• Interview from comedy to tragedy


    Although there are only 10 questions, they cover all aspects of angular development. There are basic knowledge points, problems encountered in the development process, and more open questions to identify the basic level and project experience of the interviewer. If you interviewed a year ago, it would be a change from comedy to tragedy?. (PS: […]

  • Oeasy teaches you to play Linux 010211


    Let’s review What did we talk about in the last part?🤔 The package tool is apt Packages can be downloaded, upgraded and deleted Aptitude for special management software package This time we download cowsay sudo apt install cowsay Cowsay said A cow is a cow Say is to say Cowsay is a cow The cow […]

  • Meditation on C + + template


    On abstraction — Preface The story starts with a function that seems very simple: Please calculate the sum of two numbers. If you’re familiar with Python, you’ll think, “Wow! It’s so simple! ” Then write the following code: def Plus(lhs, rhs): return lhs + rhs So what about C? You need to face this problem: […]

  • The usage of Eval () in Python cold knowledge


    Eval () syntax and use The eval () method parses the expression passed into the method and runs the parsed expression in the program. In other words, it parses a string into code to execute. STNTAXeval(expression, GLOBALS=None, LOCALS=None) Expression: the passed in expression Globals: Dictionary of global methods or variables Locals: Dictionary of local methods […]

  • “GIAO JS” write a JS interpreter with JS


    preface In this article, we will build our own JS interpreter through JS and write JS in JS, which sounds strange. Nevertheless, we will be more familiar with JS and learn how JS engine works! What is an interpreter? Interpreter is a language evaluator that runs at run time. It dynamically executes the source code […]

  • Review of MySQL 1: Basics


        Weekend time is short, but also relaxed and happy, in this hot summer sitting on a small bench, blowing air conditioning and drinking tea, I take you to gently open my article link, leading you to review the content of MySQL in front of the screen, I hope you can gain something. This […]

  • SQL with as usage


    1、 The meaning of with as With as phrase, also known as subquery factoring, can define an SQL fragment that will be used by the whole SQL statement. It can improve the readability of SQL statements, and it can also provide data in different parts of union all. For union all, a union all statement […]

  • Write a framework with ioc-aop-mvc function from scratch — learning notes — 07. Implementation and explanation of AOP function


    1. What should be done in this chapter Complete the writing of aspectlistexecutor class Complete the writing of aspectweaver class Complete the writing of pointcutlocator class Complete the writing of proxycreator class 2. Complete the writing of pointcutlocator class 2.1 the code to be completed is as follows: package com.wuyiccc.helloframework.aop; import org.aspectj.weaver.tools.PointcutExpression; import org.aspectj.weaver.tools.PointcutParser; import […]

  • Regular expression matching principle


    Matching principle Before we understand the principle of regular matching, let’s take a look at the regular matching engine. There are two main types of regular expression engines: DFA and NFA. DFA (deterministic finite automaton) deterministic finite automata NFA (non deterministic finite automaton)There is also POSIX NFA, which is based on the NFA engine specification […]

  • What scenarios are arrow functions suitable for?


    Author: Dmitri pavlutinTranslator: XiaozhiSource: Dmitri pavlutin Like again, form a habit this paperGitHub https://github.com/qq44924588…I’ve collected more categories of previous highly praised articles and sorted out a lot of my documents and tutorial materials. Welcome star and perfect, you can refer to the interview site review, I hope we have something together. Recently, a Vue component […]

  • Independent developer @ Lemon Tree: let’s fight with emoticons!


    Independent project name: text picture maker appSIFO community ID:@lemonTree I’m LemonTree, and I’m currently working on app, app and website development. The linear growth of work income can’t meet my need to become rich. The growth of APP users in my spare time gives me confidence in independent development. The increasingly mature development solutions can […]

  • Exercise and dowhile use switch statement, which requires input 1, output ABC; input 2, output BC, input 3, output C.


    #include int main(void) { int a; scanf(“%d”,&a); switch(a) { case 1: printf(“a”); case 2: printf(“b”); case 3: printf(“c\n”); } return 0; }     dowhile The general form is do sentence While (expression); Execute the statement first and then judge. If the expression is true, continue the loop