• Implementation example of go operation etcd


    etcdIt is an open-source, distributed key value pair data storage system, which provides shared configuration, service registration and discovery. This paper mainly introduces the installation and use of etcd. Etcdetcd introduction etcdIt is an open source and highly available distributed key value storage system developed with go language, which can be used to configure sharing […]

  • Implementation of etcd access and numerical monitoring by golang


    The test code is as follows package main import ( “fmt” “log” “time” “go.etcd.io/etcd/clientv3” “golang.org/x/net/context” ) var ( dialTimeout = 5 * time.Second requestTimeout = 2 * time.Second endpoints = []string{“”, “”, “”} ) func main() { cli, err := clientv3.New(clientv3.Config{ Endpoints: endpoints, DialTimeout: dialTimeout, }) if err != nil { log.Fatal(err) } defer cli.Close() […]

  • How boltdb Write its Data?


    How boltdb Write its Data? A-Ha! Here’re three questions during reading the source code of BoltDB. I’ll explain our testing procedure to dive into the core of the BoltDB writing mechanism. Code link: yhyddr/quicksilver First At first, my mentor posts a question: “Did BoltDB have a temporary file when starting a read/write transaction”. Following the […]

  • Easy to understand etcd


    It is easy to understand etcd with some illustrations, scenes and words. This article is for beginners of etcd. The purpose is to let you know what etcd is, what scenarios it is mainly used in, how etcd clusters work and how to select the number of nodes when creating clusters. Etcd is a key […]

  • Etcd common operation introduction


    install The easiest way to install is to download the pre compiled binary directly from the release page of etcd GitHub. Etcd officially provides different binary files for each system for developers to download according to their own system. Download address: https://github.com/etcd-io/et After the download and decompression, there are two binaries in the directory,etcdas well […]

  • A concise tutorial of golang etcd


    Etcd is a key value warehouse with high availability and strong consistency, which has been widely used in many distributed system architectures. This tutorial introduces the golang version with some simple examplesetcd/clientv3The main functions and usage methods provided in. If you are not familiar with etcd, please read it first: Easy to understand etcd Etcd […]

  • Using etcd to realize service registration and discovery


    The basic functions of service registration and discovery in the system are as follows Service registration: all nodes of the same service are registered in the same directory. After the node is started, its information is registered in the directory of the service. Health check: the service node sends the heartbeat regularly, sets a shorter […]

  • K8s ecological weekly | etcd v3.4.0 brings many updates


    The content of k8s ecological weekly mainly includes some recommended information about k8s ecology that I have been exposed to every week. Welcome to the k8s ecology column. Helm 3 beta 2 release Helm 3 has been in continuous improvement since alpha. Finally, beta2 has been released. According to the current development progress of the […]

  • Consensus problem


    This paper describes the concept, algorithm and application of distributed consensus. It involves raft, Paxos (basic, multi, fast), zk, etcd, chubby. And thinking. Concern and consensus on how zk, etcd, chubby interfaces can be applied to service discovery, distributed locks, etc. are omitted. Consensus: One or more nodes make a proposal and the algorithm chooses […]

  • Etcdui in support of regret medicine


    At the same time, it supports etcd V3 V2 version and etcd UI of regret medicine. github https://github.com/wudaoluo/e… version 0.1 Support etcd V2 Support for etcd V3 Use go instead of node Support for adding multiple etcd addresses Support configuration file dynamic update Support for etcdv3 TLS encryption Support JSON toml configuration file Version 0.2 […]

  • K8s and etcd – backup etcd data to S3


    Preface Many components of the whole k8s are almost stateless. All data are stored in etcd. etcd can be said to be the database of the whole k8s cluster. It is conceivable that the importance of etcd. Therefore, it is very important to do a good job of etcd data backup. This article mainly talks […]