• Classes in TS


    In addition to implementing the functions of all classes in ES6, typescript has added some new usages (part ES7). 1、 Main usage of classes in ES6: 1. UseclassDefining classes, usingconstructorDefine the constructor.adoptnewWhen a new instance is generated, the constructor is called automatically. 2. UseextendsKeyword implementation inheritance, subclass usesuperKeyword to call the constructor and method of […]

  • Spring study, see SongGe this article more than ten thousand words dry goods is enough!


    1. Introduction to spring We often say that spring actually refers to the spring framework, and the spring framework is just a branch of the spring family. So what does the spring family have? Spring is created to solve the complexity of enterprise application development. Before spring, there was a heavyweight tool called EJB. Using […]

  • The concept of Oracle RAC cluster


    1、 What is Oracle RAC (real application cluster)? Oracle RAC is a cluster database with shared cache architecture. It overcomes the limitations of traditional non shared method and shared disk method, and provides a highly scalable and available database solution for all your business applications. Oracle RAC is a key component of Oracle Private Cloud […]

  • Node MySQL implements asynchronous operation (Part 2)


    About the previous article node Mysql to achieve asynchronous operation (Part 1) describes how to carry out asynchronous operation, this article mainly introduces how to encapsulate the basic use of node MySQL library Download MySQL Library https://github.com/mysqljs/mysql npm install mysql –save Basic use This is an example from the official GitHub //Connection configuration var mysql […]

  • The principle and use of sel


    concept SEL:Method name (number)IMP:A function pointer that holds the address of the [email protected] (method name)Gets the number of the method. The result is a sel type. His behavior is basically equivalent to the function pointer in C languagedifference In C language, you can directly assign a function name to a function pointer, and the function […]

  • Vue can change the current click class style and change multiple click class style instance analysis


    Vue can change the current click class style and change multiple click class style instance analysis Article overview 1: Change the current click class style 2: Change multiple click class styles 1、 Change the current click class style Implementation idea: class dynamic judgment style example template <template> <div> <ul v-for=”(value,index) in values”> <li @click=”cg_current_index(index)” :class=”{‘bg_color’:current_index==index}”> […]

  • Promise first experience


    PromiseWhat is it? JSIt is to operate the properties and methods of an object. For an object, we can start with its properties and methods directlyconsole.dir (object)Print out From the above printed properties and methods, you can seePromiseIs a constructor that has its own privateall,reject,resolve,receThere are also methods on the prototype that belong to instance […]

  • Changes of data warehouse architecture


    introduction The 8th China architects Conference (sacc2016) was successfully held in Sofitel Wanda hotel in Beijing from October 27 to 29. With “the road of architecture innovation” as the theme, the conference gathered top experts at home and abroad to discuss how to drive enterprise transformation and efficiency through architecture innovation and various new IT […]

  • Proxy and process control full interpretation! [advanced core of ES6]


    Initial address:https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/A-… “Use the most concise way to grasp the core knowledge points to help you read ES6 quickly.” These knowledge points play an important role in the framework design and task flow control, which are essential knowledge. Part of the content of this article requires you to have relevant basic knowledge to help youDraw […]

  • Out of the box, knative gives you the ultimate container serverless experience


    Add picture annotation, no more than 140 words (optional) Dongdao Alibaba technology expert guide: hosting knative out of the box, you don’t need to pay any cost for these resident instances. Combined with the ability of gateway provided by SLB cloud products and the reservation specification function based on sudden performance instance, it can greatly […]

  • Gitit bigger: the best personal wiki / document solution (GIT, markdown, bootstrap, ACE, docker)


    Gitit Bigger Gitit Bigger: Git and Markdown based wiki, Bootstrap, ace Editor, syntax highlight and docker deploy support. Excellent wiki system based on GIT and markdown, enhanced bootstrap and ACE editor, supporting docker deployment. Start bigger Suppose you have GIT and gitit installed Regular Edition git clone https://github.com/shajiquan/gitit-bigger ~/workspace/gitit; cd ~/workspace/gitit; cp sample.gitit.conf my-gitit.conf; ./run/run.sh […]

  • The realization of a promise a + handwritten


    Promise Handwritten a promise a + implementation. Note that this is just simulation. In fact, the native promise belongs to microtask in the event queue. It’s not particularly appropriate to use the setTimeout simulation here. Because setTimeout is a macrotask. 1. The simplest basic function /** *Define promise *First implement the simplest one. Simulate an […]