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  • Comparison of API document management tools [RAP2 and swagger enhancements]


    RAP2 needs to add interfaces manually, with zero code intrusion. It supports the use of template mock data and the export of postman (configure environment parameters) Swagger enhances the annotation to generate interface documents, which is invasive, but reduces the work of manually adding interfaces. It does not support mock data and exports postman (configure […]

  • October CMS – quick start 1 installation


    Project source code address:https://gitee.com/494901823/O… Video:http://www.365yg.com/i6567340… To install the environment according to the requirements of the laravel development environment, the composer is essential.Execute on the command linecomposer create-project october/october octobermovieAfter the above command is completed, enter the corresponding directory and execute herecd octobermoviephp artisan october:install Enter your corresponding development environment parameters as prompted. Enter the bound […]

  • [art topic] set up sky box


    Tired of blue sky and white clouds? Let’s change the sky. Skybox In real-time rendering, if you want to draw a very far object, such as a distant mountain, sky, etc., with the distance of the observer moving, the size of the object is almost unchanged. Imagine that there is a mountain in the distance, […]