• Introduction to doclaver installation and use


    Doclaver is praised as the best interface management platform at present. Where is its strength? Try him.1、 What is doclaver?Official website address: http://doclever.cn/controllerThe difference between doclaver and current postman and swagger is that it can not only meet the requirements of interface document development, testing, data mock, etc., but also be more lightweight, and also […]

  • Microservice data analysis architecture with three years of operation and millions of daily activities


    Language knowledge of Architecture In recent years, data analysis has developed rapidly, and we have also made a micro data analysis tool. The product has been running successfully for three years, meeting the needs of millions of enterprises in daily life. The product structure is very simple, using the world’s simplest language PHP, the most […]

  • Introduction to DOClever Installation and Use


    DOClever is praised as the best interface management platform at present. What’s the strength? Give him a try.First, what is DOClever?Official address: http://doclever.cn/controller…DOClever is different from the current postman and swagger in that it not only meets the requirements of interface document development, testing, data mock, etc., but also supports the import of postman, swagger […]

  • If the edition of CAD drawing format is higher, how to quickly convert the drawing version by mobile phone?


    If the edition of CAD drawing format is higher, how to quickly convert the drawing version by mobile phone? Then you should also encounter some minor problems in the design and drawing. When we open the drawings and need to check and edit them, the CAD drawings either can not be opened, or the display […]

  • Centos 6.4 Installation of Erlang & rabbitmq


    1. Install Erlang1.1 Preparations, first install dependency Libraries yum -y install make gcc gcc-c++ kernel-devel m4 ncurses-devel openssl-devel yum install ncurses-devel 1.2 Download the Erlang source code wget http://www.erlang.org/download/otp_src_R16B02.tar.gz cp otp_src_R16B02.tar.gz /usr/src/otp_src_R16B02.tar.gz cd /usr/src tar -xzvf otp_src_R16B02.tar.gz mv otp_src_R16B02 erlang_R16B 1.3 Compilation and Installation cd erlang_R16B/ . / configure — prefix=/usr/local/erlang — with-ssl — enable-threads […]

  • CLOSE_WAIT Problem Caused by IP Restart of Container under docker swarm mode


    problem Brief description of problems As shown below. After server docker restart, the log written by client side is lost and no error is reported.Because the sequence diagram is not supported, the sequence diagram code is embedded in the code. ​“`sequence client->server: log_data client->server: log_data server->server: docker restart server->client: fin client->server: log_data loss without error […]

  • How to install Erlang? Installation steps of Erlang OTP 21 under Windows + configuration of environment variables


    ErlangIt is a general concurrent-oriented programming language developed by Ericsson, a Swedish telecommunications equipment manufacturer, with the aim of creating a programming language and operating environment for large-scale concurrent activities. Using Erlang to write distributed applications is much simpler because its distributed mechanism is transparent: for programs, it is not known that they are running […]

  • Summary of Matching Patterns in Erlang


    Matching in Assignment Atom matching Copy codeThe code is as follows: atom    = atom                        % atom another = another                     % another atom    = another                     % exception error Variable matching Copy codeThe code is as follows: Var = 2.                              % 2 Var = 3 – 1.                          % 2 Var = 1.                              % exception error Tuple matching […]

  • Introduction to Erlang Concurrent Programming


    Process in Erlang – Processes are lightweight and not shared between processes. Looking up a lot of information, it seems that no one knows what the concept of lightweight process is and continues to look for it. Gossip aside, into the world of concurrent programming. This is a learning note, or a brief translation of […]

  • Summary of Common Methods of File Directory Operation in Erlang IO Programming


    Erlang‘s modules for manipulating file I/O are: File module: The methods of opening, reading, writing and closing the directory where the file has been operated are basically here. Filename module: Provides a platform-independent way to manipulate file names Filelib Module: Extension of File Module, which provides more practical tools to build on File Module IO […]

  • Erlang Grammar Learning Notes: Variables, Atoms, Tuples, Lists, Strings


    1: Variables 1. Variables in Erlang [single assignment] mean that variables can only be assigned once.2. Variables must begin with capital letters. Two: Atoms Atoms are equivalent to enumeration types in c++, but the value of atoms in Erlang is itself. Atoms begin with a bunch of lower-case letters, but if they are given a […]

  • Introduction of Function and Process Control in Erlang


    1: function 1: In Erlang, the two functions with the same name but different number of parameters are completely different functions. 2: Functions in other modules are called with fully qualified names: Copy codeThe code is as follows: -module(sort1). -export([reverse_sort/1, sort/1]). reverse_sort(L) ->         lists1:reverse(sort(L)). sort(L) ->         lists:sort(L). 3: The clauses are separated by […]