• Image quality issues related to IOS photo recording


    problem In the front, I wrote the functions of taking pictures, scanning code and recording video. In the front, I required the function to be realized. In the back, I found that the image quality was not enough thinking Possible cause analysis: 1. Avcapturesession setting the output format will affect the image quality and clarity […]

  • Automatic exposure of flutter components


    Auto exposure widget This is a component that can automatically monitor whether the child widget is exposedWhen the subwidget is found in the window, the dwell time is longer than the set exposure time condition (the default is 0.5s) and the exposure area is larger than the exposure display proportion condition (the default is 50%)The […]

  • Introduction to photography: sensitivity (ISO)


    When it comes to sensitivity, you may not quite understand what it is, but when it comes to ISO, I believe you are familiar with it. Every time I see our technology sharing, I often see the word ISO, so what is ISO? What’s the use of it? Let’s have a look~ 1、 What is […]

  • ISP Foundation (02): wide dynamic range WDR


    1. Wide dynamic range concept WDR is short for wide dynamic range, which means wide dynamic range. According to Baidu Encyclopedia, when high brightness areas and relatively low brightness areas such as shadow and backlight under strong light sources (sunlight, lamps or reflectors, etc.) exist in the image at the same time, the image output […]

  • ISP Foundation (07) – auto exposure


    Auto exposure 1、 Auto exposure definition First of all, let’s talk about exposure: the intensity of the light multiplied by the time of the light. The “light intensity” in the definition refers to the intensity of light irradiation on the sensor, that is, the illumination; the “time of light action” in the definition refers to […]

  • Good practice and busy ︱ exposure of front buried point


    Recently, one of the job requirements is to expose the burying point so that I can have access to relevant things. Before the internship, I didn’t do this demand, and personal projects have nothing to do with burying points. So I heard the word “burying point” at the meeting last week. But after listening to […]

  • On budget packing of advertising system


    This article is from oppo Internet technology team. Please note the author for reprint. Meanwhile, welcome to our official account: OPPO_tech, to share with you OPPO frontier Internet technology and activities. 1. background In the actual advertising process, we often encounter a problem: the media flow is relatively large, advertisers budget consumption is too fast, […]