• JQuery — advanced


    JQuery — advanced Blog description The information involved in this article comes from the Internet and personal summary, which means personal learning and experience summary. If there is any infringement, please contact me to delete it. Thank you! animation Three ways to show and hide elements Default display and hide methods Show ([speed, [easing], [FN]), […]

  • Sagit.Framework For IOS automatic layout tutorial: 8. Uiview common events: click, double-click, long press, drag, slide, screen edge sideslip, timing events.


    preface: This section introduces the general events of uiview. Common events are available on all UI. 1. Uiview event: Click definition: //Click events that can be attached (when archived in keyValue, parameters cannot be transferred (memory address is invalid), only runtime attributes can be saved) typedef void(^OnViewClick)(id view); #Pragma mark extended system events – Click […]

  • JS start to open app_ Browser Click to open wechat


    demand In the project, you need to open the app in the web page. If the mobile phone does not have an app installed, you need to jump to the download custom app page. This kind of demand can be realized in many “other people’s home” websites. Of course, our developers have requirements and have […]

  • On line alarm realized by supervisor + nail


    1. Background In order to ensure the stability of the online project, it is necessary to pin the failed process of supervisor repeatedly, so that the relevant technical personnel can deal with it in time.The results are as follows: 2. Basic knowledge Here is a literacy program for readers who have never been exposed to […]

  • Stepping.js ——Two steps to complete the front and back end separation architecture design


    One week ago, I participated in a workshop on “modeling and design” of the company. In a sense, this is a workshop on architecture design and software modeling. And then there was an inspiration Stepping.js 。 When we end the event storm, we need to take pictures or other means to record the relevant content. […]

  • Tips for chrome performance tuning


    In the development of large-scale web applications or complex interactive websites, it is inevitable to encounter some page performance bottlenecks. This article describes how to use Chrome’s performance panel to analyze website performance bottlenecks, which should be helpful. Note that in order to reduce the noise caused by some chrome plug-ins in performance evaluation, it […]

  • Sagit.Framework For IOS auto layout tutorial: 14. Uiscrollview: paging, pagination component rendering, paging event, setting page size, batch loading image rendering.


    preface: This article introduces some usages of uiscrollview encapsulation. 1. Special usage of uiscrollview: paging, paging events, batch loading images. Basic definition: interface UIScrollView (ST) //Define two events, the previous page and the next page typedef void (^OnScrollPrePager)(UIScrollView *scrollView); //Define two events, the previous page and the next page typedef void (^OnScrollNextPager)(UIScrollView *scrollView); //! previous […]

  • C1flexgrid double grid scroll bar linkage


    Use afterscroll event to realize double grid linkage. private void Grid_AfterScroll(object sender, RangeEventArgs e) { try { if (!_Interlocking) { //He was able to resist his control _Interlocking = true; FlexGridFMS grid = sender as FlexGridFMS; grid.Update(); Point pt = grid.ScrollPosition; //Horizontal movement if (grid.Equals(grdData)) { grdDataSub.ScrollPosition = new Point(pt.X, grdDataSub.ScrollPosition.Y); } else if (grid.Equals(grdDataSub)) […]

  • [springboot basic series] implement a custom configuration loader (application)


    [springboot basic series] implement a custom configuration loader (application) Spring [email protected], which is used to bind the configuration, can read the corresponding configuration from the configuration file and assign it to the member variable. Sometimes, our configuration may not be in the configuration file. If there is dB / redis / other files / third-party […]

  • Memcached for multi structured data management


    Memcached for multi structured data management 1. Introduction to memcached Memcached is a high performanceDistributed memory objectsCache system is used for dynamic web application to reduce database load. Basic features: cache data and objects in memory to provide faster running speed for dynamic and database driven websites, so as to reduce the number of times […]

  • Keyboard events


    1、 Listen for enter call events1、jquery: $(“dom”).keypress(function (even) { if (even.which == 13) { //Event handling } }); 2、JavaScript: document.onkeydown=function(event){ var e = event || window.event || arguments.callee.caller.arguments[0]; If (E & & e.keycode = = 27) {// press ESC //Event handling } If (E & & e.keycode = = 13) {// enter key //Event handling […]

  • [Mr. Zhao Qiang] Flink’s watermark mechanism (based on Flink 1.11.0)


    How to deal with out of order data when using eventtime? We know that there is a process and time in the process of flow processing from event generation to flow through source and then to operator. Although in most cases, the data flowing to the operator is in accordance with the time sequence of […]