• Git common commands about branching


    Last company internship, a person to do a project, did not use git to manage the code, so I forgot the commands I learned before Git checkout – B XXX create XXX branch and switch to XXX branch Equivalent to git branch xxx git checkout xxx Git branch view current branch Git checkout YYY switch […]

  • Study hard go: 5 Constants and operators


    Series articles: Study hard go: 1 Learning lead Study hard go: 2 Environment construction Study hard go: 3 Environment construction – gomod learning Study hard go: 4 Variables and data types Study hard go: 5 Constants and operators Study hard go: 6 Process control Study hard go: 7 Built in collection array Study hard go: […]

  • List foundation of Python


    ”’List: there are all types of data, and different types of data can be storedCan be accessed by subscript. Subscript starts at 0 ”’ List creation list_1 = [1,2,3,’4′] list_2 = list() ergodic for i in list_1: print(i, end=’ ‘) print(” “) Get list data according to subscript value = list_1[-1] #Print (‘last element:% s’% […]

  • Raftmlp do MLP based models dream of winning over CV?


    RaftMLP: Do MLP-based Models Dream of Winning Over Computer Vision? Original document:https://www.yuque.com/lart/pa… Understanding papers from abstracts For the past ten years, CNN has reigned supreme in the world of computer vision, but recently, Transformer is on the rise. However, the quadratic computational cost of self-attention has become a severe problem of practice. It is pointed […]

  • Classes and interfaces in kotlin


    1、 Foreword < font face = bold > inBuilt in type of kotlin learning notes (1)andBuilt in type of kotlin learning notes (2)In, we have talked about the functions in kotlin built-in typesBasic type、array、section、Collection frameworkandfunction。 2、 Classes and interfaces in kotlin 2.1 definition of class Java: //Simple class public class SimpleClass { } //Classes with […]

  • Oeasy teaches you to play VIM – 54 – # match and replace


    Find details Recall the last lesson We learned replacesubstitude Replace single line :s/shiyanlou/oeasy addrange :3,5s/shiyanlou/oeasy :%s/shiyanlou/oeasy addflag :3,5s/shiyanlou/oeasy/gMultiple substitutions :3,5s/shiyanlou/oeasy/gcMultiple replacements and confirm one by one Replacement is still very convenient But I want to use regular expressions in substitution Is that all right? Recall regular expression pattern matching first Mode – Enumeration character [abcd] […]

  • Kotlin expressions and operators


    1、 Foreword < font face = bold > inClasses and interfaces in kotlinandKotlin null type safety and intelligent type conversionIn, we have put the in kotlinPreliminary typeThat’s it. Today, let’s talk about kotlinexpression。 2、 Branch expression 2.1. If else expression Kotlin: if (a == 3) { c = 4 } else { c = 5 […]

  • Hooks tutorial of react


    This is a hooks tutorial of react In addition, welcome to visit my blog react hooksAndclass ComponentDifferences between The writing method is more concise, and there is no need to write lengthy life cycle functions class Componet hocIt’s hard to read and reuse state logic between components hooksUsage rules Only inFunction outermost layerCall hook. Do […]

  • Chapter three, four, five and six unit test case design method


    Unit 3 test case design method (I) 3.1 use case introduction 3.1.1 definition A set of cases composed of test inputs, execution conditions and expected results prepared for a business goal 3.1.2 why learn test cases? Designing test cases before testing can avoid blind testing and improve testing efficiency. The use of test cases makes […]

  • Butterknife configuration and related problems in Android component development


    Butterknife componentization related configuration 1: The official modular use of butterknife and my component project structure 2: Butterknife used in componentization1. In the project build Add butterknife plug-in dependency under gradle classpath “com.android.tools.build:gradle:3.5.4” classpath ‘com. Jake Wharton: butterknife gradle plugin: 10.2.0 ‘// the first step of Componentization of butterknife Note: there is a compilation conflict […]

  • [es] operate es cluster through API


    ES is a search engine for massive data query, which is widely used in full-text retrieval, log analysis, monitoring analysis and other scenarios. ES has three features to easily support various complex query conditions: 1. Distributed real-time file storage adopts inverted index, user-defined scoring, sorting ability and rich word segmentation plug-ins to realize the full-text […]

  • The basic difference between promise and its syntax sugar async and await


    Record the difference between promise and its syntax sugar async and await //Example 1 async function myAsyncFn() { return ‘some values’ } //Equivalent to function myAsyncFn() { return Promise.resolve(‘some values’) } //Example 2 async function myAsyncFn() { await ‘something’ } //Equivalent to function myAsyncFn() { return Promise.resolve(‘something’).then(() => undefined) }