• Using event bus in. Net core


           With the popularity of microservices, DDD (Domain Driven Design Pattern) ideas are surging, impacting the entire software ecosystem. Among them, the event bus must be known, so I built a blog website with a mind of learning DDD. At present, the website is in the construction stage, and it will continue to […]

  • [development experience] button monitoring with flutter


    In development, sometimes it is necessary to monitor key events, which is supported by flutter itself and does not need to be implemented in the underlying platform native code. Flutter monitors key events of mobile phone / remote control / keyboard Flutter to achieve key monitoring, direct useRawKeyboardListenerthisWidgetThen: RawKeyboardListener( Focusnode: focusnode(), // focus onKey: (RawKeyEvent […]

  • Basic concepts of Vue


    The main aspects of the front end logic judge loop event Browser event: window document DOM event: add, delete, traverse, modify node element content view html css signal communication xhr Ajax axios Vue Separation principle of SOC attention Pay attention to the view layer: show it to the user and refresh the data given by […]

  • Simple implementation of recoil’s state subscription sharing


    Recoil is a new react state management library, which is still in the experimental stage. It proposes decentralized atomic state management, provides hooks API for setting and obtaining state, and makes components subscribe to state. This paper simply implements the principle of making multiple components share and subscribe to a state in recoil. my-recoil (v1.0) […]

  • Gaode map API, get and set zoom level and center point


    Double click to adjust the level of Gaode map Zoom changes the level of the initial map. The higher the zoom value, the more detailed the content and the smaller the scope Center changes the center point of the initial map, which is an array containing longitude and latitude map <span style=”background-color: #f5f5f5; color: #800000;”> […]

  • Click Add 2D 3D cabinet model based on HTML5 canvas


    Today, I return to digest our data container datamodel. Here is a typical example of data model event processing for beginners as a reference. This example looks very simple. In fact, it combines three very important event processing parts in the data model: property change event listening, selected change event listening and data model change […]

  • Flink’s time and watermarks


    When we use Flink, we can’t avoid dealing with time and watermarks. Understanding these concepts is the basis of developing distributed flow processing applications. What temporal semantics does Flink support? How does Flink handle out of order events? What is the water line? How are watermarks generated? What is the transmission mode of water level? […]

  • Simple 2D 3D editor based on HTML5 canvas


    No matter in any field, as long as non programmers can drag and drop to achieve 2D and 3D design drawings, it’s amazing. Today, we don’t need 3dmaxs and other design software. We can directly write a 2D and 3D editor with HT to realize this function. I think the sense of achievement is overwhelming, […]

  • JavaScript event object


    div { width: 100px; height: 100px; background-color: red; }  

  • JS common event object properties and methods


    div { width: 100px; height: 100px; background-color: pink; } 123 abc abc abc ______________________________________________________________________________________ Compatibility of event objects var div = document.querySelector(“div”) ; div.onclick = function(e) { e=e  || window.event ;   // window.event It’s a non-standard property. Try not to use it Var target = e.target || e.srclelement; / / e.srclelement is a non-standard attribute. […]

  • Capture bubble? Is browser a fish?


    As a front-end coder, in the development of any function that needs to interact with users or be triggered by users, it is always inseparable from event processing. Today, let’s talk about the DOM event delivery mechanism of browsers. DOM events When the JavaScript engine of the browser parses HTML and SVG, it will analyze […]

  • A brief analysis of mart stream processing in 5g Era


    The introduction of 5g network increases the demand for data volume and speed, which brings pressure to the traditional data architecture. The demand for absorbing data traffic is growing unprecedentedly. At the same time, intelligent and dynamic decisions should be made across multiple data streams to promote execution. Current data stream processing architectures are usually […]