• Another more suitable name for “microservice” technology


    introduction these two daysWatch the sky at nightI’m ready to share. I’ve made some reflections and summaries on the origin and development of servitization, microservice and other technologies. Of course, there have been 100 or 10000 different articles on the Internet to explain and describe what servitization is, what microservice is, and what’s the difference […]

  • Useref usage details


    useuseRefIt’s been a while. I’ve combed it recentlyuseRefDetails of the use of. 1、 Motivation Function components access DOM elements; Function component before accessing render variables. Function components are executed every time they are rendered, and the local variables inside the function are usually recreateduseRefYou can access the last rendered variable, similar toInstance variables for class […]

  • Graphical reactivecocoa basic function


    This article only applies to reactivecocoa v2.5 For functional responsive programming (FRP), you can refer to What is (functional) reactive programming? Specification for a Functional Reactive Programming language Streams of values over time The simplest sentence on reactivecocoa repo describes the essence of FRP. Repo itself provides APIs of compositing and transforming streams of values. […]

  • Tomcat severe: error listener start and startup failed due


    problem Start Tomcat error org.apache.catalina.core.StandardContext startInternal Severe: error listenerStart // an error is reported org.apache.catalina.core.StandardContext startInternal Severe: context [/ * * * *] startup failed due to previous errors // an error is reported Start successfully Report an error // in fact, it has failed before Starting failed. The error reported is not a real […]

  • On the serviceprovider in laravel


    Some friends said that they didn’t quite understand after reading a lot of informationServiceProviderWhat is it for? Today, I’m trying to have a chat in vernacularServiceProvier。 Imagine a scenario where you write a CMS, which naturally includes routing, configuration, database migration, helper functions or classes, etc. If you want to useServiceProviderAccess to theLaravelWhat should we […]

  • Real time is the future? Flow computing in the heart of a small and micro enterprise


    Abstract: This paper is shared by Mr. Tang duo, a technical team of Mozhi. It mainly describes the whole process of introducing stream computing within the technical team, including the initial decision-making, the choice during the period and the final landing. Along the way, their thinking, perception and experience sharing have been shared. Meet Flink […]

  • C basic data type performance test


    This paper simply tests the multiplication and division performance of fixed-point numbers and built-in floating-point numbers implemented by 16 bit integers and 32-bit integers respectively in C language Cycle 1 0000 0000 * 20 times under release: CPU:7700K/4.2Ghz   The fixed-point number is realized as follows: Fp16: int operation in essence Fp32: long long operation […]

  • Pay attention! Add or delete ArrayList. Do not use it indiscriminately


    In the process of programming, we often need to use the collection, and ArrayList is often used by us, but recently there are some problems in a deletion and increase, share the record. Here are two sections of code List arrayList1 = new ArrayList(); arrayList1.add(“1”); arrayList1.add(“2”); for (String s : arrayList1) { if(“1”.equals(s)){   arrayList1.remove(s);   }} List arrayList2 = new ArrayList(); arrayList2.add(“2”);arrayList2.add(“1”); for (String s : arrayList2) {   if(“1”.equals(s)){   arrayList2.remove(s); […]

  • Summary of the method of CSS element hiding


    This is the problem that Tencent will encounter in its 2020 school recruitment interview 1.visibility: hidden; 2.display: none; Same point: all tags are hidden, and the corresponding tags still exist in the DOM structure Difference: After the label is set to display: none, it will not occupy the original location of the label, and will […]

  • The difference between fields and attributes


    Fields are variables exposed by class with public modifiers, and attributes are encapsulation of fields. The essence of attributes is method {get; set;} method. Fields are used to store data inside classes, and properties are values set or read when classes are provided for external calls.