• Let’s learn Lua: coroutine 3


    *In the last issue, we mainly introduced the related functions and the creation of coroutines. In this period, we mainly introduce how to cooperate with buddies, and cooperation is the essence of the association. ≧◠◡◠≦ A kind of * In life, we often can’t do things all at once. For example, when you are reading […]

  • The usage of constructor in JavaScript


    5) Usage of constructor: Example 3.5.1     Function student (name, age) { / * mark to win: later on we can use it in var doc = new activexobject (“ Microsoft.XMLDOM ” );                    doc.async= “false”;                    doc.load (str);        when a property has a this, means that this property is a member property.        */        this.name = name;        […]

  • C practical exercise topic 29


    Title:To give a positive integer with no more than 5 digits, the requirements are as follows: 1. Find the number of digits; 2. Print out the numbers in reverse order. Program analysis:Learn to break down each digit, as explained below. example: #include int main( ) { long a,b,c,d,e,x; Printf (“please input 5 digits)”; scanf(“%ld”,&x); A […]

  • Illustration of solid principles around you – JS example version


    Last time the author translated an illustrated solid principle See: illustration of solid principle around you Two days later, I found that someone added some JavaScript examples to the article. After reading the example, it was not bad. This time I also translated it. Some examples were deleted~ Let’s not say much about the concept […]

  • . net multithreading (thread, ThreadPool, task, async and await)


    What is. Net multithreading? Process and thread A process is an executing program. A thread is an execution flow in a program. Multithreading means that a program can run multiple different threads to perform different tasks at the same time. Threads in. Net Thread is a class that creates and controls threads. Managedthreadid is the […]

  • Probe into the usage of PHP yield coprocessor generator (1)


    Series articles: Probe into the usage of PHP yield coprocessor generator (1) Write it at the front In this article, I want to discuss the usage of PHP yield in the generatorforeach,for, whileThe circular one. On the discussionyieldThe use of turning a function into a generator. aboutyieldFeature, is in developmentPHP5It was put on the agenda,PHP5.5The […]

  • Actual combat | build your own springboot starter step by step from 0 to 1


    Continue with the previous one《When being asked about the single case mode, how to answer can make the interviewer shine in front of his eyes?》After that, I’m going tospringbootLet’s introduce some functions of. Because nowspringbootWith more and more people using it, it has become the mainstream framework of Java industry. This article first introducesspringbootOfstarterMechanism, from […]

  • Vue life cycle understanding (rough summary)


    Today, in the secondary development, we encounter the Vue life cycle again. I didn’t know what I knew before. I read an article today and I feel that it’s written well. Record here: https://segmentfault.com/a/1190000011381906 Here is a rough summary of myself     1. Beforecreate: at this point, there is no assignment, just initialization. 2. […]

  • Must master! Do you know the nine design patterns used in spring?


    I collated advanced Java materials free of charge, covering Java, redis, mongodb, mysql, zookeeper, spring cloud, Dubbo high concurrency distributed course, a total of 30g, you need to get it yourself.Portal:https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/osB-BOl6W-ZLTSttTkqMPQ The summary of design patterns in spring is often asked about design patterns in spring during the interview. In this paper, we introduce nine […]

  • Spring boot2 series of tutorials (XXVIII) spring boot integration session sharing


    This article is the original song Ge, but in the first release, I forgot to mark the original. As a result, it was forwarded by many numbers, which made me unable to mark the original when I sorted it out later. I have written hundreds of original technical dry goods, and I can accept the […]

  • . net delegates, events, and lambda expressions


    entrust What is delegation? A delegate is a reference type (actually a class, inheriting a special class of multicastdelegate.) Represents a reference to a method with a specific parameter list and return type. Each delegate provides the invoke method, BeginInvoke and endinvoke asynchronous methods Why commission? Delegates can take methods (that is, logic) as parameters; […]

  • How to write webpack loader and plugin


    1. webpack loader The official explanation of loader is file preprocessor. Generally speaking, webpack needs to use loader to load various files when processing static files, such as HTML loader for HTML files, CSS loader and style loader for CSS files. Principle of loader compilation Single principle: each loader only does one thing; Chain call: […]