• Solution of vs2015 IIS express unable to start


    Because I installed all kinds of messy software, then I accidentally unloaded IIS express and downloaded an IIS express 7 from the Internet. After the installation, I could not start debugging using vs 2015 locally, and F5 could not start IIS, After F5 debugging again, IIS express did not start. The logging error is as […]

  • node.js Analysis of three methods of capturing global exception in Express


    In this paper, an example is given node.js There are three ways to catch global exception in express. The details are as follows: scene After throwing an exception in the express route, the global middleware can’t catch it. It’s necessary to write try catch in all the route functions. This kind of logic makes people […]

  • SQL Server 2008 Express + Management Studio Express for the first time


    Because it needs to develop a small CMS system by local test, the following SQL Server 2008 can install the following files. If the enterprise version is officially recommended for installation. Download address: SQL Server 2008 Express Chinese simplified installation package x86: https://download.microsoft.com/download/5/f/a/5fad1d35-e69e-448b-84dc-497061772141/SQLEXPR_x86_CHS.exe x64: https://download.microsoft.com/download/5/f/a/5fad1d35-e69e-448b-84dc-497061772141/SQLEXPR_x64_CHS.exe SQL Server 2008 Management Studio Express Chinese simplified installation package […]

  • SQL Server 2008 Express and Management Studio Express download installation configuration tutorial


    This article mainly talks about how to download, install, configure SQL Server 2008 Express and SMSs step by step, and finally use SMSs to connect to local database services. Why write this article? In the first database principle class of this semester, the lecturer shared the materials needed for the course, including a 3.1gb SQL […]

  • Fast thunder express cyclone download special chain conversion batch code


    design sketch: Copy codeThe code is as follows: : save the attached code as a batch file in. Bat or. CMD format and double-click to run.: refer to s11ss code for base64 encryption and decryptionPlease indicate from [email protected] off set “base64=ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789+/=” :begin cls setlocal disabledelayedexpansion Echo. & echo enter the link to be converted (for […]

  • Express + mongoose implementation details of adding, deleting, modifying and querying mongodb


    The example of this paper describes how to add, delete, modify and query mongodb by express + mongoose. To share with you for your reference, as follows: Project address: https://github.com/jrainlau/mongoose_ crud Write at the beginning This article mainly shares how I use express + mongoose to add, delete, modify and query mongodb. Thanks for the […]

  • Use case diagram tutorial lazy bag


    Use cases describe how users use the system to achieve specific goals. Use case diagrams are composed of systems, related use cases and actors, and they are related to each other to visualize: what is described? (system), who is using the system? (performer)And what the actors want to achieve? (Use case)As a result, use cases […]

  • How to complete PDF conversion word


    How to complete PDF conversion of word? With the wide use of PDF file format, we need to transform the file format in the process of processing PDF file, such as converting PDF file to word file and PDF file to PPT file.In order to solve your problems, today’s editor will share a quick PDF […]

  • How to connect react and node, express


    How to create a react frontend and a node / express backend and connect themBy Jo ã o HenriqueTranslator: Boxuan In this article, I’ll guide you through creating a simpleReactApplication, and a simpleNode/Express API, and connect the two. I won’t go into detail on any of the techniques mentioned in this article, but I’ll leave […]

  • Netease Youdao 2017 internal programming questions 2


    Preface In fact, the purpose of this paper is not only to solve these two problems, but to deepen the use of readLine, the basic module of node. First, the problem 1. shuffle Title: Shuffling is very common in our life. Now we need to write a program to simulate the process of shuffling.Now we […]

  • The attempt of Vue + node + Express + MySQL


    Preface This is a very simple attempt. The original intention is to replace PHP with nodejs and build a complete web project. Project logic Vue develops the front-end, and is still in the dev mode. It uses proxy proxy proxy to communicate with the node back-end.Node + Express builds back-end web services, connects to MySQL, […]

  • Front end monitoring (user behavior tracking, resource loading details)


    The so-called web, even if you and I haven’t met before, knows that we share the same interests; even if we don’t leave home, we know that the world is big. Long time no see, can I miss you? The front-end monitoring system adds user behavior tracking and resource loading details, so what is user […]