• Problems with mobx


    React project using mobx Picture prompt, Compile failure, tell the problem, brother, syntax error. To translate the second line of error is actually a problem of positioning. But I’m always in a hurry. I always like to take it with me and solve it at a glance. If I can’t solve it, I won’t go […]

  • Node.js Here comes the official release note for V14


    Crazy technology house By Michael Dawson & Bethany Griggs https://medium.com/@nodejs/no… No reprint without permission This article was written by Michael Dawson and Bethany Griggs, and Node.js Community committees and Node.js The Technical Steering Committee also contributed. We are pleased to announce that, Node.js 14 released today! The focus of this release includes improved diagnostics, V8 […]

  • A new experiment: using grpc web to call. Net grpc service from browser


    Today, I’d like to translate an article from ASP.NET James Newton king, chief development engineer, published a blog a few days ago, which brought an experimental product, grpc web. You can click the discussion post at the end of the article to give relevant feedback. I’ll give a link to the original at the end […]

  • Using annotations to simplify the use of mongoose transactions


    Transaction provided by Mongoose Mongodb 4.0 started to provide transaction support, and mongoose also provided the corresponding implementation. However, the current writing method is relatively cumbersome.Let’s take a look at the demo given by Mongoose const Customer = db.model(‘Customer’, new Schema({ name: String })); let session = null; return Customer.createCollection(). then(() => db.startSession()). then(_session => […]