• JS function calling mode and this analysis


    Function call and this ① Ordinary function calls are executed by adding () to the function name or variable name. function fn(){ console.log(1); }; fn(); ② Constructor, called through the new keyword (you can also call with (), but the function is incomplete) function Student(name){ this.name = name; }; var s1 = new Student(“li”); ③ […]

  • Notes and extensions of unity3d action game development practice 2.1


    2.1.1. Use coprocessing to decompose complex logicProcessing asynchronous tasks with a coroutine: when you encounter some program requirements that need asynchronous processing, you can use a coroutine to implement themAdvantages of using CO process: simple and easy to implementExample: using coprocessor instead of finite state machine (some modifications and comments are added based on the […]

  • Wechat applet development practice (1): rolling component


    This paper mainly introduces various common functions of scroll view component, such as vertical and horizontal scrolling, scrolling events, etc., and demonstrates the use of these functions through example code1. Vertical scroll viewScroll view is a container component. If the sub components of the component exceed the height or width of scroll view, the component […]

  • Write webpack loader and plug-in


    Introduction to webpack Tabable (super housekeeper of webpack controlling event flow) The core function of tapable is to execute the registered events in sequence when triggered according to different hooks.Bail、Waterfall、LoopAnd other keywords, specifying the registered event callbackhandlerSequence of triggering. Basic hook: execute in sequence according to the event registration sequencehandler,handlerNo interference between; Bail hook: execute […]

  • An application of angular event binding syntax in SAP Spartacus Popover component


    To bind to an event, use the event binding syntax of angular. This syntax consists of the target event name in parentheses to the left of the equal sign and the template statement in quotation marks to the right. In the following example, the target event name is click and the template statement is onsave […]

  • Vue learning record II


    Style and class binding There are three methods for binding styles and classes: object mode, array mode, and a combination of object array mode. <div id=”app”> <div :class=”{active:isActive}”></div> <div :class=”[activeClass,errorClass]”></div> <div :class=”[{active:isActive},activeClass, errorClass]”></div> </div> <script> const app = new Vue({ el:’#app’, data:{ activeClass:’proper’, errorClass:’tip’, isActive:true, } }); </script> conditional rendering When it comes to conditional […]

  • The data structure contains variable length field processing


    1、 Foreword In the actual system, the process for the user to know what happened may be: the underlying driver detects the event – throws it up to the corresponding module for processing – pop up or other ways to make it visible to the user. However, there are many kinds of events. Sometimes the […]

  • Deeply understand the HTTP processing flow of nodejs


    brief introduction We already know how to use nodejs to build an HTTP service. Today, we will introduce the HTTP processing flow in nodejs in detail, so as to have an in-depth understanding of nodejs http. Creating HTTP services using nodejs It is easy to create HTTP services using nodejs. Nodejs provides a special HTTP […]

  • Take you to understand DOM event flow


    When doing front-end development, we often need to do various interactions, such as mouse click / double click / slide events, keyboard events, etc. These are DOM events. First, let’s look at a concept called DOM event flow. DOM event flow Event flow: the sequence in which events are triggered between the target element and […]

  • It’s not difficult to understand filebeat, a sharp tool for log collection!


    As mentioned earlier:Super dry! Collect nginx logs through filebeat, logstash and rsyslog。 The filebeat used in this article is version 7.7.0. This article will explain it from the following aspects: Introduction to filebeat Relationship between filebeat and beats First, filebeat is a member of beats. Beats is a lightweight log collector in. In fact, the […]

  • Difference between promise and observable


    What is the difference between promises and observations? The highest answer: 1777 Promise handles a single event when an asynchronous operation completes or fails. Note: the promise library supports the cancellation operation, but the ES6 promise does not support it so far. Observable An observable is like a stream (in many languages), allowing zero or […]

  • Perfectly monitor the size change of a div (size change caused by any way)


    preface We know that the resize or onresize event is a window event.As shown in the figure:We can see that on the far right, the width of the window is changed. At this time, after hearing the resize of the window in the chart div on the left, the change is made. Also move to […]