• The corresponding solution of asp.net MVC error handling


    The error handling of asp.net MVC should take these aspects into account: the error occurred during the model binding, the failure to route to the specified operation, and the error handling for the controller. Using the configuration file can help us deal with exceptions, but it is not flexible and comprehensive; using handleerrorattribute, custom error […]

  • Solutions for system products under JetBrains under Mac operating system such as IntelliJ idea unable to start


    The product performance of JetBrains is stable, but there are also some unexpected situations, such as a configuration information error that causes the software to fail to start. At this point, we need to follow the steps below to troubleshoot the error (take IntelliJ idea for example). Command line start Go to the product installation […]

  • Important new features in golang1.13


    Index of this article language change Number literal The improvement of cross-border index error reporting Tool chain improvement GOPROXY GOSUMDB GOPRIVATE New features of standard library Judge whether the variable is 0 Innovation in error handling Unwrap Is As Golang1.13 has been released for a month, and this article will list some of its more […]

  • ES6 Q & A – Async function


    Async function What is async? What is the difference in appearance between it and the generator function? const asyncReadFile = async function(){ const f1 = await readFile(url1) const f2 = await readFile(url2) } Async is the syntactic sugar of the generator function. asyncandGenernatorThere are two differences: GenernatorOf*Becomeasync yieldBecomeawait asyncYesGenernatorWhat improvements have been made? Built in […]

  • Magic promise — a unit test of asynchronous code


    This article is applicable to nodejs V12 and the latest version of chrome on November 19, 2019. The reason for writing this article is that when you write unit tests, you do the following tests new Promise((resolve, reject) => reject(1)).then().catch(err => { console.log(err) }) async function jestTest () { await Promise.resolve().then() Console. Log (‘at this […]

  • PDO data object in PHP


    PDO: PHP data object: the data object of PHP.PDO is a database operation tool class!1. It can operate many kinds of databases, such as mysql, Oracle, Sybase….2. It has more functions to operate the database, such as transactions.3. It can operate all kinds of data, but it has the same syntax: that is to use […]

  • An interpretation of the fetch method in H5


    1. Preface Since it’s a new method of H5, there must be some browsers that do not support this method The browser needs to add an additional Polyfill: [link]: https://github.com/fis-components/whatwg-fetch 2. usage Fech (grab): HTML: Fetch (‘/ users. HTML’) // a promise object is returned here. Unsupported browsers need corresponding ployfill or transcode through a […]

  • Understanding promise


    It’s time for JavaScript guys to admit that we have problems with promises. It’s not that promises itself has problems, promises / A + is excellent. In the past few years, I have observed a large number of users of pouchdb API and other promise heavy API fighting with these APIs, and I found that […]

  • SQL server cannot connect to the local server


    When connecting to the SQL Server local server, the following error is reported: Title: connect to server ———— unable to connect to localhost. —。。。。。   Open the windows service management interface (Win + R key,)     Then find   Just connect again

  • Command line is too long when IntelliJ idea runs a project


    When the IntelliJ idea project is running, you receive the following error prompt: Error running ‘Application’: Command line is too long. Shorten command line for Application or also for Spring Boot default configuration. At this time, you need to adjust the configuration of the running project, and change the short command line in the configuration […]

  • Nine interview questions about promise


    By Dan levy Crazy technology house Original: https://danlevy.net/javascript No reprint without permission Please complete the following 9 questions More than 1..catch var p = new Promise((resolve, reject) => { reject(Error(‘The Fails!’)) }) p.catch(error => console.log(error.message)) p.catch(error => console.log(error.message)) What will be the output of the above code? Please choose the right answer: [] print a […]

  • (76) C × WinForm custom control – form validation component


    Official website http://www.hzhcontrols.com premise It’s been 7 or 8 years since I started, I always want to make a set of beautiful custom controls, so I have this series of articles. GitHub:https://github.com/kwwwvagaa/NetWinformControl Code cloud: https://gitee.com/kwwwvagaa/net/winform/custom/control.git If you think it’s OK, please click star to support it Welcome to discuss: Penguins 568015492 Here we are. Order […]