• In depth understanding of event cycle mechanism


    Wechat official account: [one pot at the front end]A little technology, a little thinking.For questions or suggestions, please leave a message on official account. Questions ahead: JS is single threaded. How to be asynchronous? What is the process of event cycle? What are macrotask and microtask and what are their differences? node. What is the […]

  • [Android] materialdatepicker usage notes


    Materialdatepicker usage background Previously, we used datepicker for program development. But because my tablet is Nokia N1. The system is always stopped on version 5.1, and datepicker cannot be used. So we must think of another solution to replace it. Replace here with materialdatepicker. Here, try the selection method of time period of materialdatepicker. Gradle […]

  • Reactor of event consumers – event traceability


    This article is reproduced from [how to decouple]:https://codedecoupled.com/php… Reactor andProjectorThe only difference is that we can’t replay reactor’s behavior. Therefore, reactor is a behavior with side effects in the processing field. So what is the behavior with side effects? If the result of a behavior occurring once is different from that occurring many times, this […]

  • HTML draggable attribute


    draggable This attribute specifies whether the element can be dragged. By default, links and avatars can be dragged event Dragged element ondragstartInstant trigger of dragging ondragContinuous triggering during dragging ondragendDrag end trigger Target element ondragenterTrigger for entering the target element (mouse cursor entry) ondragoverEntering and leaving the target element is triggered continuously ondragleaveTriggered when leaving […]

  • Wechat applet: movable view


    Normally, after an element is created, it cannot be moved without JS or CSS animation. Wechat applet adds movable view component to realize it. Movable view component can complete the movement of elements, but the container must be placed inmovable-areaIn order to move, in fact, these two components can be used together to achieve the […]

  • Android 9.0 native looper mechanism (principle)


    *Standing on the shoulders of giants can see further*   Android 9.0 native looper mechanism (principle) Android 9.0 native looper mechanism (application)   preface When analyzing the native layer code of Android framework, looper, an important auxiliary class in Android system, is used in many places to communicate between threads or design processing logic. This […]

  • Laravel best practices — event driven programming


    In this article, we will learn what “event driven programming” is and how to start building an event driven application in laravel. At the same time, we will also see how to decouple the logic of the application through event driven programming. Before we start, let’s explain that this article mainly expounds the programming thinking […]

  • Pit of pointer events


    When we do the function of dragging page elements, we will consider the adaptation between the PC end and the mobile end, so we use the combination of MouseDown, MouseMove and mouseup on the PC end, and the combination of touchstart, touchmove and touchend on the mobile end will also be active,If both ends are […]

  • Shence analysis IOS SDK code buried point analysis


    1、 Foreword The so-called buried point is a term in the field of data collection (especially in the field of user behavior data collection). It refers to the relevant technologies and their implementation process for capturing, processing and sending specific user behaviors or events, so as to provide data support for further optimizing products or […]

  • Application of laravel model event


    When dealing with some user operation events, we sometimes need to record them for future reference or big data statistics. Laravel is easy to handle in model events:https://laravel-china.org/docs/laravel/5.5/eloquent#events There are two ways for laravel’s model events, set updispatchesEventsProperty mapping event class Use the observer to register events. Here is the second method New model php […]

  • Redux pit entry notes


    Redux is simply an event distributor and globalstateConsole. Redux has a globalstate, by wrapping the root componentProvider, willstoreDistributed to all subcomponents, and subcomponents passconnectMethod, getdispatchEvent distribution function and requiredprops(it can also be passed if necessaryconnectPass in the information you want to distribute to the child componentsaction) Define constants, States, and actions // Reducer/ConstValue.js export const […]

  • Shence analysis Android SDK network module analysis


    preface In the information age, data has become a valuable resource for mobile Internet enterprises. The acquisition, reporting, storage, analysis and even visual presentation of data have become an important research direction. Of course, the core of big data analysis is data, and the source of data is more important. The core problem that needs […]