• Thinking about whether pictures load normally in Vue


    Problem: due to the business needs, we need to determine whether the pictures can be loaded normally. If not, we need to display a default picture; Scheme: 1. Since the background returns an image ID array, such as imglist = [‘343313131 ‘,’ 21333413244 ‘,’3312w232211’], the complete path of the image should be http: / / […]

  • EasyUI datetimebox control binding double click event to automatically select the current date and time


    This method is to achieve this goal by extending the method without changing the original JS First, expand a method of binding double click event in datetimebox control $.extend($.fn.datetimebox.methods, { //Bind double click event method bindDblClick: function (jq) { var panel = $(jq).combo(“panel”); panel.find(“.calendar-dtable tbody”).unbind(“.calendar”).bind(“dblclick.calendar”, function (e) { var calendar = $(jq).datetimebox(“calendar”); var spinner = […]

  • Vue Learning Guide: Part II (detailed Vue fundamentals) – instructions for Vue


    I. Introduction of Vue 1. Vue is a framework of MVVM. (interviewers often ask), angular is the framework of MVC. 2. VM is an instance of vum. This instance exists in the computer memory, and it mainly does two major tasks: 1. Binding data 2. DOM detection 3. Vue instance instantiates Vue object by new […]

  • Flink knowledge map


    Noun concept Streams unbounded stream Infinite data flow bounded stream Limited data flow Time (time) Time is an important basis for us to judge whether the business status is lagging behind and whether the data processing is timely. There are three time types. Event time Event time, when the event occurred on its device. Data […]

  • Details of JS event object offsetx, pagex, screenx, clientx


    It is difficult to determine the location of elements in normal times. The following shows various attributes in the specific event object for future use.   Detect location relative to browser: clientx and clienty The position of the mouse relative to the top left corner of the browser when a mouse event occurs      […]

  • Web front-end interview questions – jQuery (continuous update…)


    1. Have you seen the source code of jQuery? Can you give a brief overview of its implementation principle? JQuery source code is encapsulated in a self executing environment of anonymous functions, which helps to prevent global pollution of variables. Then, by passing in the window object parameters, the window object can be used as […]

  • How to get the current node by double clicking the treelist tree node of devixpress in WinForm


    scene How to set the data source in treelist of devexpress? Start with the instance: https://blog.csdn.net/BADAO_LIUMANG_QIZHI/article/details/102548490 Double click a node in the treelist to get the current node in the double-click event. Note: Blog home page:https://blog.csdn.net/badao_liumang_qizhi Pay attention to the public addressDomineering procedural apeGet programming related ebooks, tutorials and free downloads. Realization Double click event […]

  • Android development series activity


    I. Android system version and details Latest data https://developer.android.com/about/dashboards/   II. Android project 1. Create a project with Android studio Application Name:“My First App” Company Domain:“example.com” Connection and difference between project and module A project can have multiple modules. At present, the mainstream large-scale projects are multi module structures, and modules can depend on each […]

  • This week’s question: get and modify the value of input (text, file, adio, checkbox, select)


    Preface At first glance, this question is simple. Then, it’s simple. If you look carefully, do you have to check it. Anyway, I need to check the small leek every time I use it. Today, I’d like to share the framework with you. Jquery Get element:There are basically two ways to get it Start with […]

  • Right click to add ZedGraph in WinForm to set the upper and lower limits of all Y-axis scales


    scene In winforn, you can customize ZedGraph and add right-click menu items (with source code download): https://blog.csdn.net/BADAO_LIUMANG_QIZHI/article/details/100140716 In WinForm, the curve in ZedGraph can be displayed in Chinese by right clicking: https://blog.csdn.net/BADAO_LIUMANG_QIZHI/article/details/100115292 Based on the above two articles, the implemented right-click effect of ZedGraph     Now you need to add the right-click menu automatically […]

  • Detailed explanation of monkey command parsing


      I have met several times to recite a monkey command during the interview. It can be simply said as follows: ADB shell monkey – P (constraint package name) – s 200 – V – V — throttle 300 1500000 > e: \ 001.txt (log saving path)   I. Introduction to monkey: Monkey is a […]

  • IOS about some gesture conflicts (Scrollview nested tableview)


    In short, there is a conflict between a parent trying to add a gesture and a child trying to click an event in development, and the situation where uiscrollview nested uiscrollview and uiscrollview nested uitableview; Clicking clash If you add a click gesture gestap to the existing xktestview based on uiview, and then add a […]