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  • [Python] – 2-string Foundation


    introduction This article introduces the basic operation of string in Python, including three kinds of string expression, string connection, the use of escape character, and the use of placeholder. Contents of articles 0 × 1. How to output string0 × 2. How to use escape character0 × 3. How to connect strings0 × 4. How […]

  • Escape sequence, the most commonly used HTML escape character


    In HTML, <, >, & and so on have special meanings (<, >, used for link tag, & used for escape), and cannot be used directly. These symbols are not displayed in the web page we finally see. What should we do if we want to display these symbols in the web page?This is about […]

  • Summary of regular expression


    Regular expression learning Regular expressions are used to solve < span style = color:red; Background: background color; Font size: text size; ‘” String search and replacement problem < / span >, you can use the regular expression engine to determine whether a string is in line with the well-defined rules in the regular expression engine, […]

  • Detailed explanation of escape character% in CMD batch processing


    1. % is an escape character, which is usually translated as an escape character, but there are also more vivid translated names such as escape character and escape character. In other words,%, not only does it escape and replace its related specific string with a specific string, but also it will be “escaped”. And similar […]

  • Description of modifier character and escape character of PHP regular expression basic function


    I use a lot of regularization in writing, so I will gradually reduce the application of regularization in the next version The characters to escape in PHP regular expressions are as follows: $^*()+={}[]|/:<>.?’” Note: in Perl style, expressions are required to start with / and end with, for example, / food / table matches the […]

  • PHP and JS do not escape characters


    PHP and JS sometimes help us escape characters automatically. Sometimes it’s very convenient, but sometimes we don’t need to escape. Here’s a record of the method of not escaping characters 1.php stripslashes() <?php echo stripslashes(“Hello World!”); ?> 2. js Here I use a regular expression to replace the escape character. let preDeviceUrl = “&123″; preDeviceUrl.replace(/&amp;/g,”&”); […]

  • Escape character


    A series of articles: Escape character Hand in hand to teach you to use 6 lines of code to make a calendar generator explicate Escape character is a part of formal grammar of many program languages, data formats and communication protocols. For a given alphabet, the purpose of an escape character is to start a […]

  • Xiaobai taught himself python (3) basic syntax of Python


    Series articles: It is very suitable for Xiaobai’s Python learning route Self taught Python by Xiaobai (1) Python tutorial Xiaobai self taught python (2) construction of Python development environment Xiaobai taught himself python (3) basic syntax of Python Self taught Python by Xiaobai (4) Python data type Self taught Python by Xiaobai (5) Python operator […]

  • Example of foreach traversal and escape character of JSP simple custom tag


    Then yesterday, if the items type in < foreach > is of map or collection type, how to use the enhanced for loop;First, create a tag handler class and define two attributes, string VaR; object items;Because items want to iterate over various sets, object is used;Then the setter method is rewritten;Declaring a member variable of […]

  • Regular expressions are easy to understand 1 — your symbols are up to date


    introduction In leetcode, I got a question about regular expression. However, the information about regular expressions given on the Internet is often ready-made. It is possible to copy them directly, but the essence can not be grasped. Therefore, I use this article to introduce the process of learning regular expressions from simple to deep.The blog […]

  • How to recognize HTML escape characters by code


    Occasionally, characters such as & ා 39; can be seen in the data, with the following characteristics Start with and, middle with a string of numbers and end withStarts with & and ends with; with a middle string of characters For example, the most common & nbsp; or the equivalent & ා 160; When the […]

  • The HTML escape character & NPSP; indicates non breaking space


    1. Reference Beautiful Soup and Unicode Problems explicate unicodedata.normalize (‘nfkd ‘, string) actual function??? Scrapy : Select tag with non-breaking space with xpath >>> selector.xpath(u”’ … //p[normalize-space()] … [not(contains(normalize-space(), “\u00a0″))] Normalize space() function??? In [244]: sel.css(‘.content’) Out[244]: [<Selector xpath=u”descendant-or-self::*[@class and contains(concat(‘ ‘, normalize-space(@class), ‘ ‘), ‘ content ‘)]” data=u'<pexternal nofollow” target=”_blank” href=”https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_text_editors”>https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_text_editors The positioning element […]