• Time series prediction in Statistical Science (1)


    Prediction is an important application scenario of time series related knowledge. As we said before [time series data (Part 1)], time series can be divided into stationary time series and non-stationary time series. Today, this article mainly introduces the prediction methods of stationary time series. The so-called stationary time series means that with the passage […]

  • Cemotion NLP based Chinese sentiment analysis library


    Cemotion is a Chinese NLP Library in Python, which can be used for Chinese sentiment analysis. Cemotion’s model is trained by recurrent neural network, and it will return 0-1 confidence of sentiment tendency for Chinese text. You can analyze the emotions of Chinese Texts in batches and deploy them to Linux, Mac OS, windows and […]

  • Measurement selection of machine learning model 1


    By Alvira swalinCompile | VKSource | medium The first part mainly discusses regression measurement In the world of postmodernism, relativism, in various forms, has always been one of the most popular and criticized philosophical theories. Relativism holds that there is no universal and objective truth, but each viewpoint has its own truth. In this article, […]