• Android event distribution mechanism 5: sit down for the interviewer


    preface Nice to meet you~ This is the last article in the event distribution series. Let’s review the previous four articles as a directory: Android event distribution mechanism 1: how do events reach the activity?: starting from the window mechanism, this paper analyzes the overall process of event distribution and the real starting point of […]

  • Interface activity interactive response of Android system programming introduction series


    stayLast articleThe interface has been learned inActivityThe drawing of depends entirely on the view component it loadsViewNot only that, each touch operation of the user can be displayed on the interfaceActivityReceive and respond within, or directly transfer to one of the viewsViewResponse. How should the user respond to the user’s operation? Does the same operation […]

  • JS events – add and remove events


    element.addEventListener(event, function, useCapture)   Method to add an event handle to the specified element.   Event: required. String specifying the event name.be careful:  For example, use “click” instead of “onclick”.   Function: trigger function   Usecapture: optional. Boolean value that specifies whether the event is executed during the capture or bubble phase. Possible values: True – the […]

  • Baidu brain event Atlas: insight into event knowledge in a complex world


    In recent years, Internet ecology has experienced rapid development, and digital information is growing explosively. According to the statistical report on China’s Internet development, by March 2020, the number of Chinese Internet users had reached 904 million and the total number of web pages had exceeded 297.8 billion. The complex and massive information brings many […]

  • [network programming] I / O multiplexing function


    I / O reuse enables programs tomeanwhileMonitor and process multiple file descriptors to improve the efficiency of the program. The main system calls are select, poll and epoll. select System call prototype int select(int nfds, fd_set* readfds, fd_set* writefds, fd_set* expectfds, struct timeval* timeout);Where NFDS is the maximum number of file descriptors that select listens […]

  • Differences between on (), bind (), live (), delegate () in jquery


    The differences between. On (),. Bind (),. Live () and. Delegate () of jQuery are not always obvious. However, if we have a clear understanding of all the differences, it will help us write more concise code, better performance optimization and prevent unnecessary errors. First, briefly describe several knowledge points involved in the next round:DOM […]

  • Note the problems encountered in using Autofac dependency injection in quartz


    background Recently, I was working on a requirement to catch exceptions in the job and then push them to the designated personnel by e-mail or message. I found an injection problem encountered in the process of requirement implementation very interesting, so I hereby record it. If you think there is a better way, please tell […]

  • NPM Engineering & source code analysis of Inquirer


    fromnpm run-scriptApplication start View the of some NPM packagesnpm_package_scripts, you can often see itrun-scriptExample: … “scripts”: { “prerelease”: “npm test && npm run integration”, “release”: “env-cmd lerna version”, “postversion”: “lerna publish from-git”, “fix”: “npm run lint — –fix”, “lint”: “eslint . -c .eslintrc.yaml –no-eslintrc –ignore-path .gitignore –cache –cache-location ./node_modules/.cache/eslint”, “integration”: “jest –config jest.integration.js –maxWorkers=2”, “pretest”: […]

  • day 3 of learning vue


    Key modifier You can use the global config.keycodes objectCustom key modifier alias Auto match key modifier You can also directlyKeyboardEvent.keyAny valid key name exposed is converted to kebab case as a modifier: <input @keyup.page-down=”onPageDown”> In the above example, the handler function is only called when $event. Key = = ‘pagedown’. System modifier .ctrl .alt .shift […]

  • Laravel event


    Define events First inapp/Providers/EventServiceProvider.phpDefine events ‘App\Events\TestEvent’ => [ ‘App\Listeners\Listener1’, ‘App\Listeners\Listener2’, ‘App\Listeners\Listener3’, ], Then executephp artisan event:generate, generate relevant files. Write event content Test event results of enforcement conclusion It can be seen that even if events are used, the code logic is executed in strict order.Note that the event is just similar to an encapsulated […]

  • Analysis of konvajs principle


    preface Those who have used canvas know that it has many APIs and is troublesome to use. For example, if I want to draw a circle, I have to adjust a bunch of APIs, which is not friendly to development. const canvas = document.querySelector(‘canvas’); const context = canvas.getContext(‘2d’); //Set font style context.font = ’24px SimSun, […]

  • Hackers “play too much” stole $600 million and returned it. Instead of being held accountable, they were hired as consultants!


    Recently, the cross chain interoperability agreement organization poly network was stolen $610 million in assets by hackers. As of the latest report on the 24th, hackers have returned all US $610 million in assets (except that US $33 million usdt has been frozen). At present, poly network has decided not to pursue his legal responsibility […]