• Use case diagram tutorial lazy bag


    Use cases describe how users use the system to achieve specific goals. Use case diagrams are composed of systems, related use cases and actors, and they are related to each other to visualize: what is described? (system), who is using the system? (performer)And what the actors want to achieve? (Use case)As a result, use cases […]

  • How to complete PDF conversion word


    How to complete PDF conversion of word? With the wide use of PDF file format, we need to transform the file format in the process of processing PDF file, such as converting PDF file to word file and PDF file to PPT file.In order to solve your problems, today’s editor will share a quick PDF […]

  • How to connect react and node, express


    How to create a react frontend and a node / express backend and connect themBy Jo ã o HenriqueTranslator: Boxuan In this article, I’ll guide you through creating a simpleReactApplication, and a simpleNode/Express API, and connect the two. I won’t go into detail on any of the techniques mentioned in this article, but I’ll leave […]

  • Netease Youdao 2017 internal programming questions 2


    Preface In fact, the purpose of this paper is not only to solve these two problems, but to deepen the use of readLine, the basic module of node. First, the problem 1. shuffle Title: Shuffling is very common in our life. Now we need to write a program to simulate the process of shuffling.Now we […]

  • The attempt of Vue + node + Express + MySQL


    Preface This is a very simple attempt. The original intention is to replace PHP with nodejs and build a complete web project. Project logic Vue develops the front-end, and is still in the dev mode. It uses proxy proxy proxy to communicate with the node back-end.Node + Express builds back-end web services, connects to MySQL, […]

  • Front end monitoring (user behavior tracking, resource loading details)


    The so-called web, even if you and I haven’t met before, knows that we share the same interests; even if we don’t leave home, we know that the world is big. Long time no see, can I miss you? The front-end monitoring system adds user behavior tracking and resource loading details, so what is user […]

  • Fast building of node backend services


    Quickly build node backend services Based on koa2, express, MySQL and mongodb, quickly build node back-end services to realize front-end and back-end communication. objective Quickly build node backend services for different Vue projects to remove repetitive work; provide a clear process and template for the novice peers to build node services Framework and database combination […]

  • Using gulp update to deploy Vue + Express project to server


    file structure The following is the file structure of my local development project and the file structure deployed on the server, so that you can find the corresponding files intuitively in the following path 1. Development document structure 2. Server file structure gulpfile.jsDetailed explanation of document content I have explained the installation and basic API […]

  • Also shoot cloud ov & EV SSL certificate online, and complete certificate purchase within 7 days


    The era of HTTPS for the whole station has come, and the installation of SSL certificate has become an essential step in website construction. On April 12, 2017, the cloud launched several ov & EV SSL certificates cooperated with several top CA institutions, and the certificate subscription can be completed within 7 days. Up to […]

  • Source code analysis of express autoload router


    Module introduction express-autoload-routerThe module is used to automatically load and register routes. Module usage Basic Usage The basic steps are as follows. Installation module $ npm install express-autoload-router Building a router Put the router file in a special directoryapp/controllersBelow. There are two points to note in the format: Router file name must bexxx_controller.js; The action […]

  • Node.js express jQuery Ajax post options cross domain solution


    Just give the right answer. One server isnode.js & express:The simplest is to use expressjs / CORSinstallnpm install cors –saveIntroducevar cors = require(‘cors’);Useapp.use(cors());This completes the server side. Two clientsjs & jQuery:You can’t use shortcuts first$.post()It has to be used.$.ajax() $.ajax({ type: ‘POST’, url: ‘…’, data: JSON.stringify(params), processData: false, contentType: ‘application/json’, dataType: ‘json’ }).then(function(ret){ alert(ret); }); […]

  • Solutions to SQL Server 2005 express installation failure


    After downloading SQL Sever 2005 express for separate installation, it was found that there was always an error when installing MSXML 6. However, MSXML 6 Service Pack 2 (kb954459) cannot be deleted in the control panel. Finally, a solution is found. See http://support.microsoft.com/kb/968749/zh-cn for details