• VBS tutorial: object err


    Err Contains information about runtime errors. Accept the raise and clear methods used to generate and clear runtime errors. explain The err object is an inherent object with global scope: you don’t have to create an example of it in your code. Err’s properties are set by an error generator: Visual Basic, automatic object, or […]

  • Err object in VBS Foundation


    The err object is an internal object with a global scope that contains all the information about the error. On error resume next ignores all errors generated at runtime On error goto 0 cancel ignore error action The main methods are: clear and raiseThe main attributes are: description, HelpContext, helpfile, number and source For detailed […]

  • Err Object in VBS Foundation Paper


    Err object is an internal object with global scope and contains all information about errors. On Error Resume nextIgnore all errors generated at runtime On Error Goto 0Cancel Ignorance Error Measures The main methods are: Clear, RaiseThe main attributes are: Description, HelpContext, HelpFile, Number, Source Detailed description of its attributes and methods can be found […]