• Not IOS? Or limited personal ability?


    In my spare time, I also occasionally look at the chat information in the QQ communication group. Recently, I found many in the groupiOSerThey are discussing that IOS is not as good as it used to be. They laugh at themselves that no one wants IOS posts. Someone Tucao said iOS can not make complaints […]

  • Can front-end development still play like this?


    1. Introduction to Roma business flow Roma business flow (hereinafter referred to as “business flow”) is an application integration and data open service based on Roma connect platform, which is suitable for cross instance and cross application enterprise system integration scenarios. Business flow supports creating tasks through visual UI interface, which reduces the development threshold […]

  • Given a matrix composed of 0 and 1, find out the distance from each element to the nearest 0


    Title Description: Given a matrix composed of 0 and 1, find out the distance from each element to the nearest 0.The distance between two adjacent elements is 1. Example 1: Input: 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 Output: 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 Example 2: Input: 0 0 […]

  • How to write node.js MySQL transaction and lock


    1、 Install related packages npm install access-db npm install dotenv Then it is introduced at the front of the project entry file (such as app. JS)require(‘dotenv’).config() newly build.envFile, and add MySQL configuration. MYSQL_ Host = localhost // required MYSQL_USER=root MYSQL_PASSWORD=123456 MYSQL_PORT=3306 MYSQL_ Database = // required database name 2、 Transaction and lock transaction () Asynchronous […]

  • Introduction of software architecture C4 model


    Introduction of software architecture C4 model“C4 model”: representativeContext, container and componentandCode——A series of layered charts can be used to describe different scaling levels of software architecture, each chart is suitable for different audiences. To create a map for code, we first need a set of general abstractions to create a ubiquitous language to describe the […]

  • Angularjs API docs – Global APIs – finishing


    AngularJS API Docs – Global APIs API reference for this articleVersion 1.4.7. Angular.foreach: iterative function Usage:angular.forEach(obj, iterator, [context]) Explanation: Obj is an iterative object. It can be an object or an array. According to the type of obj, the parameters of iterator are slightly different (see the example for details). The optional parameter of context […]

  • [score details] kingglory API data interface


    King glory API data interface WEC E-sports API special E-sports data interface sharing code Example demonstration: [King glory API data interface]Share and use wild data http://www.yezishuju.com/zt/ym/ Example code of data interface call of E-sports API The details are as follows:import com.alibaba.fastjson.JSON;import com.alibaba.fastjson.annotation.JSONField; import java.nio.charset.StandardCharsets;import java.nio.file.Files;import java.nio.file.Paths;import java.util.List; /**@API: score [email protected]: https://www.xxe.io/@Website: http://www.yesesport.com/@Website: http://www.yezidianjing.com/*/public class CsgoMatch […]

  • Target detection in the loss of focus of the introductory guide!


    By guest blogCompile FlinSource: analyticsvidhya introduce Object detection is one of the most widely studied topics in the computer vision community. It has entered various industries, involving use cases from image security, surveillance, automatic vehicle systems to machine inspection. At present, object detection based on deep learning can be roughly divided into two categories Two […]

  • Go and PHP to calculate the longest common prefix


    Original link: go letcode, author: San Jin and his meow PHP code Longest common prefix The main questions are as follows: Write a function to find the longest common prefix in a string array.If there is no common prefix, the empty string ” is returned.Example 1:   Input: [“flower”, “flow”, “flight”]   Output: “FL”Example 2:   Input: [“dog”, […]

  • IOS development learning – the use of Xib file


    Xib file can be used to describe a local UI interface. 1. Create Xib method 2. Loading of Xib file: Method 1 (commonly used) NSArray *objs = [[NSBundle mainBundle] loadNibNamed:@”MJAppView” owner:nil options:nil]; This method creates all the objects in Xib and places them in the objs array in order Method 2The bundle parameter can be […]

  • Java basic syntax: operators


    Java operators are classified according to their functions Arithmetic operator:+,-,*,/,%,++,– Assignment Operators := Relational operators:>,=,<=,==,!=,instanceof Logical operators:&&,||,! Bitwise Operators :&,|,^,~,>>,<>> Conditional operator:? : Extended assignment operator:+=,-=,*=,/=,%=,<<=,>>=,&=,^=,|= Operators are classified according to the number of operation data Unary operator:++,–,!,~ Binary operator:+,-,*,/,%,=,>,=,<=,==,!=,instanceof,&&,||,&,|,,>>,<>>,+=,-=,*=,/=,%=,<<=,>>=,&=,=,|= Ternary operator :? : JavaMath classProvides a lot of scientific and engineering calculation methods and […]

  • Mybatis first level cache results in inconsistent query results with expected results


    Example SQL: @Transactional public RebateContract getInfo(RebateContract contract) { RebateContract rebContractInfo = rebateContractDao.getInfo(contract); logger.info(“agentId:” + rebContractInfo.getAgentId()); rebContractInfo.setAgentId(10000L); //Instead of querying, get the value of rebcontractinfo from the cache RebateContract rebContractInfo1 = rebateContractDao.getInfo(contract); logger.info(“agentId1:” + rebContractInfo1.getAgentId()); return rebContractInfo1; } Implementation results:Note: it must be in the same thingAfter one query in the same transaction, directly repair the […]