• Docker exec executes multiple commands


    The docker exec command can execute commands in a running container. Format of docker exec command: docker exec [OPTIONS] container_name COMMAND [ARG…] Options Description: -d. Execute commands in background mode; -e. Setting environment variables -i. Interactive mode -t. Set TTY -u. User name or uid, such as myuser: myusergroup Generally, command can only be one […]

  • A small example of using exec to process variables in SQL strings in sqlserver


    In sqlserver, use exec to process variables contained in SQL strings. Prompt: scalar variable @ must be declared (solved!) Copy codeThe code is as follows: Declare @tssj nvarchar (100) — external variabledeclare @Sql_ SQL nvarchar (100) — save SQL string variables       set @Sql_ SQL = n’select @ tssj = JPK from b where bzmc […]

  • About IE RegExp.exec The question of


    The code is as follows: Copy codeThe code is as follows: var st=”A[B]C[D]E[F]G”; var reg =/\[\w\]/ig; var s1 = st.replace(reg,””); var s2=[]; var arr; while((arr=reg.exec(st))!=null)s2.push(arr[0]); alert(s1); alert(s2.join(“”)); FF is displayed correctly, and S2 is empty in ie Online information can not be found, please give me some advice I got an unexpected result during the […]

  • Five methods of executing commands with OS / exec in go language


    For a complete series of tutorials, see:http://golang.iswbm.com The library used to execute commands in golang isos/exec, exec.Command Function returns aCmdAccording to different requirements, the execution of commands can be divided into three situations Only execute the command, not get the result Execute the command and get the result (regardless of stdout and stderr) Execute the […]

  • Exec of Linux find command


    Find is a Linux command that we often use, but what we usually find out is not just a look, but also further operation. At this time, the function of exec is revealed. Exec explains: -The exec parameter is followed by the command, whose termination is marked by;, so the semicolon after the command is […]

  • JS regular function match, exec, test, search, replace, split


    Match method The regular expression pattern is used to perform a lookup on a string, and the result containing the lookup is returned as an array.stringObj.match(rgExp) parameterstringObj Required. The string object or string text to look for.rgExp Required. Is a regular expression object that contains regular expression patterns and available flags. It can also be […]

  • Notes on using exec in JavaScript for global matching of regular expressions


    This article is to introduce the precautions when using exec in JavaScript for global matching of regular expressions.Let’s take a look at the common usage: Copy codeThe code is as follows: <script type=”text/javascript”> var pattern = /http:\/\/([^\/\s]+)/; alert(pattern.exec(‘http://www.codebit.cn’)); // http://www.codebit.cn,www.codebit.cn alert(pattern.exec(‘http://YITU.org’)); // http://YITU.org,YITU.org //It can also be written directly as / http: \ / \ […]

  • The usage of exec, test, match, search, replace, split in JS


    Exec: regularize the string and return the matching result. Array [0] is the original string, array [i] is the position of the match in the whole searched string.Test: test whether the string contains a matching result. If yes, it returns true, if not, it returns false.Match (pattern): regular matching is carried out according to the […]

  • Explain the exec method of JS regular expression


    Function Description: this function obtains the content of the first regular expression in the string through a match detection of the specified string, and stores the matching content and sub matching results in the returned array The basic methods are as follows objReg.exec (string) Objreg, the name of the regexp object String, the string to […]

  • Go call browse to visit URL link


    1. Background When developing a program, you need to open the browser to save the trouble of manually opening it by users. There are ways to directly open it in golang, Start and XDG open are the tools for windows, MAC and Linux to open the system default program,So if you want to use Google […]

  • The difference between call and exec in Oracle Database


    I found a little thing today. I found it very interesting. I found some information to share with you In sqlplus: Tools provided by third parties (e.g. plsqldev) Summary: Exec is a command of sqlplus and can only be used in sqlplus. Call is a SQL command, which can be used by any tool. Call […]

  • JS regular expressions test() and exec() usage examples


    The examples of this article describe the usage of JS regular expressions test() and exec(). Share with you for your reference. The details are as follows: Copy codeThe code is as follows: <html> <head> <script type=”text/javascript”>//Regular. Test (content), return true or false function t1(){Var con = document.getelementsbyname (‘content ‘) [0]. Value; / / content to […]