• K8s ecological weekly | first official docker action released


    The content of “k8s ecological weekly” mainly contains some information about k8s ecology that I have been exposed to and worth recommending every week. Welcome to “k8s ecology” column. The first official docker GitHub action was released Since docker sold business related to enterprise services to mirantis last year, docker has focused on helping developers […]

  • ES6 promise: patterns and antipatterns


    ES6 promise: patterns and anti patternsBy Bob Brennan When nodejs was first used a few years ago, I was troubled by what is now known as “callback hell.”. Fortunately, it’s 2017 now, nodejs has adopted a lot of the latest features of JavaScript, and has supported promise since v4. While promise can make code simpler […]

  • Awk of three swordsmen in shell text processing


    Awk is a text processing tool, which is usually used to process data and generate result reports. Its name comes from the initials of the three founders: Alfred aho, Peter Weinberger and Brian Kernighan. Grammar: awk [options] ‘BEGIN{} pattern {commands} END{}’ file stdout | awk [options] ‘BEGIN{} pattern {commands} END{}’ explain: optionsoption BEGIN{}Before formal data […]

  • Front end programmer learn algorithm series (x) dynamic programming


    The overall idea of dynamic programming is to solve recursive problems, and then optimize a large number of overlapping subproblems in the recursive process. The top-down solution is memory search, and the bottom-up solution is dynamic programming. The top-down solution is usually better understood. After we understand it, we change it to bottom-up dynamic programming; […]

  • Extracting PDF text content with Java


    summary Generally speaking, we can’t modify and edit the content of PDF document format, but when we do need it, we can achieve it by extracting text content. This article will introduce how to extract the text content in PDF document through Java code. The third-party controls used in this tutorial areFree Spire.PDF for Java(free […]

  • Amazon sagemaker: marking suspicious medical insurance claims


    We have published a number of technical articles about Amazon sagemaker. Today, we might as well take an example to see how simple and powerful the service is when it is used for machine learning. Let’s try to detect insurance fraud with sage maker. background according toNational Health Insurance anti fraud Association(nhcaa) estimates that medical […]

  • [greedy algorithm] complete the array as required


    Nums is a positive array of integers and integers. Select any number from the [1, n] interval and add it to nums, so that any number in [1, n] interval can be represented by the sum of some numbers in nums. Please output the minimum number of digits that meet the above requirements. Example 1: […]

  • Mongodb — Basic


    Related concepts of mongodb Business application scenarios Traditional relational databases (such asMySQL)In the “three high” demand and response of data operationWeb2.0In front of the demand of the website, it seems to be unable to do as one wishes. Explanation: “three high” demand: High performance – high concurrent read and write requirements for databases. Huge storage […]

  • Data enhancement with tensorflow


    What do we do when we don’t have a lot of different training data? This is a quick introduction to using data enhancement in tensorflow to perform in memory image conversion during model training to help overcome this data barrier. The success of image classification is driven, at least to a large extent, by a […]

  • My notes – BFC knowledge


    What is BFC? BFC(block formatting contexts) a block level formatting context, which is a pageCSSPart of the visual rendering,An area used to determine the layout of block level boxes and the extent of floating interaction 。 Creation of BFC Root element(<html> ) Floating element(floatNot fornone ) Absolute positioning element(positionbyabsoluteorfixed ) Table titles and cells(displaybytable-caption , […]

  • Introduction to vue-09


    1、 Introduction to Vue What is Vue? Vue is a progressive (fusion) pure front-end JS framework based on MVVM design pattern. Based on this framework, we can make the operation of client easier. How to understand the framework?It can be understood as the semi-finished code which contains part of the core functions. It is lack […]

  • Javascript: new features in ECMAScript 2020


    Interested can add wechat group If you can leave a message, you can notice the official account of WeChat’s public code, life code, life code, reply to the group, add me WeChat, pull you into the group, and say three important things. JavaScript is about to introduce exciting new features! Even if the final approval […]