• Load balancing architecture for high concurrency system design


    At the beginning of a system development, it is often a stand-alone system. Application and database on a server, with the development of business, the increase of access, a server performance will appear ceiling, often has been difficult to support the business. At this time, we should consider separating the database from the application server. […]

  • Several error handling methods under distributed environment


    Fail over In other words, when the active service or application is terminated unexpectedly, the redundant or standby server, system, hardware or network can be quickly enabled to replace them. For example, if multiple services are attached to a load balancer, if a request occurs, the load balancer can automatically switch to another service Failback […]

  • Spring cloud plug in principle


    The article was first published inCSDN personal blog 1、 Plug in overview Plug in positioning The spring cloud plug-in is a forward proxy plug-in for spring cloud. All spring cloud requests are processed by the plug-in for load balancing. Effective time When the request header’s rpctype = springcloud and the plug-in is enabled, it will […]

  • The origin and development of technology popularization service discovery and load balancing


    The cause of the problem In the stand-alone era, traditional software is mostly monolithic. People submit code to a code warehouse, which will lead to many problems, such as application expansion, difficult to understand and modify, limited expansion, and inability to scale on demand. How can single architecture solve the problem of multi person cooperation? […]

  • Spring cloud (4): the first ribbon program


    1. Ribbon Load balancing framework supports pluggable load balancing rules Support a variety of protocols, such as HTTP, UDP, etc Provide load balancing client 1.1 load balancer components A load balancer, providing at least the following functions: Maintain the IP and other information of each server Select servers according to specific logic In order to realize […]

  • K8s actual combat (10) | service


    preface Pod has run successfully, but there are two problems. One is that these pods cannot be directly accessed from outside the cluster. The other is that the IP will change when the pod fails and self heals. How to solve these two problems, here is a very important concept: service Update history 20200625 – […]

  • . net core microservices API gateway (Ocelot) tutorial [1]


     preface:   Recently, I have been paying attention to microservices, andeShop On ContainersThere is an API Gateway project in the project, which arouses the interest to learn more about it.         1、 What is an API gateway The API gateway is the only entry in the microservice architecture. It provides a single and unified […]

  • Spring cloud – Chapter 10 ribbon


    1: What is ribbon Ribbon is an open source client load balancer, which is released by Netflix. It is an important part of springcloud Netflix. It connects Netflix’s intermediate layer services together.Ribbon client component provides a series of complete configuration items, such as connection timeout, Retry, etc. Simply put, all the services behind the load […]

  • Micro Service Ribbon


    Spring cloud ribbon is a client load balancing tool based on HTTP and TCP. It is implemented based on Netflix ribbon. Through the encapsulation of spring cloud ribbon, it is very simple to use client load balancing call in microservice architecture. Ribbon is a relatively complex module in spring cloud family, which directly affects the […]

  • Several connection modes of LVS


    Carry to my original book https://www.jianshu.com/p/d51… When building LVS for the first time, a virtual machine with only one network card can’t jump to the real server in any configuration. It is found that the connection mode of LVS is related to the connection mode of LVS. LVS mainly has the following modes:1、 Nat mode;Nat […]

  • Science popularization service discovery and load balancing


    The cause of the problem In the stand-alone era, traditional software is mostly monolithic. If you submit code to a code repository, it will lead to application expansion, difficult to understand and modify, and limited extension, and unable to scale on demand. How does single architecture solve the problem of multi person cooperation? Modularization, yes, […]

  • Proof of concept: deploying ABAP in kubernetes


    We have done a conceptual verification in spa linuxlab about containerizing SAP ABAP application server components and deploying them in kubernetes(PoC), this article will introduce some of our findings and experiences. This article will also point out some potential benefits and challenges of this work.   By Richard Treu, Henning sackewitz Proof of concept: deploying […]