• Why does spring use level 3 caching to solve circular dependency?


    Focus on “Su San Shuo technology”, reply: there are surprises in development manual and time management. Maybe some friends don’t know about spring’s circular dependency. Let’s take a look at this example first. @Service public class AService { private BService bService; public AService(BService bService) { this.bService = bService; } public void doA() { System.out.println(“call doA”); […]

  • The use of options in. Net core option mode


    ASP.NET The core introduces the options mode, which uses classes to represent related settings groups. To put it simply, we use strongly typed classes to express configuration items, which brings a lot of benefits. The dependency injection of the system is utilized, and the configuration system can also be used. It allows us to directly […]

  • C# IO.File


    The file class is used to create, delete, copy, move, and open files Member function explain example File.Create() Create a file File.Create(@”D:\temp.txt”); File.Copy() Copy file File.Copy (@ “source path”, @ “target path”); File.Delete() Delete file File.Exists() If the file exists, put it back into bool File.Move() move file File.Replace() Replacing a file will delete the […]

  • What are the plugins


    html-webpack-pluginAutomatic package to generate HTML const HtmlWebpackPlugin = require(‘html-webpack-plugin’); module.exports = { // … plugins: [ new HtmlWebpackPlugin() ], }; clean-webpack-pluginClean up the / dist folder before each build.The official example does not work in the new version. The correct configuration is as follows const { CleanWebpackPlugin } = require(‘clean-webpack-plugin’); module.exports = { … plugins:[ […]

  • Redis (1)


    Redis About redis Remote dictionary server (redis) is a key value storage system. Redis is an open source log type, key value database written in ANSI C language, complying with BSD protocol, supporting network, memory based and persistent, and providing API in multiple languages. It is often referred to as a data structure server, because […]

  • Electron preliminary [01] – main process vs rendering process & sharing data between different pages


    Electron uses web pages as the app’s GUI, so you can think of it as a small chrome kernel browser controlled by JavaScript. Main process vs rendering process Main process In electron, runpackage.jsonThe process of the main script in is called the main process. Scripts running in the main process can play a GUI role […]

  • An undervalued Python data structure named duplex


    Original address:https://miguendes.me/everythi… By Miguel Brito Translator: Dean Wu This article discusses PythonnamedtupleThe key usage of. We will introduce from the simple to the deepnamedtupleThe concept of. You’ll learn why and how to use them, so the code is simpler. After studying this guide, you will love to use it. Learning objectives At the end of […]

  • “Selfie tutorial 47” Python_ ADB reboots the device 100 times


    Do Android mobile phone / TV / car system stability test,The system needs to be rebooted for 100 times to ensure that it will not get stuck during startup,Or the home interface is abnormal after getting up.There are also tests involving the first use of the boot activation interface to ensure that each system restart,As […]

  • . net configuration configuration


    catalog Memory configuration File configuration Hierarchical configuration Configuration chain Connection string Configure binding Command line configuration UserSecret Environment variable configuration . net configuration configuration Dotnet configuration source code:https://github.com/dotnet/runtime/tree/master/src/librariesIn which Microsoft.Extensions.Configuration Opening item Official configuration document: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/core/extensions/configuration https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/aspnet/core/fundamentals/configuration/?view=aspnetcore-3.1 . 5 net environment: Nuget package:Microsoft.Extensions.Configuration Memory configuration IConfigurationRoot configuration = new ConfigurationBuilder() //Add memory configuration .AddInMemoryCollection(new Dictionary […]

  • The first line of code, Chapter 2


    Summary of Chapter 2 of the first line of code The summary of the last chapter is written after reading it. I feel that there are a lot of omissions. From this chapter, I summarize while reading. Because of the new things, the summary of the first line of code will stop for a while, […]

  • JS regular expression syntax


    regular expression syntax Regular expression is a text pattern composed of ordinary characters (such as numbers, letters, punctuation and metacharacters used to represent a specific character or character set) and special characters (characters used as qualifications or special functions). Common characters All numbers, lowercase letters, uppercase letters, punctuation are common characters. Metacharacters are required to […]

  • How about the automatic injection process of spring @ Autowired annotation?


    During the interview, the interviewer asked, “what’s the job of spring annotation?”? “At present, I’m surprised. After all, does this not touch my misunderstanding of knowledge? Fortunately, I was quick witted and came up with a reply: I haven’t seen the workflow of spring annotation, but I [email protected] of the workflow, not to mention a […]