit entry to abandonment] No 5. Control process


    preface We areLast articleThe use skills of various operators are described in, followed by the contents of the previous article. This article mainly focuses on process control. The main contents of the article are arranged as follows: Input and output Conditional judgment Control cycle Input and output input To input from the console and read […]

  • Springboot @ value reads the configuration. It’s too powerful!


    Author: jitwxsLink: www.jitwxs.cn/d6d760c4.html 1、 Foreword In daily development, we often encounter the need to store in the configuration fileListorMapThis type of data. SpringNative supports this data type for configurationListType as an example, for.ymlThe file configuration is as follows: test: list: – aaa – bbb – ccc about.propertiesThe file configuration is as follows: test.list[0]=aaa test.list[1]=bbb test.list[2]=ccc […]

  • Hide function 1


    insert overwrite table … partition(platform_id) select if(user_id regexp(‘.*:.*’),user_id,concat(platform_id,’:’,user_id)) as user_id, …, last_onlined_at,created_at,rating_score,updated_at,noise,platform_id from `XXX`; concat concat(platform_id,’:’,user_id)) asuser_idConcat splice alias is user_ id if If () is equivalent to the ternary operatorIf (conditional expression, result 1, result 2) is equivalent to the ternary operator in Java, but the expression types behind if can be different.The equal […]

  • Comparison of dotnet’s local function and delegate


    The previous article talked about delegation. This article talks about the comparison between local functions and delegation.   The reason for putting delegates and local functions in the front and back parts is that they are very similar and easy to mix up. You need to know more about delegation【Portal】   Use delegate expression (lambda) […]

  • C language foundation (6) C statement and program flow


    From the perspective of program flow, the program can be divided into three basic structures: sequence structure, branch (selection) structure and loop structure. These three basic structures can make up all kinds of complex programs. C program structure:   The executive part of C program is composed of statements. The function of the program is […]