• Android event bus framework design: eventbus3.0 source details and architecture analysis (in)


    Blog Homepage The first half is mainly about the analysis of eventbus3.0 architecture. Next, we start the source code analysis of eventbus3.0. We start with the source code analysis of eventbus3.0 usage, and first analyze the registration events~ 1. Analysis of registered source code To register an event: EventBus.getDefault().register(this); Getdefault() of eventbus is a single […]

  • ZEEK extract file


    First, reference Official document file analysis 2、 Explanation of terms FAF, file analysis frameworkDPD, dynamic protocol detection Three, text 1. Document translation In the past, it was very troublesome to write ZEEK scripts to analyze the contents of files, because according to the network protocol involved in file transfer, there may be many different events […]

  • Electron package with optional installation location and automatic update


    Electron package parameter adjustment software (Windows version) ———————————-Optional installation location, automatic update, manual update 1: Lead package: electron, electron builder, electron Updater** npm i electron –save-dev npm i electron-builder –save-dev npm i electron-updater –save Note: each package should be placed in the corresponding position; Package.json configuration: 1. Field: “build” Parameters: { “publish”: [ { “provider”: […]

  • Android event bus framework design: eventbus3.0 source details and architecture analysis (2)


    Blog Homepage 1. Viscous event Sticky events can be received by subscribing to the event after sending it, similar to sticky broadcast. First, let’s look at the release mode of sticky events: EventBus.getDefault().postSticky(“hello, eventbus!”); Let’s look at the source code of the sticky event method private final Map<Class<?>, Object> stickyEvents; public void postSticky(Object event) { […]

  • “Summary” jQuery common function methods


    1.delay(duration,[queueName]) Set a delay to delay the execution of subsequent items in the queue.New in jQuery 1.4. Used to delay the execution of functions in the queue. It can be used to delay the execution of animation queue or to customize the queue. Duration: delay time in milliseconds Queuename: queue noun, default is FX, animation […]

  • Element UI split dialog to subcomponent


    Today, I spent a night debugging a function. Because I need a dialog that is more complex and can be reused, that is, to create and edit the same dialog, I split it into a subcomponent. It’s a little bit troublesome to hide and display this dialog, and I haven’t found a direct operation method […]

  • C ා use delegate events to transfer values between forms (Simplified)


    Define delegate Public delegate void sendmessagetochildforms (string s); // defines a delegate with a parameter of string and no return value, named sendmessagetochildforms. Delegate instantiation //The essence is to instantiate an event public event SendMessageToChildForms smtcf_event; Define specific execution methods public void ToShowGetMessage(string s) { This. LB? Received content. Text = s; } Binding method […]

  • Use timer and observer mode of C ා to complete alarm push demand


    Preface In the past two days, I interviewed a senior R & D company of Internet of things. The interview questions are as follows: Company leaders, department heads, group leaders and members are at level 4. If there is an early warning of epidemic situation, inform the group members (for individuals, there is mainly one […]

  • Ui2code re evolution! Combined with Redux framework upgrade!


    Abstract:Since I had ui2code, my mother never had to worry about me working overtime background The goal of ui2code is to get the corresponding code by analyzing the visual manuscript, so that AI can improve the development efficiency. However, in the past, the output of static pages could not meet the needs of business scenarios. […]

  • Rapid development of MacOS menubar app based on electron


    The main technology involved in developing MacOS menubar app based on electron is actually electron’s tray API. In addition, some people have simply encapsulated the API: menubar (GitHub). Its basic principle is to move the window of electron to the bottom of the app button corresponding to menu bar, that is, when clicking the menu […]

  • IOS physical collision, singing bar audio processing, imitating Taobao linkage effect and other source codes


    IOS selected source Physical simulation of colliding gyroscope A linkage effect of imitating Taobao’s details and daily excellent fresh Jjnetwork Library IOS list selection box Live network video class — real-time transmission of native socket audio and video — smart home Skeleton style loading library. Low coupling. Just call uiview’s extension method Wechat applet drawing […]

  • Understanding PWA


    Original address: https://blog.webkong.cn/2018/ What is pwa? Progressive web app, or PWA for short, is a new way to enhance the experience of web app and give users the experience of native application. PWA can achieve the experience of native application not by referring to a particular technology, but by applying some new technologies for improvement, […]