• Error: fatal error: bits / libc header start. H: no such file or directory include


    When this error occurs, most of the projects you compile are 32-bit projects generated on 64 bit machines. You need to install the corresponding GCC 32-bit libraries. At this time, check that GCC must have – M32; Your system does not have the multilib library installed in GCC; you can use this library to generate […]

  • GitHub address


    Leetcode primary algorithm — sorting and searching 01: first wrong version Search WeChat official account:’AI-ming3526’or’ computer vision ‘trivial matter, get more algorithms, machine learning dry cargo. csdn:https://blog.csdn.net/baidu_31657889/ csdn:https://blog.csdn.net/abcgkj/ github:https://github.com/aimi-cn/AILearners I. Introduction This is a list of classic interview questions officially released by leetcode~This module corresponds to the primary algorithm ~ to help the entry algorithm. […]

  • Express Middleware


    Loading static resources — review the previous Express How to use express? How to get the request? How do I handle responses? How to expose static resources to the outside world? Express core: middleware: how to understand? Middleware: a specific link used to process HTTP requests (a specific processing function may be executed)Middleware usually provides […]

  • Ambari add components


    Ambari installation of new components is slightly different from previous versions. This article will briefly describe the simple process of installing new components. If you have installed ambari, you need to install new components because some components have not been added. First we log in to ambari. Then select stack and versions in […]

  • Android access to rongyun IM is not connected??


    Failed to initialize rongyun? Fusion cloud connection failed?? The connection callback method does not execute??? Impossible, just a few lines of code, how can there be mistakes. 1. Add rongyun Maven warehouse in gradle maven {url “https://dl.bintray.com/rongcloud/maven”} 2. Add dependency on gradle of app (so files have been added by default in 2.9.19 and later […]

  • Solutions to errors caused by too many operating files in Linux system


    Solution to too many open files in Linux The reason for this prompt is that the number of file / socket connections opened by the program exceeds the system setting.View the maximum number of open files per user Copy code The code is as follows: ulimit [email protected]:~$ ulimit -a core file size (blocks, -c) 0 […]

  • Leetcode – sum of two numbers


    Link: https://leetcode-cn.com/probl subject Given an integer array nums and a target value target, please find the two integers with and as the target value in the array and return their array subscripts. You can assume that each input corresponds to only one answer. However, you cannot reuse the same elements in this array. Example: Given […]

  • Jetson nano apt reports error unmet dependencies & Ubuntu terminal uses Socks5 agent


    error The following packages have unmet dependencies… Unable to correct problems, you have had the broken packages error occurs when using apt command to install or update Jetson nano and Ubuntu 18.04 after source change, no matter whether it is Tsinghua source, Keyuan or alicloud. Currently, there is no good solution, only the original backup […]

  • Review the basic use of Mongoose


    Mongodb reference Mongoose official website Mongoose is more convenient to use Using mongodb data driver to write an error log For more information on the official data-driven mongodb of node Asset assertion is not used here import mongodb from ‘mongodb’ const MongoClient = mongodb.MongoClient const url = ‘mongodb://localhost:27017/edu’ export default (errLog, req, res, next) => […]

  • The solution to the problem of pls-00905 object is invalid, statement ignored in Oracle PL / SQL stored procedure


    Yesterday, while learning Oracle stored procedures, I wrote a demo of stored procedures. The statement is as follows:   CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE RAISESALARY(PNAME IN VARCHAR2(20)) AS psssal TESTDELETE.TESTID%TYPE; BEGIN SELECT TESTID INTO psssal FROM TESTDELETE WHERE TESTNAME=PNAME; UPDATE TESTDELETE SET TESTID=(TESTID+10000) WHERE TESTNAME=PNAME; DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE(‘The original salary’||psssal||’ After the raise’||(psssal+1000)); end; / The idea is […]

  • A method of error handling by using defer skillfully in golang


    This article mainly introduces the relevant content of golang‘s skillful use of defer for error handling, and shares it for your reference and learning. Here’s a detailed introduction: Problem introduction There is no doubt that error handling is an important part of the program, and effective and elegant error handling is the pursuit of most […]

  • Implement promise from 0 to 1


    Preface Promise is no stranger. JavaScript asynchronous process is from the initial callback, promise, generator to the most used async / await (if you are not familiar with these, please refer to my another article “JavaScript asynchronous programming”), which is not only the development of technology implementation, but also how to control the progression of […]