• Redis learning notes – (5) – list (stack / queue / blocking queue)


    Previous: redis learning notes – (4) – set List related commands: lpush/rpush/lpop/rpop/brpop/blpop 5.1 stack = lpush + lpop (in and out of the same end) lpush+lpop> lpush juc synchronized volatile aqs thread (integer) 4 > lpop JUC # last in, first out “thread” > lpop JUC # penultimate “aqs” > lpop […]

  • IOS block solves circular reference


    First, solve the circular reference I Basic controller code: #import “ViewController.h” ///The first two solve circular references typedef void(^CPBlock)(void); ///Used for the third solution to circular references typedef void(^CPParamBlock)(ViewController *); @interface ViewController () ///The first two solve circular references示例 @property(nonatomic, copy) CPBlock block; ///Used for the third solution to circular references示例 @property(nonatomic, copy) CPParamBlock paramBlock; […]

  • Spring certified China Education Management Center – spring data tutorial 1 of Apache Geode


    Document structureThe following sections explain the core functions that spring data provides for Apache geode: Bootstrapping Apache geode with the spring container describes the configuration support provided for configuring, initializing, and accessing Apache geode caches, regions, and related distributed system components.The Apache geode API is used to explain the integration between the Apache geode API […]

  • [daily algorithm / brush through leetcode] 1 Sum of two numbers (simple)


    Click here to view more content related to algorithmic interview~ Title Description Given an integer array nums and an integer target value target, please find the two integers with sum as the target value in the array and return their array subscripts. You can assume that each input will correspond to only one answer. However, […]

  • Image SRC binary processing


    Introduction Request a picture. The returned data type is binary. The picture should be displayed. Origin My GitHub Image SRC binary processing In this scenario, first think of the case where the SRC of the image is Base64. UnderstandBase64After that, it is considered feasible in theory. Query the data and find a similar problemdoubtandproblem, the […]

  • It’s easy to share screens through webrtc


    brief introduction Use of screen sharing function commonly used in network conferenceProvided by webrtcgetDisplayMediaAPI can be easily implemented with the following interfaces var promise = navigator.mediaDevices.getDisplayMedia(constraints); Of mediadevices interfacegetDisplayMediaMethod prompts the user to select and grant permission to capture the contents of the display screen or parts thereof, such as browser windows and tabs, as […]

  • Basic use of VBA · function


    Reading time |0.27 minutes word count |440 characters primary coverage |1. Introduction & background Basic use of VBA · function Author | SCscHero Writing time | 2021/8/18 PM12:43 Article type |Series Degree of completion |Completed motto Every great cause has a trivial beginning. 1、 Introduction & backgroundDegree of completion: 100% a) Dealing with problems Today, […]

  • [daily algorithm / brush through leetcode] 2 Add two numbers (medium)


    Click here to view more content related to algorithmic interview~ Title Description Give you two non empty linked lists to represent two non negative integers. They store each number in reverse order, and each node can store only one number. Please add the two numbers and return a linked list representing sum in the same […]

  • 【GO】go bindata


    go-bindataThis is the current procedurepugoTools for embedding static resources in use. It can embed static files into agoFile and provide some operation methods. go-bindata -o=app/asset/asset.go -pkg=asset source/… theme/… doc/source/… doc/theme/… -oExport file toapp/asset/asset.go, package name-pkg=assetThen there are the directories that need to be packaged. The three points include all subdirectories. In this way, all relevant […]

  • [daily algorithm / brush through leetcode] 3 Longest substring without duplicate characters (medium)


    Click here to view more content related to algorithmic interview~ Title Description Given a string, please find the length of the longest substring that does not contain duplicate characters. Example 1: Input: S = “abcabcbb” output: 3 Explanation: because the longest substring without repeated characters is “ABC”, its length is 3. Example 2: Input: S […]

  • Laracms background management system


    Laracms background management system It is developed based on laravel 5.5, including content management and API services. (another repeating wheel)) Laracms is an amateur work produced in the process of learning laravel (web development practical advanced + practical architecture API server). It tries to quickly build a set of basic enterprise stations in a simple […]

  • Java streams – in depth tutorial


    Java8 and streams: a match made in heaven, but it may be a bit overwhelming. Addition of streamIs one of the major new features in Java 8. The article is rightStreamThe introduction of many supported functions focuses on simple and practical examples. To understand this, you need to have a basic working knowledge of Java […]