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  • How to fix the error code 0xc000007b when Windows 10 fails to start quickly


    Win10 system can’t start quickly with error code 0xc000007b,So what should we do when we encounter the error code 0xc000007b?Developer Xiaobian thinks that this problem may be that some internal files of the computer are damaged. You can use the relevant code in the command prompt to detect and repair. Here’s the latest update from […]

  • Win10 file or directory is damaged and cannot be read


    Win10 system file or directory is damaged and cannot be read. What should I do if the error code is 0x80070570?When copying files, many users have the problem of error code 0x80070570. So, win10 system file or directory is damaged and cannot be read. How to solve the problem of error code 0x80070570? To solve […]

  • Practical course of laravel API


    summary Laravel is a very popular PHP framework, we can use it to quickly build a web application. Nowadays, web applications often use front-end and back-end separation technology, so we often encounter the need to build API projects using laravel.In terms of providing API, laravel only provides a specification in many places, but does not […]

  • Is exception handling still disabled by your C + + team?


    There are many controversies about C + + exception handling on the Internet. This paper will introduce the use of C + + exception handling, and whether we should use exception handling, as well as the use of exception handling needs attention. What is exception handling Exception handling, of course, refers to the handling of […]

  • Win10 error code 0x80300024 solution


    Win10 repair disk error code 0x80300024 how to do?Many users encounter the error code of 0x80300024 when repairing the disk. How to repair the error code of 0x80300024 when win10 repairing the disk? Today, I’d like to share with you the solution steps of the error code of 0x80300024! There are friends who don’t understand, […]

  • Win10 error code 0x8007007e repair text tutorial


    Win10 system error code 0x8007007e how to do?Recently, many of my friends reported to the developer that they encountered the problem of error code 0x8007007e when using the computer. They don’t know the reason and won’t fix the error? So when you encounter win10 system error code 0x8007007e, what should you do? Today, I’ll share […]

  • Linux shell programming (8) – flow control statement (2) branch condition statement: if, case


    1、 Single branch if statement 1. Grammar If; then program fi perhaps If [conditional judgment] then program fi Attention should be paid to single branch conditional statements ifStatement usagefiThe ending is different from the curly bracket ending in general language [conditional judgment formula]That is to usetestCommand judgment, so there must be a space between the […]

  • TP5 write cookie failure


    Intend to Statistics website UV, using cookies to achieve The original error code is as follows: //Get UV function getUv(){ #Current URL $url= explode(‘/’,$_SERVER[‘HTTP_HOST’].$_SERVER[‘REQUEST_URI’]); //Cookie initialization Cookie::init([‘prefix’=>$url,’expire’=>60*60*24]); if( empty(Cookie::get(‘access’,$url)) || !Cookie::has(‘access’,$url) ){ $uv=1; }else{ $uv=0; } Cookie:: set (“access”, 1); // tag accessed return $uv; } There is no error on the page, and the […]

  • Interface testing is not just testing parameters and return values


    The general understanding of interface testing is nothing more than input URL, parameter value, click request to send, check whether the response value and response status code are normal. But the real focus of interface testing is not worth these. Today I’ll tell you what needs to be paid attention to in interface testing. In […]

  • Interaction between redis go language and redis database


    install go get github.com/gomodule/redigo/redis After installation, you can create a go file by yourselftest.go The contents are as follows: package main import “github.com/gomodule/redigo/redis” func main(){ conn, _ := redis.Dial(“tcp”, “:6379”) defer conn.Close() conn.Do(“set”, “c1”, “hello”) } Then compile and run the file. If the value of the key “C1” in redis is “hello”, the installation […]

  • When the pagoda is deployed, “open” appears_ “Basedir restriction in effect” error


    Here is the error code: Warning: require(): open_basedir restriction in effect. Warning: require(XXXXXXXXXXX): failed to open stream: Operation not permitted in XXXX   Solution: Remove the check under the website directory to prevent cross site attack (open)_ Then restart the PHP service.   Finally, the most important thing is to restart PHP service!!!

  • Will jelly tech weekly Vol.15 cloud Games be 5g killer applications?


    Dandelion · jelly technical weekly Vol.15 Hearing “cloud Games”, perhaps our first reaction will be “cloud players” rather than those “games” on the cloud. In this era of 5g, cloud games have ushered in new opportunities. Is this a traveler in the 5g era? Or will this be the first heavyweight application in 5g? After […]