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  • Ubuntu Foundation


    Benefits of Ubuntu Good desktop user experience popular Excellent experience in developing PHP, front-end, python, etc The learning materials are based on Ubuntu Download Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS apt-get IP address acquisition ifconfig sudo Used to execute commands in another capacityDo what system administrators can do apt-get Automatically search, install, upgrade and uninstall software from the […]

  • Go build executable files under different systems


    Golang supports the cross compilation function of generating executable programs from one platform to another. 1. Compile 64 bit executable programs on Linux and windows platforms under MAC: 1 2 $ CGO_ENABLED=0 GOOS=linux GOARCH=amd64 go build test.go $ CGO_ENABLED=0 GOOS=windows GOARCH=amd64 go build test.go 2. Compile 64 bit executable programs on MAC and windows platforms under Linux: […]

  • Learn a Linux command every day (114): LDD


    Command introduction The LDD command prints shared library dependencies for programs and libraries. Note: LDD is not an executable program, but just a shell script. Syntax format ldd [OPTION]… FILE… Option description –Version # print instruction version number -V # print all relevant information -U # print unused direct dependencies -D # perform relocation and […]

  • Learn go language and complete the first work


    Previously, I used c# to write a command-line tool for sending mail under windows to facilitate sending email reminders to my mailbox when some scripts have exceptions. But this is not frequently used by me, because some of my scripts still run under Linux, so I have another article to write an executable program to […]

  • How to cross compile golang on different platforms


    Golang supports cross compilation. It can generate executable programs on one platform and on another platform. Recently, it has been used, which is very easy to use. Here is a note. Parameter description Goos: operating system of target platform (Darwin, FreeBSD, Linux, windows) Goarch: architecture of target platform (386, AMD64, arm) CGO_ENABLED : Cross compilation […]

  • Running custom programs in docker


    Prepare customized program (omitted) withgolangCompiled binary program as an exampleCompile file: (because indockerTo be used inlinuxSo the program should also be compiled aslinux(what can be used) Cross compiling with reference to golang Compiling Linux and windows 64 bit executable program under mac CGO_ENABLED=0 GOOS=linux GOARCH=amd64 go build main.go CGO_ENABLED=0 GOOS=windows GOARCH=amd64 go build main.go Compiling […]

  • The Internet share option of network card is set automatically by program


    Operating system: Windows 10_ X64 [version 10.0.19042.685] Windows can access the Internet through network card sharing, but it needs to be set in the properties of network card, and it needs to be operated in the window interface, which can not achieve automation.     Check the following information, can be achieved through inetsharingmanager, the […]

  • Problems encountered in golang


    To define a package, the package name is main, because main is the package name of the executable program. All source file headers must have a package declaration statement (package main), because go manages the namespace through the package name

  • C + + learning notes – environment settings


    course: https://www.runoob.com/cplusplus/cpp-environment-setup.html Compiling with Visual Studio (graphical interface) 1. Download and install visual studio community 2015. 2. Open visual studio community 3. Click File > New > project   4. Select templates, Visual C + +, and Win32 console application from the list on the left, and set the project name as myfirstprogram. 5. Click […]

  • [cmake series] (4) test with Google test


    Today, let’s talk about the cmake test. However, we are still talking about C + + testing. Cmake provides us with perfect testing support, for example, it has a special module ctest. Cmake native test support The cmake native support test is very simple, with only two functions: enable_testing() add_test(NAME <name> COMMAND <command> [<arg>…] [CONFIGURATIONS […]

  • Call external program


    When writing a program, it is often used to call the executable program. This paper will briefly introduce the method of calling exe by C ා. In C ා, process operations are performed through the process class. Process class in System.Diagnostics In the bag. Example 1 using  System.Diagnostics ; Notepad program can be called through […]

  • C serialization 3 – C in different environments


    1、 C in different environments 1. A source program information. C is compiled to generate a.out, and then the executable program can be directly run. If you want to store this executable file, you should rename it, otherwise, it will be replaced by the new a.out generated in the next program compilation. 2. How to […]