• Picture real-time preview function


    HTML structure part let file = document.querySelector(‘#file’); let preview = document.querySelector(‘#preview’); file.onchange = function(){ //Use FileReader to read local files //Create file read object const fr = new FileReader(); //Get the file selected by the user const one = this.files[0]; //Read file fr.readAsDataURL(one); //When the onload event is triggered after reading the file, preview can […]

  • Making full screen scrolling slides with CSS transition


    Recently, I saw some page effects on the Internet, which can be used for subsequent page switching, so I made one by myself Thinking process: CSS sets the class surface to set the transition transform: translatex (100%) attribute to set the DOM attribute animation effect Monitor page mouse slide event, keyboard click event, mouse click […]

  • Notes on the basis of Vue and some learning experiences


    What you don’t know in Vue, and precautions v-html When v-html is used, the value in the instruction will overwrite the original value in the binding tag, and when v-html is used, do not set it as the place to provide content to users, because v-html is easy to be attacked by XSS v-bind When […]

  • Mobile page event penetration / click penetration problem


    Background One of the projects the blogger is in charge of is web page. There is an event penetration problem on the mobile end. After introducing the cause of the problem, it is found that it is a knowledge point of mobile web, which is worth recording. 2、 Click and 300ms delay Mobile browser provides […]

  • Vue.js source code analysis (XXVIII) details of transition components of advanced applications


    The transition component can add in / out transition to any element or component, but it can only implement transition effect for a single component (multiple elements can use the transition group component, which will be discussed in the next section). When calling the built-in component, the following features can be passed in: Name is […]

  • Using react to implement a simple impression note app


    1、 Rendering display 2、 Initialize project ① Installation of react scaffold tools //Global install create react app sudo npm -g install create-react-app //Create a react project with the create react app command create-react-app evernote In addition to creating a react project by installing the create react app globally, weYou can also create it with the […]

  • An article thoroughly understands the entrustment and events in C ා


    1、 What is a commission? It’s very abstract. It’s really hard to understand. Interviewers like to investigate this one best, and they prefer to ask, “what are the similarities and differences between entrustment and event?”. If you don’t understand some knowledge points, it’s easy to get around them. To study anything, we can start from […]

  • Mobile terminal click through


    Touch screen event of mobile terminal The development of the mobile terminal often needs to monitor the user’s touch behavior. There are several touch events on the mobile terminal: Touch start triggered when a finger touches the screen, even if there is already a finger on the screen Touchmove finger triggered when the screen is […]

  • The problem and solution of dynamic DOM invalidation generated by jQuery validate binding


    1. Problems JQuery validate is a very common plug-in for form validation, but it cannot bind validation events to dynamically generated elementsBaidu search can also find a lot of similar problems, but it didn’t find a solution. It took a little time to solve it 2. Solutions Click Add The input generated dynamically here is […]

  • Windows Server 2003 set regular automatic restart and view server restart log tutorial


    Tasks: Set 4:00 a.m. every day through bat batch file to restart the server automatically Check the server log the next day to determine whether the server automatically restarts as scheduled Windows Server 2003 server setting automatic restart Disk C – new text fileOpen a text document, write the following and save: shutdown / R […]

  • Practical skills of Vue Foundation


    Vue has heard of it before, and has a little knowledge of it. At that time, I was still keen to write some method encapsulation in native JavaScript, which is not why. I feel so handsome. I have more or less touched the usage of jQuery. Up to now, I have forgotten some methods of […]

  • Read the touch module of zepto source code


    As we all know, for historical reasons, the click events on the mobile terminal will have300msLeft right delay,ZeptoOftouchThe module solves the problem of mobile terminal click delay and provides slidingswipeEvent. Reading the zepto source series has been put on GitHub. Welcome to star: reading zepto Source version The source code of this article is zepto1.2.0 […]