• Segmentfault technology weekly Vol.41 – in depth learning blockchain


    Start with bitcoin A story tells you how bitcoin works The positioning of this article will be more popular, and try to explain the basic principles of bitcoin by analogy. This article will not touch on the details of algorithms and protocols. I intend to write another article on bitcoin principle from the perspective of […]

  • Ethereum Development Guide


    A curated list of awesome Ethereum tutorials, articles, and resources. Solidity Create a digital greeter – Build a Hello World contract on the ethereum command line Cryptozombies – Learn to Code Ethereum DApps By Building Your Own Game. Solidity Doc – Official solidity documentation. Ethereum How does Ethereum work, anyway? – Explain how Ethereum functions […]

  • From bitcoin script engine to Ethereum virtual machine


    This series is aimed at blockchain developers and CS majors with other development experience In the face of media interpretation and praise of blockchain related technologies, many people are at a loss. Driven by fomo (fear of missing out), investors and large companies are scrambling to announce all in blockchain. Big names from all walks […]

  • Don’t wait for the tax bureau to come up with complete data on the chain before you begin to pay attention to privacy projects!


    It seems a bit metaphysical to discuss only privacy technology solutions, but if there are real needs, this problem can not be ignored. In China, digital currency trading has always been a tax haven, but at the beginning of the year, a classmate in the relevant department called me many times and asked me what […]

  • Chinadefi: L2 solution of OMG, skale and IDEX


    Chinadefi is the first blockchain research brand focusing on defi in China. It is committed to creating consensus on the value of defi and contributing to China’s strength. We will work together with many defo projects, developers, investment institutions, media, communities, open platforms, as well as defo enthusiasts to jointly create China’s DFI ecology. More […]

  • [ CKB.DEV How to implement user defined token on CKB


    This post mainly comes from CKB.DEV The first phase of the tea party, the theme of this issue is: how to implement UDT on CKB, shared by Stephen Wang Bo. Video of the tea party: https://v.qq.com/x/page/x3030… Transaction and contract model of CKB Because the programming model of CKB and Ethereum is completely different, it is […]

  • Baidu Security Research Institute: introduction to blockchain smart contract


    abstract Smart contract is an event driven, stateful code contract and algorithm contract [11]. With the vigorous development of blockchain technology represented by bitcoin, blockchain technology has gradually surpassed the era of programmable currency and entered the era of smart contract. As the core part of blockchain, smart contract is widely used in technology, which […]

  • Chainlink node deployment tutorial


    Chainlink node deployment tutorial This paper mainly refers to the official documents of chainlink( https://docs.chain.link/docs/running-a-chainlink-node )If you can read English, you are recommended to read the official documents directly. Installation required components The server environment is ubuntu1804. We take the ropsten test network as an example. To build the main Ethernet network, you only need […]

  • How Android App generates Ethereum Wallet


    There is a lot of work to be done to generate the Ethereum wallet for Android applications, but if we go step by step, we should also be clear: 1. Inapp/build.gradleThe following dependencies are integrated in: compile (‘org.web3j:core-android:2.2.1’) Web3j core is the core class library used to download the data of Ethereum blockchain from the […]

  • [fractal] Ethereum 2.0 is coming. Don’t you know Casper?


    “Truth seeking blockchain” is a series of popular science columns created by fractal think tank. It sincerely outputs popular science content, aiming to let more people understand the intrinsic value and differences of various blockchain technologies. At the beginning of this year, Ethereum carried out the Constantinople upgrade. With the upgrade, when can Ethereum switch […]

  • Eth2.0 is coming. Don’t you know Casper? (II)


    In the previous article, we introduced Casper FFG in vitalik’s original paper, which uses POS to confirm the blocks generated by POW to improve the security of the system, but this is just a transitional scheme. In Ethereum 2.0, a pure POS Casper protocol will be used. In this chapter, we will introduce the Casper […]

  • Activity review: quarkchain participated in Ethereum development conference to share the latest progress of public chain technology


    Last week, DevCon, as the vane of blockchain technology development, concluded in Osaka, Japan. DevCon is an annual gathering held by the Ethereum foundation. The meeting is mainly aimed at all practitioners of Ethereum ecology, developers, researchers, client implementers, infrastructure operators, community organizers, etc. This conference attracted about 3000 participants to discuss current and future […]