• Java based on POI export excel PivotTable code example


    This article mainly introduces the Java based POI export excel PivotTable code example, the article through the example code is very detailed, for everyone’s study or work has a certain reference learning value, need friends can refer to Once upon a time, I was a front-end program ape. With the dream of getting through Ren […]

  • PHP using PHP spreadsheet to operate Excel


    This paper introduces how PHP uses phpspreadsheet to operate excel. The details are as follows: 1、 Introduction to phpspredsheet 1. What is a phpspredsheet Phpspredsheet is a library written in pure PHP, which provides a set of classes to enable you to read and write different spreadsheet file formatsPhpspredsheet provides rich API interface, which can […]

  • Java application of one or more font styles in Excel cells (example code)


    In Excel table, when setting cell font style, you can apply the same style to all characters in the cell, that is, get the specified cell and apply the style; in addition, you can also apply different font styles to different character contents in the cell, that is, get the character position in the cell […]

  • Oracle uses toad to import and export Excel data


    In the development process of Oracle application program, accessing database objects and writing SQL program is a tedious and time-consuming work, and daily database management also needs a lot of SQL scripts to complete. Quest software provides an efficient Oracle Application Development Tool toad. In the new version of toad, DBA module is added, which […]

  • The method of printing excel with C ා WinForm


    preface C ා the WinForm program requires the generation and printing of Excel reports. In order not to install the corresponding office components, I choose npoi to generate excel reports, and use WinForm’s PrintDocument control to trigger the printing operation. However, the difficulty lies in how to convert excel into graphics objects. In npoi, I […]

  • . net reading and writing excel tool Spire.Xls Getting Started tutorial (1)


    In. Net platform, operating excel file is a very common requirement. At present, there are several conventional methods: 1. Mode of office COM component:This method is very tiring. Microsoft’s things are always so complicated that it may be very inconvenient to use. You need to install excel, and sometimes you need to configure IIS permissions […]

  • . net reading and writing excel tool Spire.Xls Control of using Excel file (2)


    Previous article: “excel with. Net Spire.Xls Use (1) Introduction “to introduce to you Spire.XLS The basic function and some comparison. This article will focus on C ා operation of Excel file, the relevant settings of Excel file itself, the content of global control. Because this is also C ා reading and writing excel file often […]

  • . net reading and writing excel tool Spire.Xls Using Excel cell control (3)


    Previous article: “the. Net read and write excel tool Spire.Xls Use (2) control of Excel file “introduces the use of C ා Spire.XLS To control the basic function of Excel file and related practice code. This article will focus on the control of Excel cells when C ා operates Excel files. In the past, when […]

  • . net reading and writing excel tool Spire.Xls Data manipulation and control (4)


    Spire.Office For. Net is an enterprise level. Net Office editing software collection developed by e-iceblue, including Spire.Doc ,Spire XLS, Spire.PDF , Spire.BarCode wait. . net platform developers can use Spire.Office For. Net is easy to operate applications with document editing function. It can also be exported to MS Word / Excel / RTF / access, […]

  • . net reading and writing excel tool Spire.Xls Using heavyweight excel chart function (5)


    Previous article: “the. Net read and write excel tool Spire.Xls Use (4) data operation and control “to introduce Spire.XLS The control of data related functions, this article to introduce you Spire.XLS The biggest highlight is that C ා controls Excel to generate charts. This paper introduces the methods of C ා to generate different types […]

  • How to import MVC into Excel


    preparation: 1. Add a reference to npoi in the project. Npoi download address: http://npoi.codeplex.com/releases/view/38113 2. Npoi learning Npoi download, there are five DLLs, need to refer to your project, I use the mvc4 + three-tier structure of the project The tool I use is (vs2012 + sql2014) When the preparations are finished, we begin to […]

  • The format of ID card exported from JSP to excel is not correct, but it can be exported with X


    This morning, the customer told me that some of the ID cards displayed in Excel were right and some were wrong. When I saw that the original ID card ended with X, others were not displayed correctly. The identity is displayed as shown in the figure: I searched the Internet and found that excel would […]